The Unfolding Emergence of the New Consciousness: Perspectives From a Master Swami

HJ: We are all moving at different speeds in our conscious evolution — some are riding the wave of the shift and making incredible leaps and bounds daily.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have those who are not comfortable with change and are actively resisting the growth and unfoldment that is a natural aspect of our existence.  The rest of humanity falls somewhere in the middle, each person moving forward at their own unique pace…  This mosaic makes up the collective speed at which humanity is currently evolving both in consciousness and spirit and it is this collective momentum which determines much of the experience we see manifest in the external world.

When it is said that humanity is awakening and evolving in consciousness, what is being said is that the collective momentum of humanity is moving in a forward direction — an expansion, if you will.  Furthermore, this forward momentum is gaining speed and moving faster than ever before, which is what differentiates this time from say, the Renaissance, which was perhaps the previous benchmark for the fatest collective forward movement of humanity’s consciousness.

With current estimates of global population nearing 7 billion, achieving forward momentum is no small feat and is absolutely an incredible achievement which does significantly differentiate the period we are moving into as a true Renaissance in consciousness.  One of the most accomplished and respected spiritual scholars and mystics of our modern age, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati — a keeper and teacher of the ancient, timeless spiritual knowledge that has been carefully protected, preserved, and passed down through the ages shares here his views on the matter.  I would say that his views are not easily swayed by the zeitgeist (popular opinion) of the times, but rather a more educated, long-term view of the direction of humanity based on both personal knowledge and intuition as well as ancient prophecy and higher spiritual knowledge.

– Truth

The New Consciousness
Dr. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati | Yoga Mag

Today mankind is on the threshold of a breakthrough in consciousness which will rocket us all into a completely new dimension of living. Such a revolution has not occurred for eons, but at this present time we are preparing to take the leap which will land the world into a spiritual age with a completely new vibration. At present only a small number of people have experienced cosmic consciousness, and fewer still have it available to them continuously. But the time is fast approaching when many people will have such a level of awareness, will be guided by it, and will be hard at work guiding the rest of the world towards it.

Now we are witnessing a unique combination of occurrences suddenly coming together. A generation of people is developing with a basic awareness that is much higher than in previous generations. Whether this is due to heredity, evolution or environment is debatable, but it is probably due to all three. Old traditions which were fitted for a previous level of consciousness are being superseded. An increasing number of people who have attained cosmic consciousness are acting as guides for others and it is already easy to see the powerful effect this is having on our present era. There is increasing disillusion with a way of life based on the lower consciousness. At the same time a system of communication, and other technology has developed which allows all persons on earth to be in contact with others, at any time and at any place.

All of these occurrences are forming a powerful substrata for the. production of the new consciousness. However, more important, is the catalyst which is creating them and simultaneously arising from them. This catalyst is the holistic perspective from which the human being is perceived as interrelated within himself, with other living things, and ultimately with the whole universe.

Until recent times we have categorized our studies into physical, psychological and spiritual areas, but now we realize that they form one science which is indivisible. Physics, for example, which was always so solid and material, has now looked right inside the atom and found only space, adorned with localized patterns of intelligent energy. The physicists are realizing that the observer of an experiment actually influences the experiment itself; the psyche controls the substance. We look inside the atom and find the universe and we look at the universe and find the forces which make the atom!


The physicians are realizing that diseases of the body are caused by the mind, and even more than that, the real cause of illnesses of body-mind is the lack of meaning which occurs when we loose our moorings in life and become estranged from our true reality. Modern medical science developed from the teachings of the priest-physicians in the temples of ancient Greece. Must our medical men once again become priests to fulfil their role more adequately?

Psychology has depicted us as relatively fixed entities, responding in predictable ways to a few limited stimuli in our environment. Now it is being bombarded with conclusive evidence that humanity is more like an intricately interwoven fabric in which any movement from within or without sends waves of energy quivering throughout the whole weave. We influence each other at all levels, and we influence and are influenced by the energies of the earth, moon, other planets, the sun and indeed the whole universe. Not only are we being influenced at this moment, but we carry with us the imprint of all that has influenced us since our beginning. Psychology is certainly expanding as far and as fast as possible towards more universal dimensions.

Spiritual teachings have long promulgated the existence of higher forms of consciousness, but many of these have been institutionalized into dogmas and rituals. Others revolved around occult and esoteric practices which seemed to have no relevance to everyday life. Recently the scientists made a virtual onslaught upon these teachings, posing questions for which they received no adequate answers. Today, however, these same scientists are discovering within their own laboratories the basic truths which form the nuclei of the spiritual doctrines they had been in conflict with.

This is certainly a most interesting era in which to live. Rapid changes surround us on every front. Conventions are being laid aside and the roles of the priest, physician and scientist are becoming so undefined as to be almost indistinguishable. The body is swayed by the mind, the mind by the spirit, and the spirit by the whole universe, so that the whole of science from human anatomy to astronomy flows along as one continuum.

How can we possibly come to terms with this new perspective? Is there any coherent system which coordinates this whole panorama and provides a foundation for our leap into the higher dimensions of consciousness? The ancient science of tantra yoga accurately places man in his relationship with the highest, and offers practices and courses of action which allow us to once again become one with our true being.

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