HJ: The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere (and shortest in the Southern) is a window of time in which great advances in awareness and consciousness can be made by those who are actively seeking to do so.  The solstice energies create a short window in which spiritual growth is magnified due to specific planetary and astrological alignments which enhance our mystical abilities to catalyze deeper levels of self awareness.  A condition is created on the planet in which our thoughts are amplified and therefore the conditions they produce in our lives is also amplified, allowing us to better see what it is we are creating.  The wise among us will use this as a moment for self reflection – to asses where one is at in terms of consciousness and awareness and also to make changes, if necessary, towards realizing a higher expression of self.

James Tyberonn goes into more depth below on the mechanics of the solstice and the effects this is having on the large collective consciousness and energetic patterns appearing on the planet at this time, for those who are interested in such things.  A great read.

– Truth

The Optimal Use of Powerful Energies

By James Tyberronn | Earth Keeper

solstice in the city

This Solstice Can Be Managed Brilliantly

2013 is absolutely an enthralling year astrologically. Events in this beginning phase of the New Earth are meant to be so. Occurrences that occur annually, such as eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, trines, planetary alignments, comets and meteor events began taking on crystalline geometric coding from the initiation of the 2009 Cosmic Trigger, and these embellishments are gaining momentum in Year One!

Thus far this year we have experienced a close quadrangle of solar and lunar eclipses, culminating on the WESAK Full Moon Eclipse in late May. These were effectively sandwiched by the March Equinox and this week’s June Solstice. These are by no means ordinary; by no stretch of the imagination are they mundane. And these are further greatly amplified by the massive injections of radiation via Solar Winds, prompting the Aquarian shift.

Metatron tells us the vibrational ‘bar’ is being raised exponentially in terms of the planetary frequency through these astro episodes. They are advents of enormous downloads. As the Sun rides into apexial apogee, and a heavy downpour of astrological zingers rain in, most empaths feel the waves of intensities beginning to crest at high tide. The Solstice on its own would be a sufficient, but in 2013, it is embellished to the tipping point. So hang on to your hats and keep the floatation devices secured! Yes, there plenty of squares and untoward alignments, but there are also some brilliant Trines in play. There is no need to crash over the edge, quite the contrary; with a little focus this can be brilliantly navigated. So keep dry & keep cool! This solstice is chock full of yin-yang a perfect reflection of duality. But there are many tools to work with and the planet is receiving support from all the Cosmic Forces.

The Sun is bathing us with new rays of benevolence, and these triggers are awakening the dreamer within. Just as the full moon Wesak eclipse thinned the veil, this solstice tosses the dimensional drapery further aside. The sparks of crystalline cognition are beckoning in brilliance in the Midsummer night’s dream, wipe the doss from sleepy eyes, awaken & hear the song of Truth, it is the Music of the Spheres! Earth is teeming with new codes, new energies and flexing its expanded dimensional influx. Of course it is intense – use it wisely! It is cosmic adrenaline.

The month of June 2013 has  4 planetary trines and a Mega Moon taking place in the energy of the Super Solstice. And this is a Super Solstice!  The intensity on the planetary is at an all time high. It is absolutely imperative that each of us maintain an intact Auric sheath to avoid the pitfalls of energetic short circuitry. There are four planets currently in retrograde, (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron) and Mercury joins the quartet beginning its very tangible back-track on June 26th. Mercury retros have a preliminary aspect and that is being felt now.

A brief over view of June Energies:

  • ** May 30-June 9: Mercury-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine
  • ** June 1-13: Ceres-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine
  • ** June 3-14: Mercury-Uranus-Pluto T-Square
  • ** June 6-17: Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-Square
  • ** June 7:  Neptune Retrograde
  • ** June 8: Gemini New Moon
  • ** June 11: Saturn Trine Neptune
  • ** June 16: Chiron Retrograde
  • ** June 18-July 4: Sun-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine
  • ** June 18-August 16: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine
  • ** June 19: Mars Squares Chiron
  • ** June 21: Sun Enters Cancer (UT-Summer Solstice)
  • ** June 23: Capricorn Super-Full Moon (Closest of the Year)
  • ** June 25: Jupiter enters Cancer
  • ** June 25-July11: Sun-Uranus-Pluto T-Square
  • ** June 26:  Mercury Retrograde

Add in the inertia flow of the March equinox, 4 eclipses & solar maximum (solar winds). It is an incredible frequency, some may feel that this week’s Solstice is like being in the “Cosmic Crosshairs”, it is that intense! But the truth is that there are some incredible possibilities for positive utilization, and that this crystoelectro-magnetic ‘cocktail’ is doing exactly what it is meant to do. The key is staying balanced, and stay focused on equilibrium.

This energy is all about the Aquarian Shift, the ability of co creating the planet in theta group & individual mediation.  Mediation for creation of the New Earth. The four Grand Trines in June are all about coherent theta visualization & focal intent manifest into reality. Each of these four Grand Trines are anchored with Saturn and Neptune. That is a key! These are about focal manifestation, the ‘Law of Belief’ brought into reality.  Neptune is the creative flow and Saturn solidifies it! The solar radiation opens the pineal to kick start the manifestation into theta wave.

What happens flows perfectly into the other mega events of Year One. The Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune Trine (June 18-August 16)  leads directly to the activation of the Earth-Kingdoms, with emphasis on the support of the Plant Kingdom & associated Devics, as well as the opening of the energy of Trees in support of Humanity & the Master Beings of the Sequoia, Redwood & other majestic arboreal capacitors!

This occurs between 15-21 August, and is embellished by the Perseids Meteor Shower and the full moon.  (The Crystal Activation & Mineral Kingdom upshift took place on the 12-12-12).

(The August ‘Sequoias Portal’ flows into the September Equinox, which contains an incredible aperture for the Renaissance of Enlightened ‘Golden- Ages’ to align in Harmonic Oscillation with the rebirth of Humanity into the Ascension matrix of the New Earth. It is a holographic-time epoch function of ‘ Time-Gates’  & occurs thru the umbilical portals of  Delphi & Rapa Nui- Navals of the Earth. )

There are ebbs and flows the remainder of the year, and June comes into a vibrational array that requires close attention. You must keep careful control of your emotional extremes; avoid anger and untoward aggressive tendencies at this Solstice. And keep in mind the Solstice window is a 14 day spread, 7 days prior and 7 days after the zenith.

Emotion is highly amplified, and there is an undercurrent of tension that may allow for the unfortunate excessive expression of skewed impression into a crisis of inappropriate offensive action. It is easy to misinterpret another’s intent or to over react; making mountains of molehills. In kind, do not seek refuge in the intensity and under react in apathy or inactivity. Being aware of the gravitated influences at hand can allow you to manage them optimally, and prevent an uncomfortable emotional confrontation that can better be avoided. Don’t allow when old resentments to resurface. Manage your thoughts, direct your mental focus. .  instead of harboring negativity, focus on creating a better life and better world, that is absolutely the better way  to use this energy.

This solstice is teeming with a new influx of ‘life force’ and you can use it wisely, or you can amplify scenarios that should not receive your focus. Do not fall into self condemnation as the retrogrades project their opposing wave-flow, rather use this to go inward and recalibrate into the great and greater you!

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