July 2013 Energetic Forecast: The Great Emotional Cleanse

HJ: Higher levels of awareness and consciousness require us to release those habits, beliefs, thoughts and patterns which no longer serve our highest good.  In this way, we undergo a powerful emotional and spiritual cleanse, or ‘detox’, if you will.  Sometimes old habits die hard and it can be a somewhat uncomfortable or difficult process for those who have trouble letting go.  This is not ‘wrong’ or ‘right’, but simply how one chooses to go about it and there are specific lessons that they are choosing to learn by approaching the situation in this way.

If you find yourself going through an uncomfortable period at this time, it is recommended that you practice basic mindfulness and try to observe your emotional states as they come up.  Instead of identifying with them so strongly, you may choose to view them from a more detached perspective in order to discover their origin.  If you trace them back to where they come from, you will be shown an area of your consciousness which may need healing and adjustment.  Emotions and thoughts can always be traced back to their source, where you can then decide if there is a belief there that needs adjustment.  All you need to do this is some basic mindfulness and the ability to be truthful with yourself.

Regularly practicing this skill will help you through this powerful period of transition, in which we are being given the opportunity to move to a higher levels of consciousness with less resistance than ever before.

– Truth

Energy Forecast – The Great Emotional Cleanse

By Emmanuel Dagher | Magnified Manifesting

Peace and Blessings my friend, It’s such an honor for me to connect with you in this way again.

Wow, are we in some extraordinary times or what? There is simply no holding back the love that’s pouring into our planet at this time.

When this much love and light manifest all at once, it can really rock us to the core. It can feel very confusing because a lot of past emotions and challenging situations we thought we had taken care of come right back up in front of our beautiful faces seeming more present than ever. This confusion also comes up because the mind is being nudged to expand out of the limitations it had once created for itself.

This actually happens to give us the opportunity to ‘react’ in a different way than we may have in the past. If we find ourselves still reacting in the same or a similar way as we did before, then it means there’s still quite a bit of healing for us to do especially around strengthening our letting-go muscles.

On the other side of this downpour of energies, many of us are becoming more mindful by catching ourselves in the act as we realize that past emotions and situations coming back up are just here to show us how far we’ve already come. With this state of non-reactive mind it becomes much easier not to overreact as we once used to, because we are no longer identifying ourselves with whatever it was that caused us so much anger in the first place. This allows us to surrender to the flow of life instead of swimming upstream. It allows us to become more neutral.

The Great Emotional Cleanse

Right now, we are individually and collectively being asked to let go of the recycled stories we created for ourselves that prevented us from fully being in our power. Some of these stories may include:

• The idea that we or anyone else is lacking in any way, believing we or they are less than, broken, victims, not good enough, or unworthy
• The idea that we need approval that comes from outside ourselves, that we need something or someone outside of us to fulfill a desire
• The idea that we have to put ourselves last
• The idea that only others are blessed and lucky
• The idea that we only have one soul mate or twin flame
• The idea that money and spirituality are separate and that as a spiritual person it’s wrong to experience financial abundance
• The idea that we have to keep hiding and playing small
• The idea that we must be hard on ourselves and others or criticize
• The idea that we are unsafe and have to live in a world where it’s about survival of the fittest
• The idea that we are separate in any way from anything for any reason

Any of these energetic patterns we carried for ourselves and for our ancestors are coming up to the surface to be released once and for all. As mentioned earlier in this update, this can really feel amplified and leave many people feeling as if they have lost their sense of self. This is simply the mind’s way of protecting itself, so just know that it’s absolutely normal. We are loved and supported through everything in ALL ways, even if our mind may not recognize it right away.

The key ingredient to moving through this period is to simply remain flexible with ourselves, others and the world around us. This will allow us to surf the energy waves much more smoothly.

The Crazy Meter Turns Up a Few Notches

After moving through the Eclipse Trinity back in April/May combined with the heightened Sun activity, and astrological alignments including the recent Solstice on June 21st, we’ve probably noticed by now that the crazy meter has been turned up a few notches. Because we are all so unique in the way we experience our realities, it’s important to understand that not everyone processes in the same way. When referring to the ‘Crazy Meter,’ the word crazy in this case has nothing to do with what most standard definitions in the dictionary lead us to believe.

The biggest difference is that in most dictionaries, there is an insinuation that when someone is ‘crazy’ they are lacking something in some way. In most cases it would be a lack of sense or being out of one’s mind. If this is the correct definition, then being crazy would actually be quite a beneficial energy to tap into because it moves us out of the limitations of the mind and into the heart where our core essence resides and where we can always find peace.

However, the kind of crazy I’m referring to here is the kind that has a person so stuck in their mind, that they begin to imprison themselves into thinking that the circumstances around them actually decide who they are in the world. They begin to fall into the mind set of survival and victim consciousness. Many of us are noticing that this type of ‘crazy’ behavior is finally coming to the forefront and making its presence known.

We may not have noticed this type of crazy before in certain people (family, friends, colleagues or even strangers) because it’s usually managed or hidden well, even for an entire lifetime for some. Don’t take it personally even if the crazy is directed at you. The energies we are in right now are just NOT going to allow this type of crazy to continue for much longer, so it’s looking for a focused outlet to reaffirm to itself that it’s still the driver. This energy prevented us from being our truest selves for too long. The tides have turned and there’s just no looking back anymore.

In the case of this kind of crazy, tough love is necessary. Tough love is not to be confused with judgment, being mean or intentionally hurtful in any way. Tough love does however mean we remain steadfast in choosing to embody who we are in all circumstances to such a degree that in time others are empowered to align with who they really are as well. Some manifestations of tough love include:

• Creating healthy boundaries
• Letting go of the need to fix or change others
• Releasing ourselves of responsibilities that kept us co-dependent
• Expressing ourselves freely, honestly and openly in a mindful manner, speaking up
• Being more compassionate instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and others
• Choosing to be authentic, stepping into power
• Taking care of our well-being
• No longer sitting on the sideline of our lives
• Sharing our full gifts with the world
• Making peace with and releasing relationships that no longer serve our greatest good

The energies we are moving through are Divine Love in action. It may feel otherwise at times but these energies are in full effect. The energies have been fine-tuning us and will continue to do so for each of us personally and for all of us as a collective in EVERY way from the inside out until we ALL operate and shine from our highest state of being.

We are all in this together!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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  1. on the date of 7-14-2013 I experienced strange feelings, feeling of nausea,dizziness,head fog,intense dreams,premonitions, as well as a shift in my own consciousness. I’m experiencing all the symptoms of ascension. prior and after that date I have and still am seeing the number 714, 147, 417 and that sequence so forth.

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