How to Align Yourself With the Flow of Prosperity and Abundance

HJ: Prosperity and abundance happen naturally as a byproduct of aligning ourselves with the flow of the universe.  That means trusting ourselves, our intuition and the direction we are being led in life.  In the end, it’s all about letting go of how we think life should be and allowing it to simply be.  Letting go basically means to begin tuning into your intuition — the voice of your heart — and letting that guide you, rather than trying to think everything through.  Just feel it out…

Your emotional/feeling system will guide you effortless through life once you have healed and calibrated it, learning to understand how to interpret its signals.  At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple.  A sinking/heavy feeling typically means ‘no’ and a joyous/happy/excited/light feeling is a ‘yes’.  This is a simplistic interpretation but typically good enough to get people learning to tune into their inner voice and on the right track.  This voice always directs you to the path leading to your highest fulfillment — your highest alignment with prosperity and abundance.  The path is not always direct, but that is the ultimate destination.

David Barnes from Peace of Mind Overtures gives some sage advice about how to tune into and recognize when you are in this flow in his wonderful article below.

– Truth

Prosperity Series Part 1: Finding Flow In The Moment

By David Barnes | Peace of Mind Overtures

lighted path

Photo by Mary Lou Connor

Prosperity Series Part 1
Are you living a life filled with prosperity and abundance in all the areas of life? Are you thriving physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and energetically? Are you looking for a change that will shift you from lack of enough money to abundance like you’ve always dreamed? Then take this journey to prosperity with us. Together lets explore aligning with a new prosperous paradigm that’s win-win, heart centered, and abundant for all. The movies in this five-part series are powerful and deep Alignment Sessions. If you’re looking to embark on prosperity, you’ll want to watch all five movies and watch your life change. The first step on our journey is to discover a new way to follow our dreams.

Finding Flow In The Moment

We all have dreams and most of us believe we have to “make it happen” or else we’ll never accomplish anything in life. We live in a “make it happen” culture and we’ve stretched this way of creating to its limits only to find we’re exhausted and out of time. As a result, we just can’t see how a new dream life is possible unless we have more time and energy. Discovering a new way to have a prosperous life begins with finding the flow in the moment. Only then will we be able to embark on a new life of discovery and abundance.

In the movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, (Ben Stiller, 2013) Walter Mitty wants love and adventure in his life. He lives vicariously through the photos he’s developing for Life Magazine and secretly dreams to live up to it’s motto:

To see the world, things dangerous to come to,

To see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel.

That is the purpose of life.

Walter Mitty takes us on a fabulous journey to help us discover how to find the flow in the moment. Watch for these six lessons from Walter Mitty’s story:

1) Dream Big and Then Dream Bigger
Walter daydreams with rich clarity and imagination. He dreams big and often. The love he desires is a co-worker named Cheryl Melhoff (Kristen Wiig). When he learns she desires an adventurous man, he dreams of being a latin mountain climber who is “testing the limits of the human spirit”. Walter’s daydreams are fun and they inspire him to take a journey into the unknown when the famed photographer, Sean O’Connell’s, (Sean Penn) photo #25 comes up missing. It was intended to be the cover of Life Magazine’s final print copy. As Walter sets out on a journey to find Sean O’Connell, he shows us how to follow your dreams and stay in the flow of the moment.

2) Take Inspired Action
Once you’ve dreamed big, now it’s time to watch for synchronistic clues guiding you to take action. Notice in the movie when Sean O’Connell’s photograph calls Walter with a “come-on” hand gesture. Walter doesn’t miss a beat and immediately takes off for the airport. This is what inspired action looks like. When the next step is revealed, take the inspired action and never look back. We have a tendency to take action first and force outcomes. This approach is the “make it happen” conventional wisdom. Yet it takes more energy to force action that’s not inspired by synchronistic events.

3) Trust Your Instincts and Take Risks
Creating a new prosperous life isn’t going to look conventional. It requires you to trust your instincts and be willing to take risks. Watch how Walter continues to take leaps into the unknown and sometimes it gets dicey. By trusting your instincts, you’ll be empowered to manage your fear of the next step. As civil rights activist Audra Lorde says,

“When I dare to be powerful — to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

4) Watch For Signs You’re on The Right Path
Notice throughout the movie how Walter gets clues that he’s on the right path. Look for the clementine cake on the ship, and the Papa John’s Pizza in Iceland. These clues mean something to Walter and it confirms he’s on the right track. Sometimes you’ll get inspiration to take a new direction from the strangest people. Notice how Walter is inspired by David Bowie’s song A Space Oddity being sung by Cheryl. These humorous occurrences happen and you’ll notice them when you’re in the flow.

5) People Will Show Up To Help You
When you’re in the moment, noticing the clues, and taking inspired action, you’re co-creating with the Divine within. As a result, you’re tangibly making it possible for others to show up to assist at the right time and place. Be open to all possibilities. Many times the people that show up to help are nothing you would have ever imagined. So don’t get caught in judgment of who may or may not be the right fit for you. Notice Walter’s helicopter pilot and how Walter lets go.

6) You Can’t Get it Wrong
We’ve all be taught that there’s a right way to “make it happen”. As a result, we bring that pattern into our journeys fearing we might not get it right. Watch throughout the movie how Walter was protected and how synchronistic events/people always kept him on his journey.

The Top 9 Energetic Benefits From Watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  1. A realization that you no longer have to “make it happen” and can trust your own inner awareness to guide you to prosperity.
  2. The acceptance that your are a divine co-creator and can have the life you’ve always dreamed.
  3. Ideas, resources and streams of abundance are revealed to you with pristine clarity.
  4. A recognition that your job and time is not your only source of prosperity and there’s so much more awaiting if you only allow yourself to dream.
  5. The willingness and courage to embark into a journey into the unknown
  6. A deeper understanding that your inner life is the source of meaning for your life.
  7. A remembering of your strength and courage.
  8. The energetic support to follow your heart and never look back
  9. The awareness to stay in the moment and follow the clues one step at a time.

The Steps To Energetically Benefit from This AP Session: 

  • If you haven’t done the Intention Session, then do this first and only once. Think of it as downloading an App on your smartphone. Once completed then you’re ready to benefit from any of our AP movies/TV shows.
  • Rent and watch the entire movie:  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • If you notice a prosperous shift in the subsequent days, please pass this blog to someone you know who might appreciate some more abundance. If you’re so inspired to like us on our Facebook page or Google+ – we welcome the love!

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