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HJ: Steve Rother is another excellent channel who brings us clear, meaningful messages from a collective known as ‘The Group’.  In this message they speak about some of the spiritual mechanics involved in the consciousness shift that is occurring at this time on the planet. – Truth

The Group via Steve Rother

August 15, 2012

The Reverse Wave Has Begun

The connection between Home and Earth has become much faster, especially over the last several months. Planet Earth is now changing in preparation for what is to come. Imagine what it would be like to have a giant wave of water like a tsunami coming in to change everything in its path.

Before the wave comes in, the water first goes out toward the ocean and seems to form a reverse wave in anticipation of the huge one that is expected. It is as if the negative energy needs to draw everything out before the positive energy can flow in to make the change. This is typical of wave patterns.

We have been speaking about wave patterns for some time. Now we are about to tell you of the wave you are creating and the tremendous effect it is having. You are excited and ready to ascend. Very simply, that excitement is stirring within you and causing your heart to beat in such a way that you have created a vibrational movement around you.

When you combine the vibration with that of other like-minded people around you, it forms a conglomerate of waves. All waves begin strongly, but when they meet resistance they fade out and eventually become a straight line. This is indicative of all wave patterns until you have two waves occur together.

When two waves combine, they surround the center equally on all sides and by its very nature it does not degrade. These are known as scalar waves, and we tell you that you are doing this with your hearts. It is happening on a global basis, not just in one segment of humanity, one area, or one country. It is literally taking place on many different levels at the same time. Because of your established structures and cultures, this new energy will be incorporated slightly differently in various parts of the world. Right now all of humanity is making monumental steps in raising vibrations, and by doing so two things are occurring.

First, you are closing the gap between what you think of as heaven and Earth. Your spirituality, that part of yourself which you’ve always been trying to think of as separate, is now communicating in a different way with your mind and heart. You are starting to reach into new truths and areas that uncover your powers. You are re-membering more of Home and daring to look at that, which is profound on this planet at this moment. So, dear ones, your own connection between you and that part if you which is your spirit is growing stronger. As we have said before, as all of humanity evolves there will come a time when every one of you will start to channel. During that time the word channeling will disappear, for you do not need words to describe things that all of you do.

There was a time during the 1970s that you came up with a word to describe a new phenomenon you call ‘extra sensory perception.’ The word has completely disappeared from your language because you no longer need it. You understand that everyone has this ability, and it is not unusual anymore. Many of you will not call yourselves channels and that’s fine, for we are not burdened with the egos that you have to carry. We do not care which channel it comes from, as long as you can feel and allow that energy that is love to come through from Home. All of you on this planet have an opportunity to channel your own piece of Home that is unique only to you, and that is taking place right now. We are not the ones doing it, you are. Humanity has now reached a level to where you can hold this power within, while still continuing to grow and pretending to be a human inside of your physical bubble of biology. Bravo, dear ones! Well done. Well done.

Now let us speak of the second thing that occurs as all of humanity raises vibration.

There is another wave that is created from the action of the first, and it is a form of harmonics that occurs naturally. Soon, all of these waves will combine. Imagine for a moment all the waves that have been coming in with each of the mastered years. The 9s were mastered, then the 10s, the 11s, and now soon the 12s. You have created a human wave of energy that is changing this planet radically.

All Levels Evolve ~ Earth bounds

There is also an effect that you are not aware of that we wish to bring your attention to.

The creation of the wave causes its recession, by drawing out the old energy to help build and bring in the new wave. Although on one level that cause-and-effect reaction is creating a particular problem, you do hold the answer to it.

Re-member, dear ones, you are infinite spirits playing a pretend game to be finite. You are pretending to have a beginning and an end, pretending to be a human. But somewhere deep inside, each and every one of you knows this is only a game you are playing. Your biological bubble is only a temporary shelter. The real you is infinite and part of every other piece of the universe. Well, here is the challenge. Too often when humans step out of their body and leave Earth to go Home, they are still on the planet of free choice; sometimes they simply choose not to go Home. Humans love fear and often try to get into the state of fear. You even make up ghost stories and scary movies to explain this in-between space, and then you feel afraid. Embrace your emotions – even fear – because a human can only be on Earth if they hold onto all human emotions; it is the only way to be earth bound.

Human Emotions and the Gift of Tragedy

Many of you are feeling empathy for the beings that you believe are stuck on Earth, the ones you call ghosts. However, understand that they are on the planet of free choice too, so they can choose to go Home anytime they want. Some of them simply do not know how. Others are stuck in their story and have difficulty releasing it long enough to reach Home. You see, dear ones, human emotions will not work at Home. What are the human emotions? Fear is number one. All of the negative emotions are based in fear. These are human interpretations, because you live in a field of duality. You feel that if you have something good, then there must have something bad to balance it. This has been your way for a very long time. In addition, although that is now changing, it’s actually the point at which the problem arises.

For eons there have been beings that have not yet returned Home. Maybe they have hung on to their anger, fear, jealousy, or even it is their love that has kept them stuck. Why is love a human emotion that could ban some to spirits to Earth instead of bringing them Home? It cannot, if it is true love. Your expressions of love on this Earth include both unconditional and conditional love. However, if you are bound with conditional love and you can do nothing but find the conditions for it, you will not be able to go Home. It is your choice.

This is causing an awakening of the entire dimension of humanity, but do not think for a second that they are any different then you are. These are your parents and grandparents, your brothers and sisters, your sons and daughters, and even your grandchildren. Every human being is a part of you in some way, no matter which dimension there are in. Free choice has been very challenging, because you cannot simply open the door between the two.

