HJ: The sister sciences of sacred geometry and cymatics hold the keys to unlocking many aspects of higher consciousness and by succession, our DNA as well.  Their widespread use throughout history in the esoteric, mystical and ancient realms gives us a clue as to their powerful and profound nature.  Mystics have long heralded the importance of symbology in human consciousness and sacred geometry is one of the highest expressions of the art.  These symbols have always been an expression of higher consciousness — an unspoken code, if you will, denoting a propensity for higher thought and expression.  In the ancient world, the integration of sacred geometry in art and architecture was of the utmost importance and indeed it is this feature of many of the worlds most famous works that give them their incredible ability to activate and produce awe.

Cymatics, although its own distinct branch of divine science, is in one essence the translation of sacred geometry into sound.  This effect can be observed by the striking of a tibetan or crystal bowl when filled with water — one can then clearly see the sacred geometric patterns that sound can produce without the use of sophisticated scientific tools for visually representing sound.

Both sacred geometry and cymatics have many profound effects on the mind, spirit and consciousness, but one of the most interesting is their effect on DNA.  Our DNA is an expression of sacred geometry and is simultaneously activated by the viewing and presence of sacred geometry both in physical and vibrational (sound) form. When viewed through this lens, it can be better understood why music and art has played such a central role in human history.  In both regards, they activate our higher consciousness and profoundly effect our mental, spiritual and etheric expression. The study of this ‘holy trinity’ of higher consciousness is fascinating indeed…

– Truth

Sacred geometry was preserved throughout history in Freemasonic circles since it was believed to be important knowledge revealing the secrets of our universe.

The secret of sacred geometry is that vibrations (sounds) form on geometrical patterns. Goethe reputedly said that indeed “geometry is frozen music”. Music is geometry and geometry is music! The basis of the universe is form and pattern. Both our organs of perception and the phenomenal world we perceive seem to be best understood as systems of pure pattern, or as geometric structures of form and proportion. Due to this many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music. Sound like word and rhythm forms the trinity of the shamanic power of language. Sounds of a certain octave is reputedly able to produce psychic, psychological, or emotional effects and also freeze water, kill a man or break down walls as in the biblical legend of Jericho.

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  1. Interested in education referrals and purchase of : Cymatics, Bi-aural, Solfeggio frequencies, DNA, Pineal etc. and the new chakras that are in expression.
    Goal: Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

    subliminals not preferred.
    Goal PURE sound frequencies…..

    Hushimuni, Agape, Namasta.!

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