DL Zeta: Techniques for Accessing 5th Dimensional Timelines

Our Vibrational Frequency Activates Fifth-Dimensional Timelines 

Celestial Vision

By DL Zeta

Your vibrational frequency is what determines your ability to access and experience fifth-dimensional timelines where unconditional love, limitless abundance, radiant health and boundless creativity are the norm.

There are many different means by which one can raise their vibration. These include diet, exercise, belief system adjustments, meditation, intention, stilling your mind and focusing on unconditional love. Anything you do that liberates you from being overly-enmeshed in physical reality will help you expand your consciousness into higher-dimensional realities.

Higher vs. Lower-Vibrational Frequencies

You might be walking down the same street, dressed the same way and by all outer appearances virtually the same, but varying rates of vibration will give you a very different experience of an identical set of outer circumstances.

At a lower-vibrational frequency, you might be seething with anger that the light for the crosswalk changed as you approached the intersection. Your anger might trigger memories of other instances when things didn’t go your way and soon you are feeling the whole world is against you. By the time the light changes, you are so worked up you stumble and land face-first on the concrete, breaking a tooth. Now, in pain, you call your dentist for an emergency appointment only to discover he is on vacation. All of this now reaffirms your feeling that you are a hapless victim in a dark and unkind world.

At a higher frequency, you might use the extra time spent waiting at the curb for the light to change to ponder the beauty of the day. An idea for a poem or painting might filter into your mind. You might be inspired to go for a walk in the park to commune in nature with your new inspiration. While at the park, you see a dear friend you haven’t seen in awhile (but were just thinking of earlier). You agree to meet later for dinner at a favorite hangout where a performer you enjoy is playing relaxing acoustical music. All of this reaffirms your belief in the amazing magic and synchronicity of the universe.

The choice here might seem obvious and yet people who know better allow themselves to be hooked into lower-vibrational realities all the time.

The Final Exam – Breaking Free of the ‘Rubber Band’ Effect

It is important to hold in mind that the steps you take to raise your vibration are only part of the equation. Once you make an energetic shift, you will need to stand strong as residual energies continue to spin out old realities for a time. This provides a test of sorts – a final exam. If you are truly ready to exist at the higher-vibrational frequency, you will be transparent to these old energies spinning out. If, however, any part of you is in doubt, you may be drawn back in by old circumstances rearing their head. This “rubber band” effect snaps you back to lower frequencies.

Part of what determines your susceptibility to old energies is your motivation for upgrading your vibration in the first place. If you are making changes from a pure desire to follow guidance and inspiration and serve others, you will be far less affected by these old energies still spinning out. When you are committed to following guidance regardless of what advantages and personal benefits you receive from it, you are more likely to be indifferent to whatever circumstances you encounter. Remaining transparent to the vissicitudes of physical reality will help you realize that old energies are spinning out due to “lagtime” – the time it takes for new manifestations to arrive in physical reality.

If your motivations are tethered to expectations you hold about the outcome of the changes you are making, this can be your downfall. Having expectations can make you more susceptible to being pulled back into an old feeling state when you fail to see your expectations and conditions met. When you make a great deal of change and see old realities still cycling around, disappointment can hook you back into these old situations. The worst that can happen in this situation is that you lapse into self-judgment for a seeming failure to break free of old energies despite your best efforts. Self-judgment is akin to condemning yourself to the worst that can happen because it opens your energy field to all sorts of negative events. If you find yourself lapsing into self-judgment for any reason, quickly issue yourself an unconditional pardon. Your own forgiveness will lift you up into higher frequencies.

Shifting to a ‘Giving’ rather than ‘Getting’ Perspective

By shifting your emphasis from an attitude of “me and what I’m getting” to one of “the universe and what I’m giving”, you’ll be less shaken by old realities that appear before you. As you step free of expectations, self-judgment and victim consciousness, you pass the final hurdle to raising your vibrational frequency.

Once you make a complete shift, you are far less likely to be pulled back into old energies. An infinite, empowered and spiritually connected being will “see through” whatever appears before them, knowing it is just the past evaporating as it releases from their energy field. They are far less invested in what happens on the surface of reality because they exist on frequencies of bliss where everything that happens radiates divine perfection.

Seeing the World through the Eyes of your Higher Self

Many lightworkers have this understanding and are here this time around to take a leap of faith and stand strong within themselves. Having the courage to see the world through the eyes of one’s higher self makes one impervious to circumstances they observe in the world.

We’re not talking about indifference to the suffering of others. At a high-vibrational frequency, it is more obvious that one cannot assist others by allowing themselves but to be pulled down into the abyss. Instead, by standing in a place of observing “what is” without reacting to it, you are empowered to hold a loving space for others who are still struggling. This is the way the world is transformed to a higher frequency: for each person to hold a high vision and serve as a beacon for others.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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