DL Zeta: Cultivating ‘Dream Futures’ to Energize your Highest Potentials

HJ: I realize that I probably sound like a broken record at this point, singing the praises of DL Zeta, but how can I not?  It is rare to find such great advice and clear instructions on the path to higher consciousness.  Those interested in the most efficient path to raising their personal frequency/vibration with surely find great value in DL’s work.  – Truth

By DL Zeta

Celestial Vision

If we wish to energize and live our highest and best potentials, it is necessary to perceive and visit our future before we take action in our present moment. When we visit our future in consciousness, we are in a sense able to observe the field of our future potentials and choose the one that allows us to best carry out our spiritual purpose in this lifetime. As we carry out our spiritual mission, all the things we have asked for begin to manifest, including love, abundance, radiant health, creative achievements and much more.

Our Future Self Downloads Images of Dream Futures in our Sleep States

The part of us that is able to step free of time and space limitations travels into the field of our future potentials and advises us on which timeline best serves our purpose in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter what we call this aspect of our consciousness. We can call it our spirit guide, our guiding angel or our future self. All of these are real and true.

Most often our future self or spirit guide is able to communicate with us in dream states to share with us the information it has gleaned from our future potentials. These ‘dream futures’ are downloaded to us in images that filter up into our conscious mind for us to view as we are making decisions in our waking states.

Charting a Course to Timelines where our Highest Potentials Exist

Once we become aware of a dream future most aligned with our spiritual mission, we can begin to energize and cultivate this timeline in our present moment. Over time, we will become adept at charting a course from our present timeline to the timeline where our highest potential exists.

Allowing the Universe to Guide us to our Best Future

We can ask our future self to help us work on solutions to issues that are currently before us. In asking for potential solutions, it is best not to be too specific about the solution we are seeking. It’s important that we leave room for the universe to activate timelines where our highest potential futures exist. These may be beyond anything we are able to imagine with our conscious mind. Plus, we may not be able to consciously see the chain of events a specific request sets into motion. If, for example, one asks for a future potential to be activated where they receive a large sum of money, they may find themselves receiving the money as the result of circumstances they would not have chosen. When we ask for specific things to happen, we don’t know the timeline where that reality exists, or what would need to happen between now and that future potential for it to manifest.

Exercising our Powers of Discernment

As we ask for and receive information about dream futures, it is wise to use our powers of discernment. The information we receive from our future self will always be designed to guide us to our highest and best future, which opens the way for abundance, self-realization, radiant health and fulfilling relationships to be part of the future that is actualized. The information that is downloaded to us during our dream states is free from any interference from our conscious mind so it can be considered a pure form of information. Discernment must be exercised with information about future potentials we receive from other sources, however.

It is possible at times that we consciously tune into energetic frequencies that may download “thought viruses” that tend to parasitize our consciousness and feed off our life force energy. Parasitic frequencies are free-floating thought viruses that exist much like computer viruses.

Parasitic ‘Thought Viruses’ Feed off Fear of Undesired Outcomes

As we gain awareness of our field of potentials, we may experience fear around certain timelines where we witness futures with dangerous or negative outcomes. This is a misunderstanding because this information is never made available to us to frighten us but to assist us in making decisions. If we experience fear around a dream future we witness, this exposes our energy field to attacks by parasitical energies that feed off fear.

A thought virus accesses one’s energy field through weak spots created by fear patterns and can cause undesirable futures to manifest. At the moment we experience fear around a future potential, thought viruses attach themselves to us and keep emphasizing the negative potential future in our thought processes in order to generate more fear. Eventually this can result in the negative future manifesting in our present moment.

Freeing One’s Self from Thought Viruses through Courage and Willpower

Some signs one may be tuning into parasitic frequencies are undesired realities manifesting. These may include addictions and other dependencies, physical illness, poor decision making due to a distorted perception of reality, destructive behaviors and feelings of victimhood. Freeing one’s self from the clutches of a thought virus is as simple as summoning the courage to face the fear that is feeding it and exercising the willpower needed to shift one’s focus to empowering and uplifting potential futures.

Energizing our Highest Potentials Heals and Empowers across Time

When we understand the future potentials we view are not a given but an important tool for creating reality, we are empowered to choose and manifest from among the highest and best potentials in our garden of dream futures. As we energize and manifest our highest potentials, we are able to heal and empower ourselves across what we think of as time – past, present and future.

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