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February 15, 2012 2012/2012_02-EndoftheRope.php

Greetings from Home

This day marks a level of vibration much the same way as the last seven times that we have been together. Humanity is now moving at the speed of love, which is slightly faster than the speed of light.  What is taking place, at this time, is that all of humanity and the planet itself are starting to go through a birthing process.  We have mentioned before that the Earth is not sick, she is pregnant.  She is giving birth and this is a good way to look at it, but she is not giving birth to another planet. Earth is giving birth to a new form of human, for you have evolved past your current physical housing for your spirit.

The Evolution of the Bubble of Biology 

The bubble of biology, which houses every spirit, is challenged keeping up with the vibrational growth.

There are events taking place within the earth herself and throughout the cosmos that will create opportunities for you to carry much more of your own light than you ever dreamt possible.

You have disconnected yourself from Home long enough to pretend to be a human, and yet you still have the essence of who you are in that body.  Many times you look at the body and say, “That’s strange, I wonder how I got here.  I wonder what this means.”  Your body has often fought you, as you tried to move forward.

It seems like many of you have actually been dragging your body around with you for most of your lives, sometimes just trying to make it work with you to hold your spirit for a time.  And we see the challenges with that, but there are different events that are now underway that will help to clear much of this energy.

Many of you are now consciously releasing your old templates, letting go of some of your old belief systems about who you truly are, and who you thought you were.  This has been very helpful and enabled many to move forward, but now the solar flares have begun and everyone on earth will feel this.

We do not call them solar flares, as they are very similar to what you will experience as a magnetic bath.

Huge waves of magnetism are coming in and stretching your own magnetic boundaries. They are moving your own lay lines of planet Earth, which are shifting as this energy comes in. During those times they are stretched out of shape, and your lay lines on an emotional level lose their anchoring. Animals tied in to the magnetic grids of earth may lose their way and often strand themselves as a result. It is almost as if no one is on solid ground anymore.

Please be aware that most human reaction is experienced through magnetism; reactionary mechanisms originate from the emotional body, which has caused some challenges in the past. Several new illnesses have passed through humanity helping to adjust the magnetic body, and we tell you this will intensify during 2012.

Magnetic Rollercoaster

The first wave of this energy from the sun occurred between 2000 and 2001, and this magnetic energy was stored in the tectonic plates of planet Earth.  This prepared the plates to hold the energy that entered over the next five years, which is why you have seen much of the movement in those tectonic plates.  As the plates become charged they reach the level at which humans are ready to receive this energy, and then it slowly releases from these plates.  This process is very similar to what you would consider an electrical capacitor or a battery, holding the charge until it is needed.

This has been happening with many of you, but as this starts to intensify and these magnetic waves arrive on planet Earth you have options.  You can choose how you receive this energy, although you have not known this before. You can take this energy, which has usually knocked you off center in your emotional body, and turn it into something that feeds your love centers because this is true love that is coming in from the universe.  And we tell you that the sun is not quite what you think it is.  Many of you believe it to be a hot gassy ball of fire, but we tell you it is actually a portal that energy is transported through.  So much energy will be released over this next few years that there is not enough energy in the sun to fill the demand.  It was not long ago that many of your scientists on earth believed (very quietly) that the sun was reaching its end. They theorized that it would burn out because so much of its energy had been released. Dear ones, we tell you that almost twice that amount of energy will be arriving very soon.

End of the Rope

So, what should you do?  Begin with the understanding that it is your position that will determine how the energy affects you.  Let us share with you a story that may help you to understand.  The Keeper (Steve) has his exercise place, he calls it his sauna.  He exercises in his sauna every morning and one of the exercises involves a rope.  He bought himself a rope about an inch in diameter and very soft so that he could stretch his back, and he has been doing this exercise for some time.  Well the other day, not too long ago, that rope came close to his nose and he realized this rope really smelled awful.  He has been holding and sweating on this rope for a while.   Well, you know he is going to have to do something about it.  So he tries to wash it in the shower, but it does not wash very well.  Then unannounced to the keeper’s keeper (Barbara), he actually figures out how to work the washing machine which he has never used before.  He put the rope in the washing machine and carefully adds only a little bit of soap, because he has seen movies where too much soap creates a messy disaster. He is very careful as he turns on the washing machine, waits for the cycle to complete and it seems that everything goes well. However, when he comes back and opens the washer door, there is no rope any more just a big pile of loose string.  He looks at the rope and says to it: “You forgot how to be a rope.  You used to know exactly how to be a rope and now you’re not a rope anymore.  What happened?”  We are laughing hysterically as he is talking to the rope. He then realized that by washing the rope he had interfered with its inner alignments.  The rope realigned itself inside of the washing mashing and today is no longer a rope.  He asked the rope at one point, “Did you forget that you were a rope?”

