Where Are We Now? The Evolution of Human Consciousness in the Dawn of the New Age

HJ: Now more than ever, your personal energetic frequency, beliefs and thoughts will dictate what you experience and perceive.  This has always been the case, but one of the main difference now being…


Can You Feel the Change Yet? A Guide to Understanding the Emerging Consciousness of Humanity

HJ: Have you felt lately that things are definitely changing, but you just can’t put your finger on exactly how or why?  Look no further than this highly pertinent article from DL Zeta….


How to Replace Unwanted Memories of the Past With Empowering Beliefs About Yourself

HJ: Traumatic of perceived ‘negative’ events can create severe disturbances and distortions in our life well beyond the moment in which they actually happened.  Typically these types of events and the associated emotional…

How to Rearrange Your Beliefs As If They Were Furniture

HJ: Fundamental to the truth that we create our own reality is the nature of belief and how it dictates and underlies our perceptions.  Belief is one of the most crucial aspects of…


Creating Your Ideal Life With the Law of Attraction

HJ: Any discussion of the Law of Attraction that does not also touch on the nature of belief is inherently incomplete, in that belief is at the root of our ability to attract…


The Art of Strengthening Your Spiritual Immune System

HJ:  The concept of ‘thought viruses’ has been brought to my attention twice now in the last few days and is a very pertinent topic for those seeking higher states of awareness and…


Uncovering the Hidden Underground Library Below the Sphinx

HJ: I have known about the existence of this hidden library for quite some time and it fascinates me to no end.  In fact, there are many such libraries around the globe containing…


The Importance of Creativity, Art and Music On the Path of Spiritual Development

HJ: I have found engaging in creative practices on a daily basis to be one of the most profound, centering, awareness enhancing activities I have ever experienced in my life.  After seriously taking up drawing…


How Your Belief in Aging is Causing the Aging Itself and How You Can Change It

HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE ETERNAL MOMENT OF “NOW” AND BEGIN TO STOP THE AGING PROCESS IMMEDIATELY Cosmic Awareness via Paul Shockley | Cosmic Awareness — This Awareness suggests that entities, while reading this…

How Meditation and Visualization Work at the Sub-Atomic Level of Matter

HJ: Our thoughts have electromagnetic energy that affects matter at the sub-atomic level, causing changes and magnifying the intention and emotion with which they are sent out into the universe.  This is the…

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