Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Generation of Lightworkers and Revolutionaries is Emerging

HJ: The indigo/crystal/millennial children certainly have their work cut out for them.  They are here to dismantle and replace the outdated and oppressive societal structures of the last few thousand years, raising the consciousness of the planet in the process.  No small task, and so far, their solutions have been nothing short of brilliant.  The simultaneous rise of the internet, which paralleled their evolution from childhood, and now, into adulthood, has given them unprecedented, intensely powerful tools with which to do their work, and what work they do… Many of us might only see change for what it means right now, but when looked at in the larger context of history, we can see how everyday technologies created by this emerging generation are fundamentally changing how we as a society operate and think.

For instance, for all its pitfalls, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets have fundamentally altered how we as a society operate.  Lest we not forget how important they have been in the last 2 or 3 major revolutions on the planet — most notably the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement.  Both of these technologies are Indigo creations…  Mark my words — Bitcoin and future open source/peer to peer currencies are the next wave of indigo/crystal technologies/ideas that will fundamentally alter how we as a society operate.  These are not just novel things, but major fundamental changes to the way that society thinks and operates.

The best is yet to come, as now this generation is collectively entering adulthood and therefore will assume much greater power and influence in the world.  No more living under the shadow of the previous generations influence.  We can expect a much more rapid pace of change moving forward.

I could go on with a very long list, but we’ll leave that to the article below.  Suffice it to say, that the signs are all around us.  One just needs to be aware beyond the normal state of things.  I should know.  As a card carrying indigo/crystal ‘child’, I am helping to create the change firsthand.

– Truth

Beyond the Indigo Children

By P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. | New Dawn Magazine

It doesn’t take someone like me to point out that there’s something remarkably different about the children in today’s world. Parents and grandparents, school teachers, counselors and therapists, anyone who knows a child – all of them – say the same thing: our kids know more than we do. And they’re right. The kids do.

“Two key brain-building genes, which underwent dramatic changes in the past that coincided with huge leaps in human intellectual development, are still undergoing rapid mutations, evolution’s way of selecting for new beneficial traits,” so said Bruce Lahn and his University of Chicago colleagues in a study published in the journal Science, dated 9 September 2005. Not everyone has both of these genes, yet reports of mutation are increasing at an unprecedented rate: 70% of the world’s population now evidences one of them, 30% both.

“Just as major environmental changes, such as dramatic shifts in the climate, food supply, or geography, favoured the selection of genetic traits that increased survival skills,” continued Lahn, “the pressures on gene selection today come from an increasingly complex and technologically oriented society.” Numerous genes are involved in brain building, not just the two mutations. Still, there is enough scientific evidence now to back up the claim that our youngest citizens represent a new type of human evolution in our time.

My  book, Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World (Bear & Co., Rochester, USA), is the first major study of today’s children and their place in our rapidly changing world, that combines objective research with mystical revelation and prophecy.

In it I explore the evolution of the human family, the mystical concept of Root Races (our gene pool), the advance of consciousness throughout the earthplane, ancient calendrical traditions, plus the march of generations, generational signatures and markers (energy imprints), characteristics of the new children (their talents and weaknesses), as well as their place in the “great shifting” as the energetic universe accelerates in vibration.

To call our new children indigos, crystals, star, sky, or psychic children utterly misses the mark. These are labels that do more to promote exclusive clubs of specialness than to honour and celebrate those born since around 1982. Factually, only a rare few have indigo or purple auras (that part of our electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies that is visible) – yet the traits ascribed to so-called indigos fit nearly three-fourths of the world’s young. Many adults fit the same pattern, indicating that in spite of the quantum jump currently taking place, evolution’s spiral has been ongoing.

What of these youngsters? It can be said that the vast majority are quite intelligent (between 30 to 40% score in the range of 150 to 160 on standard IQ tests); they are unusually creative, intuitive, and innovative (which makes them natural problem solvers); the majority are spatial learners whose strongest trait is spatial reasoning (nearly equal between females and males); most are excellent with math (that surprises you, doesn’t it?); they are volunteer-project minded with a knack for entrepreneurship and turning out the crowds. If I were to name one trait that sets them apart, I would say it is their ability to abstract. Example: Two and a half year old Micaela, in response to her mother’s question, put her hands on her hips, marched up to her mother and glared at her, asserting, “I don’t know the word for that yet.”

How can one so young even be aware of proper modes of languaging? Micaela knew, and so does most of the rest of them, these new children, who are as irreverent as they are amazing. These are the quick/click kids, with little patience for processing information or for understanding what it takes to prepare oneself for a profession, like earning a degree or spending years in honing one’s skills (copyrights and trademarks mean little or nothing to them). They are change agents, activists and fixers, who draw from the energy of a group. That means they’re groupies who strive for consensus on one hand and charge ahead as powerful visionaries on the other. And they attend “night school” as well as what most of us refer to as regular day school.