That is what tends to happen when these magnetic waves come in.  When this cleansing energy comes in, we tend to forget the game we were playing.   Dear ones, we will help you to re-member where you were.  Many of you will finally see yourself finally walking toward a goal that you have been working on for so long, and then you suddenly ask why you are going there.

Making New Supportive Alignments

These magnetic waves will affect many of you, because generally you think first and feel second.

Many things are becoming challenging for you because the magnetic emotions are coming in so strongly, so it will be necessary for you to feel first and think second.  That is taking place in such a beautiful way now, as it is working throughout many different levels.

What is taking place is that you are being re-leased and re-aligned the same way the rope was of its original form.  It was re-leased by letting go of its current alignments.  Well, the rope was in the washing machine trying not to lose its current shape; it was holding onto its alignments very tightly, still trying to pretend to be a rope.  This is exactly what we see happening here on planet Earth.

As these next levels come in you will have great opportunities to move at astounding rates and make new alignments that empower you.  All you have to re-member to ask is, did you re-member to be a human today?  Are you in the same place as you were before?  Where is your passion? That is going to be your anchoring energy to all the new alignments in the new earth.  It is no longer about where you thought your safety was, or about what you were building.  The keys in life are found by expressing your light from Home.  Your passion carries your channel from home  and that is what you came to give, to bring to planet Earth.

And many of you are saying, “Oh, I can’t do that, it’s too much fun! How can I make a living at my passion?”  Well, we hope you have fun and master all human experiences.  We hope you learn both the positive and the negative, for there is absolutely beauty in the darkness.  Humans have been so afraid of the dark, but now you are going to see if from a different level.  You will see light on what used to be darkness and much of your fear will disappear quickly.  It is getting you to that point that we are working on at this moment.

Science and Light

We wish to share with you an event that is now taking place in the scientific world, which might help you to understand why so much attention is on planet Earth throughout all that is.  Up until this point, Earth has been the only planet of free choice.  In other words, you basically did not have any pre-direction.  You did not have spirits coming into your world and actually touching you on the shoulder and correcting your course.

Yes, sometimes angles come to your world. You receive divine guidance if you are open to it, but not to the point that you absolutely do not have a choice or are being led in some way.  Free choice is the ultimate and only rule on planet Earth.  There is now a second game of free choice because of your success, and it’s evolving at an incredible rate on an entirely different time line.  At some point you will be able to see it, but not by building rockets or spaceships, or by time travel.   You will be able to see for the simple reason that humanity is evolving.  Humans call us angels but there is also an interim spot, the Human Angel, and that’s where you are right now.

You are learning how to be the angels on planet Earth, because eventually you will be the angels to the second planet of free choice.

You are in training right now, evolving faster that you can possibly know to be able to work in these areas.  We are so incredibly proud of you, for you have taken the greatest possibilities of humanity and already exceeded that so that now you’re pushing past each marker at this point.

You are starting to move past each road block very quickly, as is humanity’s collective vibration of humanity.  That is changing the world around you and you are beginning to see that you create everything you witness.  How do the little god’s play the game of pretending to be a human on planet Earth?  By putting mirrors everywhere so they can see their own light, even though they rarely know it is their light.  This is changing very rapidly now, for you will begin to see your light.

Yes, you will do well to balance your egos; you have done that so far.  You have experienced that many times and we want you to feel your worth, because the ego has to be in balance.  That does not mean that you will be losing it for many of you have challenges the other way for you do not have enough ego to stand up and say, “This is what I brought from home.”

As those leading the way vibrationally, your job is not just to hold the door open but to make it safe for every single one of you to take the step.  Make it safe for the people around you.  Move out of the judgment, out of the polarity consciousness that is almost strangling this planet.  You will experience more polarity, especially as you go through your elections.  This will be quite fun to watch, for every election has become closer, closer and closer, and it will be the same for this particular one.  The reason for this is that polarity is leaving, and just as anything is taken away from humanity, humanity grabs onto it and will not let go.  That is exactly what is happening, you are making a difference.  Do not believe everything you see on television or read in the news, because this planet is evolving and graduating very quickly.

You have already set that into motion.

Discovery ~ Evidence of Life

So, what about the science?  The science is beginning to understand the energy of what we have called spirituality.  Of course, from our perspective there is no difference between spirit and human.  We simply see that humanity is spirits pretending to be human and playing the game of evolving their souls. You are doing this well at the game, and now for the scientific piece. Something just happened that was not in your news, and you will not see it on television: another planet was just discovered, and it is believed to have supported life.  They have not found the actual evidence of life, but they have discovered the residual debris field and remnants of life.

The challenge about this particular planet is that it is about 620 light years away.  Is this the second planet of free choice of which we just spoke?  No, it is not.  It is another planet that is on a similar path and that’s why it was found.  As the discovery becomes known there will be some that will try to disprove it, and many others that will try to validate it.  However, you still do not have means to visit this planet, or communicate with its inhabitants.

