Conspiracy Theory

The Truth About GMO’s They Don’t Want You to Know: Former GMO Scientist Comes Clean

HJ: It’s always interesting when an insider has a change of heart, especially in an industry as notorious as the biotechnology/GMO field.  What is amazing to me how is much money is still…


The Russian Meteor Strike Conspiracy: New Information Surfaces Indicating High Level Cover-Up and Manipulation

HJ: Indeed the truth is often far, far stranger than fiction.  Do you really believe that the mainstream media and governments are telling you the truth?  Even the most conservative among us nowadays accept that…


Uncovering the Hidden Underground Library Below the Sphinx

HJ: I have known about the existence of this hidden library for quite some time and it fascinates me to no end.  In fact, there are many such libraries around the globe containing…


The 18 Most Suppressed Inventions of All Time

HJ:  As inconsequential as it may seem, sharing news articles like this across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Reddit, and so on is actively and very powerfully subverting the powers…


New Disclosure Documentary: Sirius

HJ: This new documentary on disclosure and all things related to the continued cover up of the ongoing extra terrestrial presence throughout human history is sure to be an eye opener for many….


The Lost Land of Hyperborea & the Quest for Mystical Enlightenment

HJ: Almost everyone has heard of (or lived in) Atlantis.  Fewer have heard of Lemuria and fewer still of Mu.  But Hyperborea?  This ancient land is simply not common knowledge outside of Esoteric…


Benjamin Fulford: The New World Order Has Been Defeated

HJ: Many have said Benjamin Fulford has no place on this site.  While I agree that his perspective is not the most ‘enlightened’, he nonetheless has unique, relevant information to offer in regards to…


Behold the Green Dragon: The Myth & Reality of an Asian Secret Society

Dr. RICHARD SPENCE | New Dawn — History certainly has no shortage of enigmatic or controversial brotherhoods, orders, lodges and societies. The Knights Templar, for instance, are a perennial object of fascination and…


The Great Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls

From Rise Earth — One of the most compelling mysteries of all time is the conspiracy of the 13 Crystal Skulls.. Many of these skulls have been found around the world and near…


Cobra Intel Update: The Omega Grid

The Omega Grid By Cobra | 2012 Portal — Tactical readiness of the Light forces on the surface of our planet to trigger the Event was reached on November 22nd at the opening…

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