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5 Powerful Questions to Get You Unstuck and Back in the Flow

HJ: The only thing that keeps us stuck in life is our perception. Shift that and the world shifts and reality shifts in direct reflection.  And there are few things as powerful as…

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20 Keys to Letting Go and Trusting the Flow of Life

HJ: When you let go and trust the wisdom of life, you open yourself to the flow and the infinite ways that abundance, joy and effortlessness can work itself into your life. Mind…


10 Ways to Get Your Life Unstuck and Move Back Into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities

HJ: You only get stuck when you momentarily forget that anything is possible at all times.  It’s a trap of the rational/logical mind and one that you can shift out of by reconnecting…


How to Slip Into the Expanded Awareness of Flow States

HJ: Flow states are magical moments of expanded awareness where we reconnect with our truest self and the pure creativity that is our essence.  And best part is you can train yourself to…


How to Bring Your Life into a Rhythm of Effortlessness and Flow

HJ: Flow and effortlessness is a result of choosing the path of least resistance.  That doesn’t mean choosing an easy path, per se, but to choose a path that has the least internal…


10 Keys to Effortless Change and Transformation

HJ: Change is the universe self-correcting through you towards balance, harmony and joy.  Life is constantly nudging you towards your highest fulfillment and self expression.  And when you remember this truth, even though change…


How to Master the Art of Letting Go (While Still Being Productive and Successful)

HJ: Many personal growth proponents advocate ‘doing whatever it takes’ to make your dreams a reality.  But there is a better way.  A more effortless way that keeps you in the flow instead…


How to Align Your Life With Divine Timing

HJ: There are four primary states of consciousness — believing that life happens: to me, by me, through me and as me.  Each one one rung higher on the ladder of spiritual awareness….


3 Powerful Questions to Help You Get Unstuck and Back in the Flow

HJ: Sometimes we just a need a little perspective adjustment to move from feeling stuck back into the flow.  This article offers 3 powerful questions to help you make that shift. – Truth…


9 Simple Ways to Get and Stay in Creative Flow

HJ: Life in creative flow is the closest thing you can experience to a magical state of being.  Everything you do becomes hyper focused and for lack of a better term, ‘perfect’.  This…

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