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The Group via Steve Rother

From Steve:  In the very beginning of Lightworker the group has asked me place the words “Second Wave” on the front page of each section. The same is true with all of my book covers in English. The words second wave were always hidden on the cover somewhere. They wanted us to have the perspective of where we were at this time in our evolution. The group tells the story of the first wave of human empowerment being follow the leader. In other words, we learned how to work together in groups by appointing a leader or hierarchy of some sort. It was a way for us to collectively use our creation powers and it worked at that level of vibration. All societies originated from this wave. They say that after we pushed the boundaries of follow the leader to extreme lengths, as in the case of Adolph Hitler, we collectively moved into the second wave of empowerment of follow yourself. Keep in mind that this was only about 60 years ago. In this wave of follow ourselves we are learning to listen within first, and then balance it with our outside world. It is infinitely more difficult than follow the leader, as there no road signs to tell us if we are on the path.


Naturally, just using the phrase second wave indicates that there will be a third, a fourth and so on. Others have shared their interpretations of these waves, yet the group said nothing until the channel at the 11-11-11. Here the group stated their version of the third wave, and said that we will all experience it in our lifetimes. We’re not in it yet, but it’s just ahead and gaining speed on all of us at this very moment.


Harmony is the third wave. If we go back to what they say about two methods of working with Light, we can see that this is a way for us to balance both of the ways of working with light at the same time. In fact, the group is very specific about the future and that our future will depend on how well we get along with the other gods on earth.


As societies we have managed to grow and strengthen ourselves through polarity, opposition and competition. Now our success in this world will depend on how we empower each other. This is a huge shift in beliefs and consciousness, but the group says we are up for the task and heading in the right direction.

The only part that confused me was the time element. It took humanity more than 200,000 years to form the first societies and enter the first wave. Then it took us only another 5,000 years to step into the second wave. The second wave is only about 60 years old, so I asked the group about it. They laughed and said this is exponential growth and it is the reason the entire universe is watching what is taking place on planet Earth.


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Greetings from Home


Our Shifting Carbon Base

We tell you, Home, heaven, whichever words you wish to describe where you are originally from, has changed. It has changed in anticipation of your movement on planet Earth. Each and every one of you have gotten closer to Home through your own evolutionary process. There are so many parts of this that are now starting to occur. We will share some of these with you today, so you can get a little glimpse of where this is moving and what it looks like. We tell you that you have moved more in the last six months than most of you have moved in the last six lifetimes. It is speeding up even more, and many of you are starting to feel that there is no control over your time limits. In other words, your perception of what a day is and what you should or should not get done in a day is shifting.


There is a big challenge with that entire scenario now, for time itself is beginning to change. You will find that many more things are moving in a fluid motion of steady change, rather than simply waking up and finding a big jump up from this level to the next level. It was only a few months ago that we told you that the carbon atom will also change. Your perception on planet Earth is that everything is carbon based.


If the carbon atom shifts only slightly, it will recalibrate every part of humanity. That is only one of the many miracles that are now at hand.

It was only a few weeks ago that your scientists reevaluated the entire periodic chart, adding several new elements and reevaluating the weights of many of them, including carbon. This is only the beginning of the changes that will eventually happen. Even though this has not changed in a very long time, you will become comfortable with the process of change and fluidity itself. It has been your own resistance that keeps you from moving forward. When you build up a pressure of not being able to move forward, suddenly the opportunities appear for you jump to the next level. Often it is these quick movements that cause much of the displacement, difficulties, and energy challenges in the people who are working in the fields around you. The shifts cause challenges in relationships and jobs, an in communication on all levels. It is not good or bad, quite simply it is the way humans have evolved over time.

Yet we tell you, this will now begin to change. It will transition into a more fluid motion, so you will not experience the huge changes such as those of the last century. You will see slight, fluid motions in all this evolution from this point forward for it is not necessary to take the huge evolutionary jumps that you have before.



Changes in the Bubble of Biology


We also tell you that this movement has created balancing energies throughout the universe, for all energy fields ultimately seek balance. There was a huge imbalance that was placed on your world in the very beginning, because it was important to pretend to be separate from each other. The illusion of separation began, and you started to see and perceive yourself as individual expressions of light rather than a common light. It helped in your evolution tremendously, for you have learned more power by being able to center your energy within yourself and see your own light. How incredible that has been, but that, too, is no longer needed the way that humans did before. It is now moving the same way that your evolution is, for it is becoming a fluid motion. “How can I be in the most possible light during this split second?” That is really what it will look like in the future. It will hold the key to your comfort as humans, as spirits pretending to be humans on planet Earth.