By night school I mean, once they are asleep in their beds, they visit other realms, other matrixes and grids, where they are given instruction, play games, and receive assignments. Although seemingly asleep, these kids are consciously clear about the activities they engage in and with whom – to the extent that they can recognise and identify each other physically and in broad daylight even though they have never before met. I would not term this ability of theirs as “lucid dreaming” (where one is wide-awake during the dreamstate). No, it seems more akin to out-of-body travel; in some cases, perhaps, bi-location.

The new children are ultra sensitive to drugs (legal or illegal), improper nutrition (they don’t as a rule assimilate processed or convenience foods well), toxic metals and toxic emotions, and electromagnetic fields. They readily pick up “hangers-on” (psychic impressions and attaching entities), to the point that it would be wise to teach them while still young how to keep themselves “clean” – and not just with soap and water (remember, these kids are unusually psychic and sensitive). “Cleansing” routines that work on the subconscious level are positive affirmations, visualisations, prayer, and mini-moments of meditative “time-out.” Internal realities are as powerfully real to these children as anything manifest in the external world around us.

Some of the claims about these new children are false (for instance, reports about their immunity to or quick healing from HIV and AIDS have since been scientifically discredited). Others remain unproven (that extra “codons” or unique patterns of DNA makes them resistant to disease). However, claims about how psychic they are, how they can often “read” minds, communicate non-verbally, heal others, and know segments of the future (some even remember past lives and the reason why they were born this time, what they are here to do), seem to be true. I say “seem” because we need to be a little careful how we regard these claims. Examples: The super psychic kids from China often lose their abilities around the age of puberty; it is well documented that children from war-torn countries or who were abused or ignored in childhood often develop unusual psychic skills plus the ability to separate consciousness from body dependence (these are survival skills). But even if you are a little cautious about claims being made about the new children, the fact remains…. they are unlike any other generation of record.

When you begin to explore traditions of mystical revelation, that’s when you discover this leap in our genetic makeup as a human family was predicted thousands of years ago. Even in modern times, Edgar Cayce, one of the most documented psychics in history, said: “Great numbers of children will be born who understand electronics and atomic power as well as other forms of energy. They will grow into scientists and engineers of a new age which has the power to destroy civilisation unless we learn to live by spiritual laws.”

According to prophecy, either from Mayan Calendar interpretations, Theosophical studies, or from Native American and mystical traditions, today’s new children are said to represent an advancement or “flowering” of the human race, here to return us to the “Natural Order.” What is meant by the natural order is an awareness of consequences, of inner truth (we all know what is right), of living with others different from self, of admitting mistakes (then apologise, correct, move on), of focusing on who we are deep inside ourselves.

Typically, at least with those I have studied, these children insist that our intention is who we really are, the true “us.” They know there are no free passes in life, yet, at the same time, they are detached about that knowing and what it entails. They operate more in the “now” moment to the degree that seeking solutions to problems, rather than obsessing over past mistakes, is more typical of their behaviour.

The concept of “Root Races” (also called “life streams” or “life waves”) appears in various traditions of “wisdom teachings” or what is commonly termed “the mysteries.” It is appropriate to take a brief look at this concept in order to better understand what has been prophesied about the evolutionary changes slated for the human family now and in the immediate future. The term “Root Race” refers to the rootstock or foundational gene pool that is said to make up the human race. The traditional understanding is that a progression of seven Root Races or evolutionary phases are necessary to provide the soul with enough leverage to develop its potential and perfect human form as it seeks to return to Source. Each Root Race supposedly facilitates a global period of readjustment as it advances, so new growth and change can occur throughout the world. This idea is spelled out in the Theosophical tradition, described in Vedic teachings, can be found in most tribal cultures and their oral histories, and is mentioned by Edgar Cayce.


These teachings agree that the Fifth Root Race level is where we are now, distinguished by the vibratory energy that corresponds to the colour blue and issues related to the fifth or throat chakra – the use of willpower. Certainly, questions paramount in the world today do indeed centre around how one expresses the power of will. “Do you seek to empower others or overpower them?” is central to this. Challenges of the fifth chakra more aptly concern domination itself and are at the crux of each war currently being fought, each abuse of human rights, each government and each religion that refuses to address its own short-sightedness. Only individual choices, made one person at a time, can make a meaningful difference where issues of personal will are concerned; leadership cannot.

As we advance toward the fabled date of December 21, 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends, these issues show every indication of intensifying as will the characteristics of the new children, who, thanks to genetic mutations, are “made to order” for handling what may lie ahead. And they’re coming in by the millions and in every country. Just look at the stunning synchronicity of fives around 1982 that appear to back up the predictions that have been made of this time in history.

