HJ: Almost 6 months post Ascension, the question arises, where are we now?  Has anything actually changed?  The answer is: it depends.  It depends on your personal beliefs, perspective, level of awareness and commitment to self inquiry and growth.  You are experiencing exactly what you have chosen to experience, whether or not you are conscious of doing so.  Your beliefs and level of awareness dictates what you perceive and what you experience — it has always been this way and always will be, but when referring to the Ascension process specifically, there are things happening now (that are perceptible when one reaches the appropriate level of awareness) that are unusual and unique to this 9 month period of time post-Ascension.  If you believe that nothing is happening, then your reality will reflect this because you are either consciously or unconsciously limiting your awareness.  That does not mean that nothing is actually happening, it just means that you will be unable to perceive it until you expand your beliefs and level of awareness.  There are many who are able to perceive the many intense energetic fluctuations and amplifications in spiritual awareness and manifestational abilities now occurring regularly and anyone has the potential to do so regardless of where they are at now.

This lastest message from Awareness will help those still trying to wrap their mind around what is occurring get a better handle on the nature of the Ascension process and its larger implications in the never ending journey of self-inquiry and spiritual growth.

– Truth

The Six-Month Milepost

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

Please proceed.

Thank you and we welcome you Awareness and we are just asking if there is any general message you would like to give us today?

That that which is Cosmic Awareness does have a general message today. That the date June 9th is approaching that period of time in that the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is approaching. That this, of course, marks a period of time in both Hemispheres where either the longest day of the year is experienced or that which is the shortest day in opposite Hemisphere. That it is also the date that will mark the six-month anniversary of the event that was the Ascension event of December 21st, 2012. That many are going towards this date, having had many experiences of the strange and unusual kind. That many are beginning more and more to have a sense of their deeper energetic nature and are open to experiences that are showing them that they are not only physical beings but as this Awareness so often says: spiritual beings having a physical experience.

That there have been a number of reports to the Interpreter and his partner from those who have had these unusual experiences. Energies being felt, sometimes even a sense of physical presence around them, a sense of being touched or stroked, or having one standing beside one, even though there is no one there; a sense of expanded awareness around their particular life and their life experiences. A deeper sensing that there is still much more that is opening up to them. Colors are being perceived by individuals, both in states of full consciousness, eyes wide-open, as well as in periods of rest when the eyes may be closed. There are feelings of exhaustion that many are experiencing so much so that they often need to rest during the day itself because of this sense of exhaustion, this sense of tiredness.

That many are finding that synchronistic events are occurring more and more in their lives. Such events as thinking of someone and having them phone or being aware of something that they remember only to have evidence provided to them or an opening given where they can communicate with others that have also shared those events, be it family or friends or even sometimes more generally through public means such as viewing something on television that ties in to the memory that was experienced or brought up.

Indeed this is still a period of time whereby many will bring forward strong memories and emotions from their past, their own past lives. That these memories and emotions are being brought forward at this time to be dealt with, to be expunged.

That astrologically it is a time at this present moment when many planets are in the water signs and there are various alignments of various planets that indicate this to be so. For those who are interested in astrology there are many sites available that can further explain these matters. One in particular, is the Power Path astrological information that is given by Pat Liles. That she is one who has a grasp of the astrological events that are occurring at this time and this Awareness does recommend for those who are interested in astrological explanation and
comprehension to go to the Power Path site.

That there is a link on the website www.RainbowPhoenix.com for those who wish to go to this site. www.thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/moon-updates But even without doing s, o if one realizes that many of the emotional memories and occurrences that they are experiencing are in coordination with greater astrological events, that it will help them move beyond personal to a grander and greater understanding of the times and therefore also of the personal events and unfoldings that many are experiencing. One of the marks of the last six months is that many have been experiencing physical symptoms to one degree or another, have been experiencing aches and pains, localized to
different parts of the body, most particularly the stomach region, the heart region, as well as the muscles and joints. This often connected to the sense of exhaustion and tiredness already

That for many these miasms, as this Awareness has called them in the past, are actual releases of repressed energies held in the body, either connected to one’s own present personal life or to other lifetimes experienced through the soul’s expression that are needing balancing and release. This will continue for several months more, especially the completion of the ninemonth period of self-growth and development that this Awareness has said is occurring at this ime. Also this Awareness would mention that for many the aches and pains also are an indication of the body itself, purifying itself, adjusting itself, recalibrating itself to higher forces and higher energies.

That often the physical symptoms one is experiencing are also connected to the greater events of energy movement that are occurring on the planet and to the planet at this time. For example, there have been recently major solar flares that have been experienced by the planet and they are affecting the magnetosphere again. And this has been quite continuous over the last several months but in particular over the last several days. This solar activity, these coronal events have been quite strong, the magnetosphere quite affected and that this too is shown in the body and personal reactions to these stellar events, in particular the solar events from the sun.

