The Importance of Creativity, Art and Music On the Path of Spiritual Development

HJ: I have found engaging in creative practices on a daily basis to be one of the most profound, centering, awareness enhancing activities I have ever experienced in my life.  After seriously taking up drawing about a year and a half ago, I have found that in addition to the deep fulfillment, enjoyment and meaning this practice has brought into my life, getting in touch with my creative nature has caused it to spill over onto all other areas of my being, enhancing them in the process.  As Awareness states, creative energies are 5th Density in origin, meaning that we are truly accessing our higher nature when engaging them.  What better way to explore our own consciousness and simultaneously train ourselves to recognize and integrate this level of awareness into our lives.  It is truly a life changing act if one allows it to be so.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness, that was very interesting. Those of us who are now on the new Planet A/B realize that some part of our role is to bring the energies of the 5th dimension into this reality, this more physical, tangible reality. These first three months of the trimester, if we liken it to a normal human pregnancy, is a time of great growth and development, and it seems that if we can tap into this energy of great growth and development, we can easily tap into that huge creativity energy that enables us to bring in new art forms, new music forms and all the other creative forms that can help to anchor the 5th dimensional energy in this paradigm.

The New Soul Embryo Developing Within You

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is correct. It must be remembered that the first three months of the development of the embryo shows a development from the first merging of the original egg and sperm into the first division of the cells and the multiplication of the divisions afterwards at a truly phenomenal rate, but the first three months the fetus is still undifferentiated. In other words, the child to be is neither male nor female but rather simply a mass of cells that are multiplying and developing toward a recognizable form. This is what is happening to the new soul embryo that is rapidly developing within you, and that as it develops, the use of creative force to enhance this development is essential, is of great value most definitely.

Manifesting the Creative Force

This creative force is that which is coming from the 5th dimensional strata of consciousness and it is there to encourage the developmental process so that as the form within one develops while it is at this stage undifferentiated, it will take on those attributes that will later continue to develop and define that growing spiritual fetus.

The Importance of Art & Music in One’s Spiritual Development

It is recognized that often when the fetus receives stimulation from the outside, such as music, that this has a very positive effect on the developmental process. Again this is a similar concept of recognizing that when one turns to their creative nature, which has its roots in 5th dimensional consciousness, and allows the creative force to come through, that this will help develop the undifferentiated embryo that is forming at this time. Therefore this Awareness does suggest to those inclined that they do look to themselves as creator beings who are able to allow the creative force from their higher consciousness, their 5th dimensional state of consciousness to flow through them.


They are encouraged to do works of art, to paint, to create music, but even for those who do not consider themselves artistic or creative in this way, to allow even participation in creative events, listening to music that is soothing and uplifting, reading books and poetry, seeing films that are of an uplifting nature. Equally there are many who will continue to listen to music that is chaotic and hateful and dark, they will continue to see movies where there is much violence and much hatred, and they will perhaps even choose to believe the politics that are unfolding and the mass events that they see in the news or on the TV itself.

These energies are counterproductive; they are not of the high creative nature, but their exact opposite. Those energies will create that which is being viewed, heard or absorbed and it is again for this reason that this Awareness asks one and all in these critical times of development to surround yourself with creative upliftting, motivating energies, to seek out from within your creative nature and to let it express itself any way that it wishes that is uplifting and inspiring, and that adds to the energies that will help in this developmental process toward the creation of a new spiritually aware, in tune, balanced and harmonious human being.

This energy is very available at this time but in this very delicate period of time, this very undifferentiated state of consciousness of the new embryo of Spirit that is developing, the danger is that a continuance or an attraction to the negative, the dark, and the violent can of course retard or even abort the developmental process and one does not lift into those higher realms of consciousness that are unfolding, but stays at the lower levels, even with the danger of going into Planet B scenarios.

Equally, those who choose to allow inspiration to be their mainstay, to seek it out, to express it within their being, to express it in any way that feels right and allows the creative flow to occur, will find that their realities are indeed those that support Planet A/B and are inspired from the Planet A of consciousness this Awareness has often talked about, the Ascended Consciousness, 5th dimensional consciousness.

In a very real way, it is not even that the soul is ascending but Spirit, the Divine God Consciousness, is also descending to this unfolding planet, as Mother Earth/Gaia moves herself forward and each and every human has that capacity to allow the flow of God Consciousness through them, through the creative efforts of their lives, through the creative energies they immerse themselves in.

Stay Open to the Divine Energies Flowing onto the Planet

Stay aware that you are one and all beings of Divine Consciousness, the Children of God, and that as the Children of God, Divine Beings, that you can be open to the Divine Energies that are flowing onto this planet in transition at this time and that will help motivate and create that which will be, whatever you wish it to be, whatever you choose to focus on and to believe in. That which is the creative order, the creative force that emanates from Planet A, from 5th dimensional consciousness, is here to motivate, inspire and empower you, and this Awareness recommends that one and all who are so inclined pursue their creative nature, to allow the creative force to develop within them and express itself through their actions, thoughts, words and experiences.

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  1. I feel like when I sit down to my artwork, or indeed any creative work my the energy I have to work with has just simply been on steriods the last few months. I wonder if that’s related.

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