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12 Key Insights For the Spiritually Awakened Individual

HJ: It is very common for those on the spiritual path to think that they are much more spiritually evolved than they actually are.  With the current state of human consciousness, it does…


How You Create Your Reality With Your Thoughts, Explained in Great Detail

HJ: The biggest illusion in this life is that we are powerless over what happens to us — that reality is happening to us instead of being created on an individual and collective level by…


Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Generation of Lightworkers and Revolutionaries is Emerging

HJ: The indigo/crystal/millennial children certainly have their work cut out for them.  They are here to dismantle and replace the outdated and oppressive societal structures of the last few thousand years, raising the consciousness…


The Importance of Spiritual Preparedness

HJ: Having a solid spiritual foundation is a timeless quality that will always be of infinite value.  Without it, we are at the mercy of the collective consciousness, which is currently still recovering…


If I’m Awakening Spiritually, Why Don’t I Feel Better?

By Max | In5d.com — Being a light worker today means being a pioneer—one who can envision the beautiful possibilities for the human species and for our world, but who has the daunting,…

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