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Heart Consciousness: What You Need to Know About the Brain in Your Heart

HJ: After you read this article on heart consciousness, the old saying ‘Follow your heart…’ will start to seem less like a platitude and more like the profound wisdom that it really is….


How to Clear Mental and Emotional Blockages From Your Subconscious

HJ: Emotional blocks can be tricky little buggers.  Secretly sabotaging our best intentions and dreams for ourselves and causing us to stay stuck in patterns that don’t serve us.  But thankfully they are…


The 6 Keys to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

HJ: Developing emotional intelligence is one of the primary keys to living a deeply fulfilling and successful (how you define that in YOUR own terms) life because it is one of the most…


How to Create Heart-Centered Prosperity and Abundance in Your Life

HJ: True abundance and prosperity comes from aligning yourself with the urges of your heart.  Many who are financially rich are love and spirit poor, to be clear. Abundance is the natural state…


Evolving Your Intuition: How to Train Your Mind to Listen to the Voice of Your Heart

HJ: When the mind and the heart are working together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.  The mind’s role is to translate the urgings of the heart into reality.  To translate our…


Tuning Into Your Heart: A Simple Meditation to Connect With Your Intuition

HJ: Your heart speaks loudest when your mind is quiet.  Meditation, at its essence is a centering practice to quiet the mind which naturally reveals to us our own inner wisdom.  While it’s…


9 Ways to Begin Living From Your Heart

HJ: Living from the heart is an ability we all possess… sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to get out of our heads and reconnect with the wisdom at the core of our…


The 4 Stages of Love: Which Are You Operating From?

HJ: The four stages of love range from selfishness to selflessness and directly reflect your level of awareness/consciousness.  To clarify, one can be operating at more than one level simultaneously in different aspects…


Developing Your Heart Consciousness: A Seven Step Meditation For Joy, Peace and Awareness

HJ: In our modern culture, we have become heavily focused on the mind as the supreme source of intelligence and inspiration.  We have come to rely on rationale and logic as our primary…


3 Powerful Breathing Meditations for Opening and Healing Your Heart

HJ: The combination of breath and meditation produces a powerful healing response in the body and with conscious focus, we can direct these energies to the heart center.  We have a tendency to stay…

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