That this is something that many do not think of, for the personal focus relates particularly to the physical body and what is being experienced by the physical body. That often there is little consideration of greater events on a solar level or an astrological level as also being pertinent and relevant at this time. Remember this to those who are going through the bodily experiences, the aches and pains, the emotional upheaval that is occurring and the sense of disassociation and disorientation that many are also feeling at this time. All of these events are designed to break up old congested and congealed energies from one’s personal life and even from those alternate lives, those past lives, that many are exhibiting and experiencing, experiencing to a degree that is uncommon for humanity.

Does this mean that this is why we are feeling so much fear and anxiety at times?

That this too relates to the energies that are flowing onto the planet that many are picking up
on. That there is a generalized level of heightened fear and apprehension that exists on the planet at this time.

That many who are sensitive are indeed picking up on this generalized fear and anxiety and are feeling it personally, they themselves, in higher states of anxiety than is normal. That one would be well advised to remember that the anxiety that they may be feeling, the apprehension, the fear, may not even be their own. And those who are exceedingly sensitive need to put this into perspective, that they are picking on this general level of fear and anxiety that is occurring on the planet at this time.

That this will help them for then they will be able to understand better that perhaps it is not simply their own personal lives they are anxious about, but rather they are a filter through
which much of that anxiety, much of that fear is passing, and it is important to not focus on one’s personal fears and anxieties but rather to acknowledge them, to sense even deeper their
connection and their sensitivity to the unfolding events, to realize that perhaps this too is part of their growth and development, of their spiritual natures; becoming more attuned and
accommodating to those energies will assist many when they are going through the personal anxiety that they will often translate in a way that they project fear into their lives for
something that is wrong in their lives as they understand and perceive it, when it may be that due to their picking up of this general level of fear and stress that they are not in personal
jeopardy as much as they project or think they are. Is this clear?

Yes. I am thinking particularly of the last few days when there has been a revelation in the national news that certain organizations can access personal information through the internet and I feel that many people would be a little bit anxious about that situation.

There are some indeed who are anxious, for now they feel that they are unsafe, they cannot speak on the telephone or over the internet for fear that they are being monitored. But that this
is simply a situation that has existed for quite some time, especially in the United States of America and it is not recommended by this Awareness that one energizes this matter too thoroughly.

It is important to be aware of this and that this matter has finally publicly been exposed is relevant, is important; but that one does not then feel that they themselves are being monitored
constantly, for herein lies the path to paranoia: that someone is watching, someone is watching. Someone is watching, but this is on many levels and this Awareness will explain this matter
more fully at a later time, for It is aware of a question that relates to this issue.

Generally this Awareness is saying it is a good thing that this information has been brought to the attention of the collective and that many start to see this as a degree of evidence being
presented that has often been spoken of. Thus, that being the exposure of those in control, those with power and that they have long misused their power to monitor individuals and to
control through the knowledge that is freely being given through such organizations as Facebook or Apple or in one’s Twitters. It would be also recommended to be diligent to some
degree of what one puts out in their Facebook account when they are communicating with others. But again, not to the point of paranoia, awareness is always important in such matters, but over-focusing on this could also be detrimental. Is this clear?

Yes thank you Awareness. Also we are aware that this month of June is a month of transitions and to transition is always a little bit daunting and can cause some anxiety. What sort of advice do you have for those who are aware of transitions and want to make a smooth transition?

The advice of this Awareness is contained in your very question. To be aware that it is a time of transition, movement from point A to point B. That in this case, the movement is from what
has been to what will be, and that transition, while a favorable thing if one is advancing neself, can still be very turbulent and demanding. And rather than to be too harsh on oneself,
to remember that the energies of this month astrologically are the energies of transition. To be willing to let surface those energies, those emotions, those memories that have been so long
suppressed in the body, in the psyche, to come to the surface, to look at them and to let them go. This too is part of that work, that inner work that this Awareness has been emphasizing over this past six months, and that at this time of transitional energies, it is an ideal time to deal with these emotional memories and repressed energies.

The awareness that this is so will allow the permission from oneself to engage in the memories, the emotions, the feelings, that may arise at this time and rather than fixate on them,
to acknowledge them and to actively and consciously let the energies around the memories, around the feelings, go. It is with intent, it is with desire, it is with focus that one can achieve
these results of releasing from one’s psyche, one’s body, the suppressed energies that have been carried unconsciously for so long. That this too is part of the energies of Divine Source
that are infiltrating the planet at this time, that are flowing to Mother Earth, to humanity, for
the purpose of personal work, personal healing, personal release.

Thank you, Awareness. It also seems that time itself is in a transition state as far as we are aware. It’s as though the concept of time, that fourth dimensional concept of time is moving from our unconscious awareness into our conscious awareness, and as a result we are finding that time is slipping past very quickly and a day does not give us the opportunities to do as many things as we would normally do, and this somehow has an effect of upsetting also our emotional body which is trained to be in a certain pattern. Can you make some comment on that please.

