HJ: Understanding and learning to work with life force energy (prana, qi, and so on) is of utmost importance for cultivating health, balance and happiness in ones life.  Everything around us contains an energy at varying levels of intensity.  When we can accurately sense and identify this inherent energy, we can begin to intuitively make sense of the world we experience, which is far more powerful and accurate than logic and reason.  In this way, we can identify if people, places, foods, substances, etc. are healthy/positive/beneficial for us or potentially destructive, negative, disruptive or harmful.  For example, we can sense the energies that another is projecting and understand their intention and motives beyond their words, which may contradict the energy they are emanating   We can also easily identify what foods are beneficial for us based on  he energetic feeling they leave in the body.  This life force energy can also be gauged and identified in various situations, places or things, which can help us make decisions and learn what is perhaps a path we would rather not take.

One of the best things one can do to learn to identify these energies is meditate.  Meditation, when practiced properly, quiets the mind and moves us into the heart-centered, intuitional space, which is the source of our ability to sense the energies inherent in all things.  Regular practice will strengthen this skill and allow us to use it to begin actively sensing and interpreting the nature of all that we experience.  In this state, we can learn to always choose those situations, experiences and things that nourish our highest good.

– Truth

By Deborah Barr | Whole Health Resources

The Many Ways We Feed Ourselves

Everyone wants to move through life with vitality, radiant health, mental clarity and the ability to focus.  We all want to experience emotional harmony,  passion and fulfillment, love and support, connection, and abundance in all ways.   Are you one of the many looking for the perfect foods, supplements, exercise, etc. that will bring you a sense of well being and equilibrium.  While these things are helpful, focusing on them without attention to the ways everything feeds you, limits your potential.

We often take care in choosing and preparing foods that we believe will contribute to our well being.  But most people don’t consider the many other ways they are being fed.  The best foods and supplements cannot counter the effects of toxic environments, harmful attitudes and thoughts, destructive relationships, and joyless, unfulfilling lives.

You receive subtle vibrational energy from everything you expose yourself to.  Your health and happiness are based on what you consume from everything in life including:

  • visuals you see
  • the sounds you hear
  • the air you breathe
  • the textures you touch
  • the scents you smell
  • the thoughts you think
  • the emotions you feel
  • your life’s work
  • your relationships
  • all environments you spend time in
  • your view of life

Everything is Energy

To understand how the all of the above factors influence you, it’s helpful to become aware of all things as energy.  Everything in the Universe is comprised of vibrational energy.

Humans, as well as all phenomena in the universe, are made of energy (called chi, ki, prana, etc. in different cultures).  These terms all refer to energy, life force, universal mover of all things.  In traditional cultures, mankind knew of the existence and importance of energy and developed practices for maintaining and enhancing a healthy flow of energy.

Modern day researchers discovered ways to measure and detect life energy using electric or magnet machines. 

Different schools of thought agree that we are supported and sustained by an underlying flow of life energy.  When this flow is impeded, we become weak or sick; our emotions become disharmonious; our relationships, finances, work, and all areas of life suffer.  When the flow of energy is strengthened or cared for, we become stronger and healthier in every way.  When the flow stops, we die. 

Where does energy come from?

The universe is full of life force energy.  Scientific people think of it as an electric or magnetic force; religious people think of it in terms of God.  Energy radiates down to us from the sun, moon, and distant stars (heavens); It radiates up to us from the rotating force of the earth.  These sources of energy (heaven/earth) have been called the source of creation of everything in nature—all people, plants, animals and inanimate objects. 

Energy constantly flows through our bodies sustaining our life.  The quality of it changes based on all of our choices (thoughts, emotions, food, environment, relationships, activity—everything).  You are connected to everything and are part of an unending flow of the energy of creation.  You are creating your health and everything in your life all of the time, mostly unconsciously or by default.  You can learn to consciously create what you want by manipulating energy.

We live in two worlds, the physical (material) world and the spiritual (invisible, intangible) world.  Everything in the material world physicalized from the spiritual world (and continues to do so).   Everything exists in the spiritual world—no exceptions.  You can think of the spiritual world as high speed vibration—light.  The physical body is a much slower, denser vibration.  It is always giving off vibrations which change constantly based on the kind of vibrations we take in through all of our senses—the food we eat, all the visuals we see, the sounds we hear, the air we breathe, the textures we touch, the scents we smell, the thoughts we think and the emotions that we feel. 


Everything in life is about vibrational energy.  Energy is not static.  It is always moving, in a state of flux.  We are constantly changing and manipulating energy by our choices.  We can learn to consciously direct it to achieve results we want in our health and in our lives.  Many people who resist change have spent a lot of their lives trying to keep things the same.  This is immobilizing  and creates as low an energy level as possible.  Energy can’t be stuffed into rational either/or models of reality – good/bad, healthy/unhealthy, right/wrong, this/that, etc.  Everything comes in response to our personal dominant vibrational energy.  It’s all experience that we can use to our advantage or disadvantage.

Everything in life is one continuum of energy.  Your Spirit, body, mind, emotions, life, relationships, work, and environment are all connected vibrationally to each other and to the Divine Source of all things.  We’re connected to disease or health, obesity or fit bodies, poverty or abundance, passion or malaise, ease or struggle, joy or sorrow, and to everything that’s possible to experience. 

