The Russian Meteor Strike Conspiracy: New Information Surfaces Indicating High Level Cover-Up and Manipulation

HJ: Indeed the truth is often far, far stranger than fiction.  Do you really believe that the mainstream media and governments are telling you the truth?  Even the most conservative among us nowadays accept that everything is not quite as it seems.  We know politicians and governments are regularly lying to us and engaging in massive cover-ups.  They don’t even try to hide it nearly as much as they once did.  Declassified documents that are now regularly released clearly show that governments have no qualms about testing new technology on and manipulating the public.  There are literally thousands of books that document all kinds of high-level conspiracy in an endless amount of well-researched, meticulous detail.  To anyone who is willing to question the status quo and follow their own intuition, it does not take much nowadays to see through the illusion that is presented to us.  So, the question is, why would the government/mainstream media/military industrial complex lie, skew, or manipulate in some way nearly all information that is released to us, but suddenly decide to tell the truth about a meteor coming out of nowhere and striking multiple, disparate locations across the globe?  The answer is: they wouldn’t.  Once again, we are not being told the whole story.

With our extremely advanced network of satellites and observation stations constantly scanning the skies for meteors and potentially threatening bodies, do you think a object as large as a bus would just ‘slip by’ this grid unnoticed and explode in a fiery mess above fairly large sized cities?  No, it would not.  The powers that be new all about what was happening, and let it happen for reasons that are not entirely obvious but are explained in the message below.   

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness. I have been inspired to do what I should have been doing! Thank you so much.

Our first question comes from TH with regard to God Rods, as it’s termed. “Did God Rods Cause a US Space Weapon, Not Meteors, to Hit Russia and Cuba and Japan? The Western media cover-up, promoted by so-called “meteor experts” planted by the military complex, tells of a fantastic meteorite striking Russia’s Ural region, while trying to ignore a second spectacular space disaster in Cuba which occurred just hours later. A pair of massive meteorites, each brighter than the sun, has never before been recorded in the entire history of astral chronologies. Obviously the bus- sized objects that fell from the sky are man-made and not freaks of nature.

While it is too early yet for a conclusive determination, one scenario can explain the twin disasters, and that is a free fall of a US Air Force orbital weapons platform loaded with super-heavy ‘God Rods’. A dual-cabin space-based bomber likely caused the falsely attributed ‘meteorite’ hits on Russia’s Urals region and just hours later on Cuban territory. In both cases witnesses and videophone images showed ‘bus-shaped objects brighter than the sun’ falling to Earth in regions halfway around the world from each other.” Your comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The first thing that this Awareness would say is there is much delicate and secret information here that the government does not wish to have exposed. Of course the cover- up as indicated is one that would take the minds of the people off what really happened and give them a false case scenario, this being that it was a natural event, that it was meteors, in particular one meteor that fell and blew up above the Siberian town, city in the Ural region, but it was not exactly as quoted.

That these were artificial remnants of that which was the God Rod platform, that which was a top- secret, ultra-secret installation that the American government had placed in orbit many years previously and that it had been shot down by ‘not earthly’ forces, rather extraterrestrial beings that are of the Galactic Federation, for it was known that this installation would be used in a negative and detrimental way upon the populace of the planet when it was time and in accordance with the plans of the Elite, of the Orion/Reptilian Masters.

That this platform was taken down and it was known that it would break up and that on the whole the bits and pieces, even the pieces as big as buses would come to the Earth in a blaze of glory, heating up to the incandescence that was seen by the witnesses on the ground. There was tracking of these devices and while it was, if you will, a last-ditch effort because warnings had been given to the Powers That Be not to use these devices, these warnings were unheeded and because of the nature of the platforms they could not simply be disengaged, they did need to be destroyed.

Galactic Federation Saves the Day Again!

But the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation beings monitored the descent of the bits and pieces and when there was seen to be a danger that the one fragment might cause greater damage if it impacted on the Earth, it was blown up above the city in Russia. Even though it was understood damage would occur and individuals might be injured, it was known to be the only way to prevent an even greater disaster. Furthermore, due to the spin of the planet itself, other pieces when they broke up and entered the trajectory of descent at different angles and in different places came down then in different locations around the world, because as the planet was spinning those objects, of course, came down not all in one place but around the world, in places such as Cuba.

