Everything You Need to Know About the Miracle of Cell Regeneration Therapy

HJ: Miracles are not special occurrences.  Miracles are showing us the actual nature of reality and what is possible.  In certain ways, they reflect back to us the true extent of the spiritually cut-off state we generally live in, where we are not actively expressing these incredible, innate abilities which we call miracles.  The only reason we are not actively expressing and living miracles constantly (at which point they would not be miracles, but the normal state of affairs) is because we are cutting ourselves off from them through false perceptions and beliefs.  We do not believe in miracles or do not believe that we are worthy of receiving/experiencing them, and so we do not.  It is a paradox of faith — the faithful believe, and hence experience whatever occurrence it is in which they believe.  And it is very real.  This can be true in a religious context or in just a general spiritual context.  It can also be true in a non-religious, non-spiritual context, but we will not explore that in this excerpt.  The point is (to tie it back into the subject of this article), this belief and faith in the regenerative nature of the body underlies our ability to experience it.  The cells in our body respond to our thoughts and our thoughts are dictated by our beliefs and so we must believe in this type of healing in order for it to occur.

Part of the beauty of this article, the stories of miraculous healing it confers and the research being performed by the proponents of this type of therapy is that together, they provide an undeniable scientific background that helps validate the concept in the eyes of skeptics.  This, in turn, helps shift humanity to a higher level, as it broadens what we collectively think of as possible and so advances us a race to higher levels of experience, manifestation and awareness.

– Truth

Cell Regeneration – A myth or reality?

By: Hazel Wardha | Hazel Wardha

An ultra-sound confirmed that a 65-year-old woman regenerated, within two months, her uterus and right ovary which had been surgically removed when she was 30.

A man with a gangrenous varicose ulcer was advised urgent amputation of the leg but went instead to the cell regeneration clinic in Moscow and recovered by 80% within one day. He was monitored by medical diagnostic equipment while undergoing the treatment.

Another woman, suffering from diabetes, who had lost her eyesight, recovered her vision.

Yet another woman discovered that her teeth had regenerated.

These live testimonies are available on a documentary called ‘Light Of Eternity’ produced by Dr Arcady Petrov, a leading Russian scientist, who is the co-founder of ‘New Knowledge of Cell Regeneration’.

Medical doctors and scientists, who participated in this documentary, stated that they were stunned by the positive and rapid outcomes of this new technology of cell regeneration. More so, as lay people, not trained in medical or natural therapies, achieved regeneration of their surgically removed organs and teeth and recovered from chronic conditions when they used the techniques on themselves and others.

Dr Petrov reported, in his documentary, that some of the women who regenerated their uteruses were able to even have babies! This has been proved to be correct by Dr Zultanov, a neuro-surgeon from Kazakhstan, who used the technique of regenerating the uteruses of two of his patients who, thus, accomplished full-term pregnancies!

With the  technology called cell regeneration, the deaf have been able to hear and the blind have been able to see, and even those in the last stages of cancer and AIDS, have made a fast recovery!

As a physician of energy medicine for many years in Australia, Dr Hazel Wardha (PhD, Monash University, Australia), naturally became curious about such dramatic outcomes. She consistently observed that the genetic program of a diseased organ could be altered to a positive state by transmitting certain energy frequencies with a strong intention, and this could result in the correction of all other imbalances in the body. She witnessed such results in her clinic through the use of Homoeopathy, Chinese medical acupuncture and Pranic healing. Yet, she had never come across outcomes as described above.

Cell regeneration – to the extent that whole organs which had been surgically removed – could be regenerated to full functionality in those who are receptive and believe that they can control the atoms in their bodies through specific techniques, was a reality and definitely not a myth. It was mind-blowing technology, as far as Dr Hazel Wardha was concerned.

As she puts it, the most exciting aspect of this methodology is that everybody can achieve positive results, not only in regard to organ regeneration, but also teeth, hair and regeneration of cells and structures, anywhere in the body, if they diligently practice the techniques and have a strong belief that this system really works.

According to Dr Arcady Petrov, when a cell receives appropriate information, its lifespan can extend to over 1000 years. The implications for human longevity, sustained well-being and a good quality of life at all ages, are exciting. Many people who are using the techniques on a daily basis, are experiencing cell regeneration, which manifests as youthfulness in aspect, increased energy levels, vitality and freedom from viral and bacterial infections, and overall well-being.

Judy Paterson, a naturopath from Bairnsdale in Australia, who attended a cell regeneration course in July 2012, has already experienced regeneration of a tooth, extracted 20 years ago, within a few weeks! The combination of subtle energy, concentration, intention and specific techniques to affect positively the consciousness of a person and his/her cells, comprise the new knowledge underlying cell regeneration.

Medical doctors and scientists, participating in the documentary ‘Light of Eternity’, (testimonies can be viewed at www.regenerationcells.com.au) who were present during the treatment sessions, were stunned that the results were achieved without touching the patient or without the use of material objects or medical devices or medications. They noted that within 15 minutes, changes had occurred and all imbalances had disappeared, as the genetic program of the organ had changed.

Dr Petrov states that if we work with the energy information matrix, even chronic conditions can be overcome. So, what is the energy information matrix? According to quantum physicists, the Earth is surrounded by an energy information field. They maintain that all living forms are linked to this field and we are all packets of energy. Disease first manifests in our consciousness, which is inherent in our individual energy information fields. Every cell is energy, with intelligence and consciousness. When one cell in an organ turns abnormal, it becomes the Leader cell, which causes the remaining cells to go into a state of dis-ease. When we treat the Leader cell and remove the negative information in its nucleus, all the other cells are restored to health and harmony, and the person usually recovers rapidly. This recovery occurs first on the energetic level and then manifests in the physical cells.