As a result, there have been many times at which collective agreements were reached to experience tragedies. One of the ways of opening the doors for those beings that get wrapped up in their cycles of being stuck, is to have other beings across the veil standing in front of them. Often this is the deeper meaning and cause of a tragedy. Because of today’s technologies it is quickly spread to every single heart, and you all feel a tinge of pain when something happens to someone else. That is indeed beautiful, because that empathy will heal the planet!

Do not try to find the answers to every tragedy. Many times it is those who experienced the tragedy that agreed to go Home without warning. They are changing the planet, because they are opening the doorways to the other side of the veil that will allow some to go Home. You feel sad when you see or hear about a tragedy, because you are attempting to understand the how and why of the event. Know that on some level it is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with that. So, own it and know that you are helping to create a column of light for them to travel Home.

Flexing Your Magnetic Field

Here is another part of that we wish to share with you. You are beings of magnetics, and what is taking place on planet Earth is a magnetic shift beyond your understanding. Although you have learned to measure magnetic fields with certain vibrations, you still know very little about the long-reaching fields of your own magnetism. Many times that is how you communicate – telepathically. Some of you are starting to feel depression, which is very common on this planet right now; it is the emotional tug of all the water on its way. You may feel serious for no apparent reason, as if you know deep down that something’s happening but you can’t quite place what it is. If you are not able to process this feeling, you are likely to go into depression and become a part of that water moving out before the wave can come in.

We tell you, dear ones, that the easiest way to climb outside of your own problems is to reach up and help somebody else out of theirs. Sometimes you become so concerned about your own feelings, your little bubble biology, or the problems occurring within your field, that you forget your magic is always in helping someone else. Some have felt the recession in this way, and are now having difficulty functioning on a daily basis. We ask you to dare to put yourself aside for just a few moments everyday, to focus on your brothers and sisters who may be in these dimensions and need a little help. Reach through the dimensions, lift the veil, tap them on the shoulder, and tell them how very much they are loved. Tell them that when they let go, they can go Home instantly. Many times all you need to do is to point the way with your light. If instead you fall into fear, then you have reinforced their illusion rather than pulled aside the veil. “Go to the light, go to the light, go to the light!” We tell you, dear ones, sometimes that is really all they need to hear. Share with them that they do have the choice to break the cycle, and can go Home if that is what they wish. By daring to reach out, you help other spirits that will in turn lift you out of depression. Reaching out will help re-store your spirit into the energy you truly hold, and give you a direction for focusing your energy.

Holding Power

Each and every one of you are masters on this planet. You are waiting to be masters in all areas, but we tell you that has not worked well in the past. This person over here has a special gift, that person over there has quite a different one. We can hardly wait until you meet one another. When finally you come together and say, “We’ve been trying to meet each other for 20 years, what took us so long?” the unity is perfect. Each and every one of you carries a crystal that shines brightest only in your heart. It is not intended to save all of humanity, for it is simply your part of the puzzle that only you can carry. Only you can stand up and say, “I hold this unique piece of Home.” Many times your own self-judgments keep you from saying that. Instead, you think to yourself, “Who am I to do that? There all these famous people and sure they can do it, but as for me I’m just a little person not doing anything. What can I possibly write in my book that has not been written before?” But that is not the way to look at it, dear ones. Each and every one of you has a special unique art, and when you start combining some of the pieces you create Home. When you dare to reach out and let your voice be heard on another side of the veil, then it will create an energy also heard on planet Earth. It will lead you into the next millennium, into the thousand years of peace that was predicted a long time ago. You are magic, yet the hardest part is to believe in your own magic. Sometimes the evidence of your magic appears differently than you thought it would.

Maybe your reach into the universe did not bring back the result you expected, because perhaps that spirit was instead directing you to something higher. Now comes a time when you can learn to experience a fluid lifestyle, by allowing spirit to be part of your energy at every moment and not just when you stop to channel or write, or play music. When you look at a person across the room and for a moment send them a wave of love, understand that you may be changing not only their day but also their entire life.

You have that power, but the question is what are you going to do with it? The waves coming in are beginning.. The middle of August is when this recession truly hits its highest peak, and from that point on you will start seeing some of the waves building and coming in. The idea is to place yourself freely in front of the wave. Ride the wave and let it carry you. Hold your breath if you must, for many times you are running away from the wave and trying to protect yourself. Letting go is what makes you feel overwhelmed by it when it finally does come in. This was not done through an alignment of any kind, for this is a wave you have created. It was not done through predictions. It was done by you, because you want to change your lives, your direction, and your world. We have only one answer, “And so it is.”

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived. You feel the new energy coming in, yet you also feel the pain and the restrictions. You feel the lack of love at times, and you’ll probably even feel fear. It’s what you do with that energy that makes a difference. What can you take out of that darkness and turn into the night? What part of that has your name? We are so incredibly proud to look out and see the brightly shining spirit in each of you. We know who you are, dear ones.

We see you clearly, and we love you beyond your understanding.

This world is changing one heart at the time and you are doing a marvelous job. Reach out and do what you can. When you feel as if you just don’t know what to do next, reach out and help someone else find their way. That is your gift. So, try to figure out a way to empower someone around you, and then watch as your own world and life changes very quickly. It is with the greatest of honor that we share with you in this way.

We ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get.

It’s a brand new game you are playing… Play well together.


The group

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