How to Create Heart-Centered Prosperity and Abundance in Your Life

HJ: True abundance and prosperity comes from aligning yourself with the urges of your heart.  Many who are financially rich are love and spirit poor, to be clear.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe and it is something all of us have the potential to tap into.  However, we must be aligned with our passions, our natural desire to help others and our personal flow.

It may not seem this way looking at the current structure of the world, however, it is the new paradigm that is emerging and we would be wise to align ourselves with this heart-based model.  The old structures and institutions built on greed and scarcity are crumbling… sometimes overnight, sometimes slowly, but their era of dominance is waning.

What David is describing below outlines the new, holistic, inclusive way — the heart-centered, love fueled, passion driven path that creates abundance and prosperity for all in the process of creating it for yourself.  It is mutually, co-operative and best of all fun, healing and filled with joy.

– Truth

Prosperity Series Part 5: Five Guideposts To Heart Created Abundance

By David Barnes | Peace of Mind Overtures

Are you ready for a life aligned with heart created abundance? This final installment of our Prosperity Series was designed to assist you with this endeavor.

As we’ve already written, the new prosperity is a co-creation with our inner divinity. It’s a journey of discovery that will shift you towards an adventure that is less mind-driven and more heart based.

Our minds create obstacles and polar outcomes in illusionary ways. When we can’t separate our thinking from who we really are, our journey to the heart can be delayed, distracted, or halted all together.

All we have to do is follow our hearts and place less importance on what our mind’s desire.

For many of us this is not an easy task – and not a solo act.

To assist you on your journey to the treasures of your heart, your Alignment Movie guide is The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013).

In this second installment of The Hobbit series, our weary band of travelers are overcoming obstacles on their journey to The Lonely Mountain. Their mission is to retrieve the Arkenstone, reunite the 7 Dwarf families, and reclaim their home once again.

While the journey to their homeland is treacherous, it prepares each one for the confrontation that awaits them with the dragon Smaug.

Smaug seized the Dwarves land and has hoarded over their long created wealth. The dragon won’t be easily convinced to give up control of the Dwarves’ homeland. It will take some clever maneuvering led by the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, to once again find a way back home.

So how does this movie have anything to do with prosperity?

See the Arkenstone as the way to the heart. Without it, the Dwarves will not reunite and their homeland will be unavailable. It’s the heart that connects all walks of humanity and makes way for win-win outcomes.

Smaug represents your thinking mind. The dragon is not in any hurry to give up control of the Arkenstone or The Lonely Mountain — just like your mind. Smaug also is blocking path to the Dwarves’ financial freedom. There’s no way to obtain this abundance without removing Smaug’s control of it.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug provides five guideposts to heart created abundance.

1) Lose the Money Filter

Many of us refuse to embark on our journey to the heart until all the financial questions are answered. Our minds have a money filter for everything. These money filters are as fierce as dragons and will not be soothed until there is a rational explanation that adds up.

If you’re embarking on a new journey to the heart, the money filter will try to stop you every time. If your heart says go and the money filter says no, how will you begin the prosperous journey of co-creating with your inner-divinity?

I’m not saying don’t be practical with your finances. Just don’t allow the money filter to squash your desire to try something new. Otherwise, a shift to the heart will be delayed – or stopped altogether.

2) Help Will Come When You Need it Most

You’ll know when you’re on the path to heart prosperity. People will show up with similar desires and will be willing to assist you on your journey. Just like the characters in The Hobbit. Individuals will come together and provide help along the way. Notice these numerous occurrences throughout the film.

3) Collaborate With Your Thinking

Bilbo Baggins wisely tries to charm Smaug; he doesn’t challenge him, nor does he demand anything. Bilbo takes his time and works with the dragon all the while discerning what is the best way to acquire the Arkenstone.

Practice collaborating with your thinking. Find ways to soothe it, don’t push it too hard or else you will get stuck in reactivity. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking the mind will easily come along. For most of us, it’s as fierce as Smaug. So you better find a way to work with it.

4) Let Go and Trust The Path

When following your heart, you learn to embrace the unknown. This can be terrifying for the mind, but you inner knowing can overcome these fears if you let go and trust the path. I like what Deepak Chopra says about this spiritual journey,

“The paradox of being spiritual is that you are always wrong and always right at the same time.”

You’re right to follow your heart and as he says, “wrong to think that things won’t change tomorrow. Life is change; you must be prepared to let go of today’s beliefs, thoughts, and actions.”

5) Stop Intellectualizing Your Journey To The Heart

There are many helpful spiritual paths that are rooted in ancient tradition. All of them are to be honored, respected and valued.

Our spiritual traditions usually require that we follow the dogma of the teachings or else it’s not of the tradition. Any deviation from dogma can be deemed an unworthy path and maybe even dangerous. This makes embarking on a journey almost impossible until you can understand that a new discovery of your inner-divinity is not a path through the human intellect.

When you’re aligned with the heart, a deep intimacy is revealed within; an inner peace-filled knowing that is not of the human intellect.

So don’t go looking for it there.

The Top 9 Energetic Benefits from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Alignment Movie

  1. A deeper intimacy with your inner-divinity
  2. An ability to let go of any lingering dogmas that keep you from discovering your journey to the heart.
  3. An energetic shift from the importance of your thinking and its need to be in absolute control.
  4. A softening of the inner-war within.
  5. A growing ability to sense your inner-knowing providing guidance.
  6. The fortitude to stay on the path regardless of the obstacles.
  7. A softening of your mind’s money filters that demand complete control.
  8. An ability to let go and trust.
  9. An awareness of your strength, limitless courage, and ability to persevere.

The Steps To Energetically Benefit from This Alignment Session:

If you haven’t done the Intention Session, then do this first and only once. Think of it as downloading an App on your smartphone. Once completed then you’re ready to benefit from any of our Alignment movies/TV shows.

Rent and watch the entire movie:  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

If you notice a shift in the subsequent days, please pass this blog to someone you know who might appreciate some more abundance. 

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Ready To Align Deeper With Prosperity?

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