That you are correct in your observation. That the fabric of time is in a state of flux, is altering. That the primary reason for this is because consciousness has moved from that entrenched
third dimensional level of perception of time into a fourth dimensional level or perception of time, and that time is experienced quite differently fourth dimensionally. Many timelines can
be touched when one is freed of the restriction of time. Many can play in and through their imagination on such matters, and can view the passage of time completely differently. What is generally happening is that many are feeling time in an accelerated way and yet paradoxically in a slow motion way as well. Thus it can seem that a day, a week, a month, a year can fly by
but at the same time one can also feel that it has taken a long time to get here, to get to one’s personal point of focus that they are experiencing in their personal lives.

This paradoxical nature that many are experiencing with time is also indicator to the movement through the dimensional barriers, to heightened dimensional perception and interaction. That the movement is ultimately towards a more fifth-dimensional perception and experience of consciousness that can flow freely in a third dimensional reality, but at this time the actual state of time as it exists for so many and their perception of time is more focused in the fourth dimension. Is this clear?

Yes, thank you Awareness. Do you have any other ideas or messages that you would like to give us regarding this particular time right now?

Aside from the awareness that many of the symptoms being experienced, many of the events being experienced on personal levels; that they are releasing miasms, that they are part of
transitional energies. That this Awareness would also ask many who are inclined to do so to consider that everything they believe is part of that which is an indoctrination of beliefs in their lives, and that they begin to really and truly question everything about their assumptions of reality. Indoctrination is not simply a negative mind-control event that many perceive and
think it to be. It is the inculcation of beliefs through repetition that creates the program of beliefs, the paradigms of beliefs that an individual holds, that a culture holds, that a nation
holds or that even the world itself holds and all who inhabit the planet.

That by questioning all, one can begin to understand how completely and thoroughly individuals have accepted for themselves truths that are not truth but assumptions, inculcalated
through this indoctrination of the Low Self to the realities of physicality. But as the human soul expressing itself in physicality is moving to greater understanding, that those who are at
the cutting edge, those who have been introduced to concepts beyond their comfort zone, that they are the ones who would most benefit at this time in questioning all.

Why is it that one still believes, even if one intellectually can accept the greater nature of the soul in one’s physical life, that in the end the physical body itself defines health and wellness; that diseases, for example, are incurable or that one must have an amount money to be safe and secure, or that relationships are troubled and the opposite gender cannot be understood. Many of these beliefs are expressed over and over again through various means, through the television, through movies, through print, through cultural interaction, through familial interactions, over and over, right from the beginning of one’s life.

This Awareness would even say that this indoctrination into physicality and all that it holds begins even in the womb itself, the fetus which is the body of that which is the subconscious,
or rather the subconscious housed in the physical body of the fetus, already begins to hear and receive the information of reality that is out there.

That this process continues throughout one’s lifetime and it is very seldom that one ever questions the basic tenets of belief that they have heard over and over, that they have received
countless times throughout their lifetime.hat while many spiritual seekers are aware of their greater nature, they are not necessarily as aware of the programming that they have received from the beginning, the indoctrination of their beliefs. And that with the new Divine energies that are flooding the planet, that are lifting consciousness to higher and higher levels, that it is time to look backwards as well, to look at these beliefs that have been commonly held by themselves, by their families, by their cultures, their society, their nations. And that in doing so, they may be begin to truly understand how controlled they have been through the artificial process of introducing concepts and beliefs that do not serve the search for personal freedom and
expansion but rather the Powers That Be who are well aware of the indoctrination process that can be used to their advantage, to enslave humanity.

That the energies of disruption are currently available, that it can be disruption that can be negative in its nature and reintroduce the individual back into high states of fear and anxiety
for things they cannot control around them: their weather, their national events, their personal events, or so they think. Or this disruptive energy can be used positively to examine deeply the core beliefs held, why they are held, how they were introduced, and how they were presented over and over again in the individual’s life to the degree that they are no longer questioned. It is time to question all, to question one’s beliefs, to question one’s life, one’s reality, one’s beginnings.

That the questions that are being asked now are exactly the questions that will liberate and free those who are spiritually sensitive, who have volunteered to be on the planet at this time. That not all, indeed the majority will not question, but for those hearing the words of this Awareness, that if it is so that you are seeking your deeper freedom, your deeper truth, then it
is also so that you must question all at this time.

Thank you, Awareness. That’s very good advice for this particular energy of this month and I am sure it’s given us a lot to think about. On behalf of myself and the readers and listeners, I thank you for this session

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  1. TRUTH!!!! Ong Namo Guru De Namo

  2. My goodness! This is spot on. I’m not looking forward to this joint pain lasting any longer though. Thank you for providing us with an explanation for feeling crazy out of nowhere. I appreciate it so much! Now I can stop thinking that I’m losing my mind 😉

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