But it is to be remembered there were reports of a meteor being seen off the coast of San Francisco in the United States, as well as sightings of meteors in the Middle Eastern regions. That this action was that which had been warned to those in power, or the warning was given to those in power because the Galactic Federation is amping up, gearing up their actions to drive them out, to bring to completion and conclusion those who have been in control and power for so long. Many warnings and cautions have been given over the last number of years. It is reminded to those who remember the warnings given at the time of the 2012 Olympics. They were largely unheeded and now the Galactic Federation forces are taking more active pursuit in this matter, being more active oriented. They are starting to deal with the problem, but it must be also said they are already working diligently toward the protection of humanity.

That there are other actions still underway that have been long underway to protect the planet at this crucial time–actions of confining Nibiru in a certain gravity well, for example. The understanding of this, while not always understood or even acknowledged, is necessary to see and understand that there are events that are not being broadcast on the 9 O’clock News, that are not being given out to the public and yet are still occurring.

An Increase in UFO Activity

The increase in sightings of UFOs, for example, is one such area where there is much activity. Not all of the UFOs that are being sighted are Galactic Federation vessels. Many are the Orion/ Reptilian/human vessels, for humanity, especially the secret governments of the United States, Britain and Russia have their own agendas, although the Russians are not working in conjunction with the Americans or the British, but these are other matters.


This Awareness simply brings this forward to help one and all understand yet again that what is presented in the media is often a lie to cover up those events that cannot be denied, such as the meteors and meteorites that have recently been active. They cannot deny this, therefore they spin these events. They spin many events to keep the people ignorant and unaware of what is truly happening. But as there will be more and more events in the next few months, that a time of awakening is available now to see clearly more than ever before how the events that are presented as natural events are not always natural, how the events that are not reported are the events that are of the greatest significance, and that one can take greater responsibility in these matters by seeking out alternative news on such things.

There are many, many websites that are available now that discuss these matters. As long as one always has an open mind, is willing to question, and is willing to step into the arenas of the fantastic beyond that which is prescribed protocol by the Powers That Be, that they would wish you to believe their lies, that they would wish you to stay dormant and inactive. That if one is willing to step into new areas of education and awareness, then these times are exciting in the light of the events that are starting to take place.

Not only the physical events, such as meteorites coming down or natural geological/geophysical events but also the political events that are unfolding. The retirement of the Pope, the withdrawal of Queen Beatrix from power; the events of the governments in many lands and the events that are being disclosed on a daily basis, even with such popular figures as Lance Armstrong, the cyclist who has finally admitted how he was a cheat and bully.

All of these events are now starting to come forward on a scale unimaginable for many but a few weeks and months ago, yet all happening now. Stay tuned, look deeper, be open, be aware and then when events happen you will recognize much more is happening than the press may be telling you. That this answer is given, this question complete.

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  1. its so wierd … i had the chance to study how media reaction and contribute to the social problems pointing out useless stuff to be aware off and so on. And in this situation they totaly did what they dont usuly do. I have tryed HARD to gather information WHITOUT ANY trace of anything except the videos we all know off. And if would had be something realy special they would had talked about for like 2 weeks but they immidiatly carried on with more dramatic rational news … the kind they feed us everyday to keep us in low state of mind. So i have no fear about this truth …. its make WAY MORE sense than NOTHING (darkness) ! sry for my english but i know you can understand in your <3

  2. If you can go to, and listen to the video on Zorra’….he talks about what really happened on that day in Russia over head. He was sent to blow up not a meteor but an asteroid measuring 117 miles in diameter, that was allowed to enter in order to show the people of the world that there is outside interventions happening all around the globe by the Galactic Federation of Light…our Galactic Family that is here to help us take back our planet and assist Mother Earth (GAIA) heal and transform into a Light planet in the 5th dimension. Read more there. Thank you and God Bless us all…Peace and Love

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