Can You Feel the Change Yet? A Guide to Understanding the Emerging Consciousness of Humanity

HJ: Have you felt lately that things are definitely changing, but you just can’t put your finger on exactly how or why?  Look no further than this highly pertinent article from DL Zeta.  Zeta has a penchant for elucidating the state of humanity, where we are headed and the corresponding shifts in consciousness that need to occur in order to get us there.  Her messages gently guide us from one state of awareness to the next, laying a roadmap for what we need to focus on to get ourselves there.

As the Spring Equinox rolls by its a great time to set intentions for the coming months as the changing seasons are a traditionally sacred and profound time for sowing the seeds (both physically and spiritually).  Beyond that, it is a wonderful time for reflection on who you are, where you are going, how far you have come and synthesizing these aspects into the larger picture of where we are as a collective.  What is your part in this grand unfolding shift of consciousness we find ourselves in the midst of?  You need not look outside yourself for answers.  For guidance on cultivating your intuition, see the recent articles here:

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– Truth

We are the ‘Proof’ that the New Time Exists

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

The new time is an energetic field accessible to all those who enter the frequency of love, compassion and service. As we incorporate the expanded light flowing onto the planet, we are able to work with these frequencies to incubate the new time within our own consciousness. It’s up to each of us to incubate this vision and manifest it according to the plan and purpose for our current lifetime. We take the first step on this path when we set our intention to access the energetic field of the new time and align our conscious awareness with the frequencies there.


Wayshowers Bridge Consciousness into the New Time

The influence of this energetic field expands as more souls come online with it. There are many who are here at this time with the purpose of serving to bridge others from third-dimensional timelines to the frequency of the new time. Lightworkers are by definition wayshowers – those who shine a light on the way ahead and hold a space that assists others in forging a new identity aligned with these frequencies. Each person holds within them the flame of eternity, though in some this flame waits to be ignited.

When you come here with the purpose of helping bridge consciousness, you move through life according to the vision you hold for the new time. By nurturing this vision for the future day by day and moment by moment, you offer a window for others to see their higher self through your words and actions. The higher self for each person here holds codes and keys for the new time. These are activated by intention and energetic resonance. The energy and vision of others can trigger awakenings to these potentials.


Gratitude is the Gatekeeper to the New Time

When we are ready to enter this awakening phase of consciousness, we release attachment to particular outcomes and learn to exist in a state of gratitude. In the new time, each person holds the understanding that they are responsible for their response to their reality and expresses gratitude for the results of all their actions, even when those results are not preferred. A conscious being understands that each experience brings them one step further along the path of the new time and that peace, love and harmony are frequencies that exist along that path. In this sense, gratitude is the gatekeeper to the new time as it is impossible to access frequencies of love and harmony when we are in resistance to our current reality.

It is up to each person to access the energetic field of the new time and interact with the frequencies there to incubate and manifest their personal visions. Those who sit around waiting for ‘proof’ that the new time exists miss the point. We are the proof that the new time exists. Our expanding consciousness allows us to see through all that held us back in past times and helps us chart a course for timelines where our highest potentials exist. As we manifest our highest potentials, we help fashion a new world that reflects higher dimensional realities.

Those who do nothing to access this energetic field will go on as they always have. Their experiences will follow their beliefs. Regardless of the nature of our beliefs, we will always find “proof” to validate our beliefs in our environment. If we choose to believe that we’re hapless victims, we will find plenty of proof to support that belief. If we choose to believe we are divine beings able to work within the limitless universe for the highest and best of all, we will find plenty of proof to support that belief as well.


Belief Systems Spin Out Self-Validating Realities

When we enter the awakened phase of consciousness, we understand that each belief system spins out the realities needed to validate itself. We understand we are able to observe the beliefs operating within our own consciousness and determine which beliefs do not serve us. As awakened beings, we understand that external reality will always validate our beliefs in one way or another. From an awakened perspective, we are able to go behind the scenes of our lives so to speak and discern which beliefs best serve our spiritual growth.


Awakening Gifts we have Cultivated across Lifetimes

Many lightworkers are perceiving and accessing the energetic field of the new time every day. These souls are using the frequencies of the new time to awaken gifts and potentials that reside within them. In some cases, these gifts were cultivated across lifetimes. Examples of this include the artist who incorporates the frequencies of the new time into his or her artwork; the musician who encodes notes along the energetic spectrum of awakening into their compositions; and the teacher who structures workshops designed to awaken participants to their highest potentials.

In coming weeks and months and years, new concepts in science, art, writing, music and every field imaginable will be gifted to the world via the new time. Incorporated into these concepts are understandings that will help reshape our vision for who we are collectively and individually and why we’re here.


Future Vision: Societies Based on Love and Nurturing Each Soul

One of the movements fostered by the new time will be the nurturing of human development. In a society based on love and compassion, each soul that draws breath in human form is valued, loved and nurtured. Other movements will foster respect for all life forms, including the environment. Throughout human history, there were those who advocated the path of love and compassion for all life. These wise beings laid the groundwork for seeds to flower in the new time.


How we Treat All Others Reflects our Relationship with our Soul

These movements will naturally evolve as human consciousness frees itself from enslaving thought viruses. How we treat ourselves, how we treat each other, how we treat animals, how we treat the environment – all of these are one and the same and together they offer a clear reflection of the relationship between our conscious mind and our soul. Whatever we do to any other life form we do to ourselves. It is impossible to enslave another being without enslaving ourselves. Thought viruses convince us this is not the case. When our conscious mind is strongly aligned with our soul, we see through the illusory world propagated by thought viruses. Much of what is considered mainstream reality is heavily infected by thought viruses. Each individual is enslaved to the degree that they are invested in the illusory world of the mainstream virus.


Future Vision: Humanity Steps Free of Enslaving Thought Viruses

The scarcity virus is at the root of old timelines rife with suffering and violence. This thought virus prompts us to believe in the thoughtform that “there is not enough love/peace/abundance to go around so I must fight to get some.” Another common thoughtform fostered by the scarcity virus is that “I must punish those who are to blame for my experience of lack.” This belief has justified many acts of destruction and violence and fosters the condition of un-love that weaves dark threads into the tapestry of life on this planet.


Valuing and Appreciating Ourselves Heals the Condition of Un-Love

When we exist on the frequency of un-love, our words and actions say to others that “you are not valuable to me unless you assist me in my endless quest to find that which I need to feel loved and valued.” Indeed, when we look to external circumstances to find our own worth and self-value, we will always be searching for something that eludes us. Un-love is based on the scarcity thought virus. It permeates many areas of earth-based reality and results in a devaluation of all life forms – human, animal, plant and mineral – at all levels. It is only when we stop, slow down and value and appreciate ourselves that we enter the space in consciousness where love resides. Anytime we feel un-love and undervalued, we can access this energetic field of the new time to heal ourselves.


Spiritual Freedom is our Natural Condition

When we hold a place of love and value within ourselves, we’re able to share this with others. Even when a person expresses hatred toward you, you can secretly love and value them. You can remain on the frequency of love and silently broadcast this to others, no matter what. When a person acts or speaks in a negative way, it is because they are ensnared by thought viruses that do not allow them to conceive of another way to interact with the world around them. When you have plenty of love for yourself and more left over, you will step free of old, enslaving third-dimensional timelines and hold a space in consciousness for others to step free as well. Spiritual freedom is our natural condition and one that naturally transports us to the high-vibrational timelines of the new time.


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