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Tai Chi Master Shares the Seven Secrets of Cultivating Qi Energy in the Body

HJ: There are seven core principles for cultivating the powerful, innate healing energy known as Qi in the body.  These practices will unlock your ability to harness this sacred force and direct it around the…


Understanding the Energy of Food: How to Receive Greater Health and Nutrition From Everything You Eat

HJ: Plants, which eventually become our food, as living, breathing things, have an aura — just as we do. This aura can be considered the energetic signature of a given food or plant and…


A Complete Guide to Understanding and Working With Life Force Energy

HJ: Understanding and learning to work with life force energy (prana, qi, and so on) is of utmost importance for cultivating health, balance and happiness in ones life.  Everything around us contains an…


Qi Gong Master Demonstrates Unbelievable Powers: Says We All Have This Capability

Nai Gong Master John Chang reluctantly demonstrates the incredible power of focused, concentrated Chi by performing what may be termed ‘miracles’ based on current understanding of reality.  By concentrating Chi into his hands,…


The Great Mystery of Qi and the Powerful Effects of Acupuncture

HJ: Qi, Prana, Life Force, Energy… these are all names for the same concept that is at the foundation of not just our existence, but that of the universe as a whole.  It…

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