So, there is much that needs to happen.  Here is another very interesting piece, for it was not planet Earth that discovered the other planet.  It was the other planet that discovered you.  This will play out in the history of Earth, and the discovery will make a huge difference in your planet as it starts to evolve.  It will take time, for you have no technology in place and no way to communicate.  You do not even communicate the same way at this moment.

Choose Your Vibration

You are not alone.

You have always known that, but now you will find validation for it which will give you opportunities.

We have mentioned before that as all of humanity evolves many elements of the veil disappear, which means that you will have direct communication from one heart to the next.

You do not need to speak or write your words, for you can connect one heart to another right now if you will start practicing that.  It will help you tremendously as you move into these new bodies.  You have put filters into place so that you could pretend to be a human on this very difficult planet, but those filters are starting to dissolve.   They are being washed away by the magnetic energy, and we don’t even care if you re-member whether you are a rope or a knot.  What is taking place is that you have opportunities for new alignments.  As those filters are also being gently washed away, the external vibration will now have more of an effect on the human body than ever before.  Now, what does that mean?

Well, you will all know very shortly exactly what we are speaking of. Every vibration that is caused externally and enters the body from the outside, whether it enters through the chakra system or simply a vibration of the body, you are more susceptible to interpreting vibration than ever before.  For some of you this will be a weak spot, it will be an Achilles heel and you will compensate.  Most of you will feel strengthened by this Energy; certain pieces that you have become accustomed to will start to change.

One of these outside vibrations is what you call music.  Music has always had an effect on your spirit.  Music has always been able to reach the human part of you and touch your soul very quickly, especially if it’s your favorite music.

Now we tell you that music will become a form of communication that you will eventually use just as much as your words, because now the vibrations can reach you on much different levels.

You will find that suddenly many of your choice in music will change.  Some of you are now thinking, “Well, I will never listen to Rap music.”  However, there is a rhythm in Rap music that carries vibrations just the same way as other music genres, for it only needs to be in alignment with you. Choose what fits into your world, and realize it is not just music anymore.

Sensitivity to Background Noise

We also tell you that from now on you will be very sensitive to ambient noise, to background noise.  Here is the challenge and what is taking place on a larger scale.  Humans are wired in such a way that you do not actually hear such a sound; what you hear is a difference in the background sound.  If all of you walked into a quiet room, you would still hear a buzzing in your head.  That is kind of the background noise that is often described white noise, background noise, or hissing and crackling..  Much of that is actually the sound of the machinery that makes up the illusion of the game, but on top of that you don’t actually hear the sounds but the variations of the background sound.  Soon you will start to hear all of it including the background sound, which you have not been conscious of before.

That will cause challenges for many of you.  So, work with it ahead of time and start to know what this feels like.  Work with this and start listening to the silence right now, start getting comfortable with how your ears work and how they change even as you move to different dimensions, heights, and elevations. Feel how that works because your own body is beginning to expand energetically.  The expansion is not yet physical, but the expansion is taking place energetically.

When you expand, you automatically touch everything around you.  Your natural reaction is, “Oh, excuse me I wasn’t meaning to touch you or to be in your space.”  In a very short time humanity will become comfortable with itself again. You will put your energy back into the Universe, where it has been missing ever since you began pretending to play this game of pretending to be a human.  The love that you have right now will change this energy overnight.

You have the ability to take these steps, and be dragged from one level to the next or jump joyously up the steps skipping two or three steps at a time.  It is your choice, literally.  You are grasping it.  This is not happening to you, for you are welcoming and embracing every part of that experience.  We watch in amazement, for so many of you have hit the proverbial brick wall so many times before.  We are so proud of you that you trust yourself and still dare to move forward. You have the light inside that you can anchor onto, but then that is the nature of lightworkers.  That is the spirit of those of you who choose to come in first to hold the door open for others.

It is not a race. You have definitely chosen the more difficult role, for it is lonely to be the first ones to arrive.  We could not talk you out of it; you have performed this same service in every life time that you have been here, and you will do it again.

Although only Earth is making this move, every physical body will evolve to allow you to hold more of your spirit.  Your higher self will be a conscious anchor that you can use on a daily basis, and it will talk to you the same way you talk to it now.  Enjoy this journey.  Step into it with absolute joy, wonderment, and excitement of what you can create next.  There are no limits, and that is why we give you these concepts and ideas to stretch your brain to start to think about what is possible.  You have created a miracle here on planet Earth.

You have created something that has never happened before in the Universe.  You are evolving god.  Incredible work, dear ones, we are so proud of you.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and pretending to be a human, because you’re doing one hell of a job with it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another every chance you get and play well together.


The group


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