THE FIFTH WORLD, defined in mystical prophecy as a period of shift, or an acceleration of energy on every level, everywhere (referred to as the “Fifth Sun” in Mayan lore).

THE FIFTH ROOT RACE, said to be an evolutionary advancement of the human species. The Fifth Chakra, an opening of the throat chakra globally where issues of “power over or power to” take on unusual importance as higher intuition and higher intelligence predominate.

THE FIFTH BRAIN, new discoveries about the heart, that 60 to 65% of its cells are the same type of neutral cells that are located in the brain and it has many of the same functions as the brain.

THE FIFTH DIMENSION, what was once myth that one day we would be free of time/space states enough that intention could more directly determine what manifests (the notion that “we create our own reality”), has now been verified in preliminary lab experiments utilising quantum physics.

THE FIFTH RAY, associated with the planet Venus and the virtues of mercy and compassion, heralds the rise of the Divine Feminine and goddess figures like Kuan Yin and Mary Magdalene (recent best seller,The Da Vinci Code, uncovers the leadership role of women in religion).

THE FIFTH COMMUNICATION WAVE, which is personal computers, and they came on the scene in 1982, paralleling when the new children virtually encompassed an entire generation.

THE FIVE SENSES, now shifting into higher modes of expression and usage (just look at the proliferation of material on intuition today and the science to support its value).

THE FIVE TYPES OF INTELLIGENCE, which has been recently categorised as mental, emotional, spiritual, wholistic, and quantum.

FIVE, the symbolic numerical reference to humankind and the drive to change and progress in life, to evolve.

THE 14TH GENERATION IN THE UNITED STATES (1 + 4 = 5) is the Millennial Generation and it is considered through statistical research to have begun in 1982; these children constitute the first wave destined to operate in a global village (true of children across the world) – they are the shift generation in the age of shift.

Psychologists, counselors, and therapists have discovered that using labels to identify today’s children backfires. Especially in regards to treatment and learning programs, they simply refer to differences as “quirks” and the kids who have them “quirky kids.” Children respond in positive, fun ways to this. I propose that we do the same thing with kids in general: Do away with labels that promote exclusivity and simply call them “new” because they are. The new kids have many obstacles to surmount, but as long as their parents remember to parent, to direct and guide their youngster’s development in healthy and spiritual ways, our newest of the new will continue to surprise and amaze us.

There’s no turning back now. Evolution’s nod is alive and well, and accelerating.

Note: “Beyond the Indigo Children EXTRAS” is a free download from the website of P.M.H. Atwater – EXTRAS contains material she was unable to include in the book because of deadlines and time constraints – material that is relevant and timely.

Dr. P.M.H. ATWATER Lh.D survived three death events that produced three different near-death experiences (NDE) in 1977. She is one of the original researchers of the near-death phenomenon, having begun her work in 1978. Her first two books, Coming Back to Life andBeyond the Light, are considered the “Bibles” of NDE research. With the publication of Future Memory, she expanded her work into areas of brain development that calls for a reconsideration of what is presently known about transformation of consciousness. Her research into children’s NDEs led to her writing, The Children of the New Millennium(republished under the title The New Children and Near Death Experiences), and Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World (Bear & Co., 2005). Her web site is
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  1. hello i approve 100 % of what you say …. we cant do it alone in the dark … plz come see me

  2. Indigo children, interesting! I find it amazing how people like to mix spirituality with normal evolution. Every parent always thinks that their kids are smarter than they were at the same age. Throughout history there have always been men that revolutionized men kind in ways never seen before. From the great Roman leaders, the Egyptian piramid builders, to the Mayans and Aztecs, to Henry Ford and Albert Einstein. At any given time, there are hundreds of great men and women who have changed the world. Walter Reed is one of these great men. His discovery of penicillin has saved countless of lives. There are thousands of men and women, of ALL AGES, who are changing the world on a daily basis. We just don’t hear of them. Specially those that fall between the cracks. Such as many gays men, transsexuals, blacks, and others. Very few people can be accredited with singlehanded changing the world. Typically all great advancement is the culmination of the combined effort of many. The “indigo children” phenomenon is nothing but an effort to commercialize a belief that started in the 1970’s. like everything else in spirituality in this country, many have spent incredible amount of time and energy to make money. The commercialization of spirituality it’s at a all time high. Something that I predicted 25 years ago. I was to make something clear, I’m very spritual, I know why I was placed, or I should say volunteered, to be here on earth. Part is to help people open their eyes to the fact that many want them to believe that money and spiritually can coexist in a beautiful harmony. When in reality both are the opposite of each other. I’m over simplifying here, so I’m positive that many can attack what I just wrote here. I actually would be surprise if someone didn’t.

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