The bubble of biology will change, but it will not do so to make space for you. Instead, it is you that will change; you will evolve this physical being. That is why sometimes it is so frustrating for you. You seem to move forward fully knowing where you are going, but then you suddenly hit a wall. That wall says that you are going the wrong way or you must be doing something wrong. However, in actuality it is just that you need a wall to re-perceive or re-shoot from a different angle, then continue to move forward past those pieces that used to block you. Many parts of this that are starting to unfold, and you will learn to use many of these new tools and pieces. They are not long, lengthy pieces – they are instantaneous ways of grounding light and bringing things into your Earth quickly. Once they are grounded here on Earth, you can work with them. But if you hold an idea in your head without writing it down or sharing it with someone, it will evolve only in your head without being grounded. You will never find all the pieces of it. So, bring it in. Write it down even though it is not complete; even though you do not have all the pieces of where it is going. Ground what you have in that instant, for the moment you ground light you are making space for more light. It works the same way as when you are looking to bring clothes into your life, you clean out your closets. Absolutely amazing how you can create the vacuum that brings in more light and it is done through your grounding, and through your anchoring of light.


Two Ways of Working with Light

There are all kinds of perception challenges that get in the way here. Many of you think you are not good enough to ground light, or you ask “What can I say that has not been said before?” How can I get a different result?  I have heard all the answers out there, so what gives me the right to think that I have something special?” Oh, dear ones, we laugh hysterically at that here at Home. We have spent eons of lifetimes with you, building you up to carry a specific message. Then you finally arrive there and say, “What makes me think I have the right to do this?” You will change that attitude quickly, for you are starting to see who you truly are. You have brought something very specific from Home to share. The entire energy of heaven cannot be re-created here on Earth, until each and every one of you plays your part, brings your beam of light and allows it to work.

Let us speak of light for just a moment, because it is very important to us that you understand the concept. There are two ways of working with light: one is to reflect the light, and the other is to be the light. From the idea of what you call success, both of them are incredibly useful tools and you will always use both of them. Some of you will be the teachers that stand on the stage in front of others, being the light. Others will take that same light and reflect it in their own way, taking it through their own prisms or color filters, dancing that light with their own flavor and reflecting it in a new way. These are certainly people that we have seen on planet Earth many times. It is very easy to look through your history and point out the very brightest lights that have changed your world and made a difference in the course of humanity. Although, many times you did not realize how many of those reflections of light are necessary in order to make that happen. So please, let go of your ideas of polarity and toss out your ideas of good and bad for a moment, because one is not better than the other. Both are incredibly important to planet Earth.


Enter the Third Wave of Empowerment

Here is where you are right now: you have either already transitioned, or you are moving into the Third Wave of Empowerment. The first wave was very simple: You needed to find those parts of yourself that would give you strength, so you came together in groups. It gave you confidence and the ability to reflect your light off of many other lights, then to arrive at a common consensus of who you were. This which was very, very helpful in the early stages of humanity, but then you dared to take another step. It was an incredible step, for you dared to learn how to see your own light. It  is very confusing, because now it is not about follow the leader anymore; it is about follow yourself, which is very challenging for all of your systems are set up for leader. All of your systems are set up for a group to go in the same direction. Now you are re-evaluating and re-creating many of these pieces in order to anchor the light in different ways. As you move into the Third Wave of Empowerment, harmony, it reaches the master harmonics to be able to hear a tone and reflect it back. It is the same to be able to see a smile on somebody’s face, and then be able to reflect the beauty of that back. To be able to carry an energy from Home, or a thought, idea or expression of love, and then to express that back to others is a huge reflection of light. As you move forward, you will need to be the light. You will also need to reflect the light and live in harmony, which is now the interesting piece.


One Mind and Distribution of Light


There are many scientific studies going on currently about different birds that seem to move as one. You have probably seen this happen before. There is a flock of 1,000 birds flying in one direction, then all of a sudden the entire flock turns in unison as if they were one mind. Researchers are starting to calculate just how fast that first bird must move, and how quickly that last bird must understand that movement. They are finding that it is not possible for information to travel that fast, and yet it happens. These birds have learned harmony; they have learned not only to be the light, but to reflect each other’s light to the highest potential. It is because of that, they can act as one. The same is true of bees, for they have commonality and have learned to over-reflect that light. Now they have challenges in another direction, for the bees have difficulty bee-ing the light – which is quite funny! The interesting part is the harmony piece, what you are working with here.