There are no two of us exactly alike.  That’s because we all take in different qualities of vibrations or energy.  We do have control over this.   We can consciously make choices that make us feel good in healthy ways.  We can choose to see what’s good and beautiful and wonderful rather than focus on what’s wrong.  All those possibilities that exist in the invisible spiritual world manifest in response to what’s in our consciousness.  Practice using all of your senses to feed you in uplifting, positive ways that make you feel good.

So, what determines which of these we’ll experience?  It’s  where we put our intention and focus, our choices, and what we believe in.  Ultimately, it’s how you feel  (emotions) that determines the direction of your movement.  So you can see why it’s so important to work at elevating negative emotional states.  The more you experience a positive expectancy about everything in your life, gratitude, appreciation, self-love, self-respect, happiness and other positive feelings, the more your body will respond with good health and balanced weight.

Primary Energy

We extract energy from food and this is one of the most primary sources.  Everyone needs their own individualized version of diet based on their condition and constitution.  However, eating whole foods as primary foods benefits everyone.  Whole means they are eaten in the state they are grown–whole grain brown rice, barley, quinoa, oats, buckwheat and others; vegetables; beans and legumes.  These have a vital life force energy in them that is lost when they are processed, refined, frozen and/or microwaved. 

Eliminating additives, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, steroids and antibiotics in food will eliminate a lot of what’s causing chaotic energy (health problems) in your body.  The less processed foods you eat the greater a harmonious flow of energy within you.  Choosing foods based on vitamin, mineral and nutrient properties is not enough and will limit your health potential.

Moving Stagnant Energy

Do you, at times , feel stuck as though energy seems to be standing still or stagnating in and around you?  If you’re experiencing health, emotional, weight, or any challenges,  your personal energy is not flowing well.   There’s much you can do. 

Stagnant energy can be moved by: 

  • practicing regular deep breathing;
  • speaking one’s truth;
  • specific foods (appropriate for your personal condition);
  • sweating; activity or exercise that moves ki (chee);
  • honest, effective communication;
  • meditation;
  • resolving negative emotions;
  • genuine acceptance of self and others;
  • the arts and all creative endeavors;
  • anything that really inspires you;
  • engaging in anything you are really passionate about; 
  • self appreciation;
  • passion; 
  • finding the best in what is.

Harnessing Energy

It takes extreme clarity and focus to make change.  This takes awareness.  Paying attention to how you feel about everything, including your thoughts, emotions, choices, the people in your life, and how you respond (or react) to everything in your life is a necessary first step in harnessing energy.

Where you focus your attention, will and visualization is what will come into your personal reality.  You have an opportunity at any time to leave the energetic cycles you are enmeshed in that are causing discomfort, unhappiness or suffering.  Every positive move is amplified and causes a momentum of more of the same.  Clarity comes with defining what you want for your health and life. Writing a Vision Statement and reading it regularly sends a vibration out into the world that will harness the energy that matches it.  Doing so will bring you guidance and inspiration on actions you may need to take, including what you need to let go of.

Stay aware of how your choices make you feel.  If watching the news makes you fearful, nervous, anxious, then stop watching.

How are your relationships feeding you?  What about your life’s work?  If they are not causing you to feel alive, joyful, passionate, fulfilled, and abundant, it may be time for a change.  This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your relationships or quitting your job.  However, it does mean finding new ways of being in relationship to others that are enlivening.  Perhaps it’s time for a change of perspective about your current job.  Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with it, find reasons to validate what’s good about it.

Continuing to participate in things and with people that make you feel lousy is akin to knowing you’re allergic to strawberries, eating them anyhow,  suffering with the symptoms, and complaining about how terrible you feel. Do things that make you feel good.  Be with people who contribute to your growth in positive ways.

Consider your living and working spaces.  How do they appear?  How do they make you feel?  If you have more space you will feel more relaxed and clear.  If your environment feels orderly and peaceful you will be fed in that way.  If you clean or straighten your desk before you work, you can work better and think more clearly.  If your work and living environments feel chaotic and disorderly you won’t function well .

You have far more control over not only physical health, but also mental, emotional health and your life.  You can make energy adjustments by choosing more appropriate ways of feeding yourself through all of your senses. 

It’s important to look at what we eat; it’s important to look at our daily activities, environment, lifestyle, relationships, work—everything.  They are all important. The process is not complete unless you look at your orientation to life itself, how you see life, your values and ethics, your goals, dreams, and overall direction; what you’re doing every day; how you’re spending your life and who you’re spending it with.  Your view of life shapes your personal energy and causes you to make choices that will allow you to actualize your view.

You can make yourself open and receive abundant sources of energy that nourish and fuel every part of your health and life.  OR you can close yourself off and create very strange situations that go against your health, happiness, and everything you say you want.

By thinking of the bigger picture and consciously making new choices you can change negative or unhealthy conditions for the better.

Deborah Barr, 25-year Holistic Health Counselor/Coach, speaker, and author, works with clients who want to reverse weight and health issues; achieve emotional harmony, radiant health, passion, peaceful living, work-life balance, and a life they love.  She has received Professional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on Nutritional Therapy, Whole Foods Cooking, Oriental Diagnosis, Herbal Medicine, and Shiatsu; Macrobiotics; Attitudinal Healing, Yoga and Spiritual Development, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy.   In 1985 she founded Whole Health Resources, the premier Holistic Health Center in Pittsburgh.  WHR’s mission is to promote the healing and development of body, mind and spirit, and to teach an understanding of the relationship between diet, attitudes, lifestyle and wellness. She offers free help through her 2 e-zines, Natural Weight Lossand Whole Health Matters™, and free articles at www.wholehealthresources.com.  She can be reached at 412.421.7760.


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