Many changes are occurring in the energy information matrix of the planet to facilitate its evolutionary progress. Immense Light, observed clairvoyantly to have encoded filaments like DNA, is pervading our planet Earth. This Light has tremendous healing force. There is a significant shift in the energy frequencies of our Planet, reflected in the ability to regenerate our cells rapidly. This is also observed in the expanding consciousness of many people

During cell regeneration courses, recovery from even chronic suffering has been observed, which demonstrates that consciousness can control the atoms in our bodies through the use of specific protocols. Time is moving fast because the speed of the Earth’s rotation has accelerated. It is important to ignore the prophecies of doom and gloom regarding the future of our planet and instead, to focus on the fact that we are on the brink of entering the Golden Age – of peace, grace, inner and outer prosperity, and a good quality of life at all ages.

At present, collective positive thought form building is vital. The planet and its people are going through a gradual but definite metamorphosis, energetically. A new consciousness is developing within people all over the world – an awareness that we have inner powers that help us to create our own destiny. These inner powers are especially evident in the younger generation, many of whom are manifesting extra-sensory abilities such as inner vision, telepathy and energy healing.

One of Dr Hazel Wardha’s students told her that her three-year-old son verbalises her thoughts frequently. Dr Wardha herself experienced this during an interaction with the Indigo children, aged four to seventeen years of age, in Japan in 2005. She says they are a  new species and they regularly “treat” family members and friends suffering from serious and chronic health issues although they have not received any formal training. A six-year-old Indigo girl’s mother confided in her that she was able to help her grandmother overcome cancer within two days.

Thus, a new species of cosmic humans seem to have arrived – cosmic beings who are part of a gigantic and powerful solar system and with inherent super sensory powers. Indeed, all of us have dormant abilities of inner vision, telepathy, clairaudience, teleportation etc, which can be developed through Dr Petrov’s cell regeneration courses.

The powers of the Soul are manifesting and generating keen awareness in us that we are not just bodies, but souls. Therefore, the time for restoring the kingdom of the Soul is near. The era of violence and hatred in our planet is close to ending as suffering is opening people’s hearts and Love is replacing hatred and selfishness. Thus, we shall take control of our inner and outer realities.

The planet and its people are sick and need help. All of us are responsible for having created this situation. We need to give each other vibratory support through love and healing. We need to heal energetically, sealing all the cracks and holes in our consciousness, in our energy bodies, so that the physical body, which is “the temple of the soul”, will remain healthy and youthful even as the years go by and harmony will prevail on our planet forever.

Humanity is moving into an age of high spirituality. As we become more aware of our spiritual origin, we move into higher states of consciousness and are capable of performing miraculous actions, such as described above, which – in everyday consciousness – would be considered impossible.

Dr Petrov states in his book, Regeneration of Teeth, that the question that is now being asked is not “Can it be done?” but “How is it done?” Dr Petrov’s courses are presented in an easy to learn format and the information is comprehended by anyone with  average intelligence. During the courses, very positive and rapid outcomes have been observed.

Dr Arcady Petrov and Dr Grigori Grabovoi, both scientists with Ph.D’s, are the co-founders of this new knowledge from Russia about cell regeneration, while the former’s student and associate, Igor Arepjev, is an ex-policeman and a highly gifted seer and healer.

The techniques are those of deliverance from suffering. The work is done mainly through the application of specific techniques through one’s consciousness, through intention and concentration, done repetitively, using specific protocols for regeneration. Cells have a consciousness, which can be influenced positively or negatively by human thought. The process can be accomplished with amazing rapidity.

Dr Petrov narrates that he was able to regenerate his gall bladder, which had been surgically removed many years before, within two weeks. The whole process was monitored by his medical doctor and radiologist, using ultra-sound, during three sessions, a few days apart. The techniques are easy to learn and use by every body. After Dr Arcady Petrov recovered from his various health impairments through this new knowledge, he established his center in Moscow, where thousands of people recovered from various ailments. Dr Petrov specializes in the structure of the soul, which is the highest form of development.

Courses in India: Dr Hazel Wardha will present the Basic Cell Regeneration course in Bangalore (March 22-25). For Detail, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/429149817139425/ or Emailcellregen2013@gmail.com for details. She has been licensed to teach Dr Petrov’s work globally and is the authorized publisher of his works in English (www.aiisbooks.com).

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  1. It’s amazing to consider what this might tell me about how much humanity really has been minipulated. To all those who have minipulated humanity I’m on to you, you can’t control me anymore, I’ve already won.

    I’ve been getting a message on and off for awhile new related to dorment, or newly awakening ablities. Just because you have them new doesn’t mean you know how to use them (hence the fact they haven’t manifested more within my life thus far), of course if that’s all that’s standing between me and my true ablites I can learn.

    I neither fear nor ignore the ideas of the doom and gloom that are coming for parts of humanity. All it takes for evil to suceed is for good people to do nothing, there is are a couple of final outter battle that must be fought in this war, battles we’ve thus far put off for decades if not longer. Those battles are what we will find is a simple matter of just things being darkest before the dawn. As for the issue of what’s next for humanity once we’ve fought or final external battle, inner and outter prosperity, good quality of life at all ages sound pretty good to me, of course I always thought that list would include both increased inner and outter freewill 🙂

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