Does that mean that you will all move into communes and work as one? No, we think not, because that has not worked in the same way and would only end up hiding your light. You are meant to go out be amongst one another. The intention is for you to distribute this energy around the world, for you are carrying very important light from Home. You are carrying the re-minder of who that person standing across from you really is. It is important that each and every one of you get out there and play your part, wherever that leads you. If you find that in that are you are the only Lightworker, as you call it, you feel incredibly alone and as if you are unsupported and nobody understands you. But then you know you are in the right place, because you are the one that brought the light there. You are the one we needed to be there, so do not feel like you are wrong if you are not validated by all the other light. It is simply that you are anchoring the light where you are, and this is very important as you step forward.

There is a new energy that is opening up for each and every one of you. You are very much aware of it, as you have been preparing and anticipating it. You have called it the 12-12-12, or the 21st of December; you have called it a lot of different names,  and finally it is here and right front of you. You do not need to wait another year, for it is here now. You are stepping into it and learning how to use it. Look at it slightly differently than you did the last time; this has happened to humans before, simply in the opposite direction.


Excursion into Density


When the Earth was first born, you were here. You have been a part of planet Earth from the very beginning of Her inception, what you call the Big Bang. You were not in a physical form, for the Earth was very hot and the atoms vibrated quickly. You were in ethereal form at that point, what you consider to be a light body. Now just for a moment, take yourself there and re-member. There was a point at which the Earth began to cool and gain density. You began to lose your connection to the Earth so you gained physical, dense bodies for the first time and altered your path to step into the next level. We would like to place you there for a moment. Imagine for a moment that you are in this first group of people that came to planet Earth. You incarnated in these dense bodies and you would have your friends say, “Hey, Janie! Can you hear me? Can you see me?” And she would look around and say, “I do not see a thing.” And you said, “Yes, we were successful.” Your greatest idea was to take off the veil and forget who you were, then put yourself on the planet to walk around completely lost. You were very successful. Planet Earth has been a huge success. Many of you still are lost, but now you do not care as much and this is good.

This was very difficult for you, as you were thrown into survival mode and your world got very small. Your needs became very simple: you needed food, warmth, and protection. Your entire focus was to bring your world very tightly around you, so that you could survive. Now you are moving in the other direction, for lowering your vibration was necessary order to gain density. Then for a very long time there seemed to be no movement up or down, because it was simply going sideways. You have started this upward turn again, but now you are jumping very rapidly in this upward turn. You are very excited to be back on the other side, evolving your physical body back into the spirit. As this happens, you are bringing more of your own spirit into the body and able to walk in conjunction with this as you move toward this next evolutionary shift. Today you are all excited about raising your vibration. But we tell you there was a time where you were waking up and saying, “Look how dense I am today! Is this not wonderful?” You were trying to lower your vibration for a very long time.


A Vision of the Creator


Your perceptions of polarity are very interesting to us, for they allow you to see God in that which we cannot because we do not have polarity at Home. It is an illusion of the gameboard in which you play. It allows you to see things yourselves. Anchor that which you see; anchor that light which you love, that you feel within yourself. Reflect it back in some way. Empower others and then walk forward in your own empowerment, for this is becoming a new planet. You have been here working hard. Your primary motivation on planet Earth for the longest time was survival. But it no longer is and you are no longer afraid of death. That is huge. It is absolutely incredible to see how far and how fast you have evolved humanity. The expression of this game is now changing. We hope that you re-member it is a game and you are supposed to be having fun, for the idea is the smile on your face. That is what will anchor the light. When you can reflect it back, whether it is in the grocery store or in a Lightworker meeting, it makes no difference. You are here to make that difference with somebody else, to re-mind them of Home with only your smile. You can take this next step further than you ever thought and this does not have to be difficult. It can be very simple and we hope that you start to re-member who you really are.


Do not be afraid of it. It is great indeed, but with that greatness comes not only responsibility, but a joy and a freedom to be who you really are. It is the time of the empowered human. You are stepping into the Age of Empowerment. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get for you are looking into the eyes of god. Re-member that it is a wonderful new game you are playing and play well together.



The group(You can watch the video version of this channel here)

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