How to Uncover and Remove Your Hidden Obstacles to Happiness

HJ:  This is hands down one of the most effective techniques I have ever used to dissipate energy blockages and unwanted emotions and thoughts.  EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful method of self-healing that works through tapping on specific Meridian points to release thought patterns, beliefs, habits, tension, stress… you name it.  I’ll admit, it seems deceptively simple — too simple almost.  You’re telling me to just tap a few spots on my head and arms and repeat a new age-y mantra and all my problems will be solved?  Well, yes, thats exactly what EFT tells you to do.  Why?  Because it works.  And undeniably so.  I have personally experienced near miraculous results and many thousands of others have used the technique to overcome some of their biggest challenges in life such as addiction, phobias, chronic illness and more.  If you’re really keen on science, a cursory google search will reveal to you the background in exactly how it works in those terms.

So just what makes these techniques so powerful?  A big part of it has to do with the fact that you are healing yourself.  You truly are the only one that can heal yourself.  When you see a doctor or therapist (of any modality) who is able to heal you, it is because you believe that they can heal you.  Your body and mind then allow their efforts in whatever form they may take to initialize the healing cascade within your body/psyche.  You could heal yourself just as easily, but for those who do not believe in their own power to heal, there must then be an externalization of the act through another person or technique, which is catalyzing the internal process of healing.  If, for instance, you did not believe in the ability of say a Reiki master or Physician to heal you, no matter what they did, your body would not allow the healing to occur.

In this same way, EFT won’t work if you strongly believe it wont — and neither will anything else you are opposed to.  That’s just a fact life.  However, when you are ready to open yourself to such experiences (by simply changing your beliefs), EFT will initiate a profound healing cascade within your being.  By combining affirmations, intention, and energy work, EFT is a powerful therapy that works on all levels of the mind-body-spirit triad, which is in large part responsible for its miraculous effects.  The fact that it is also initiated and completed from within (by the self), further compounds its effectiveness.  It is an EMPOWERING therapy and a potent tool in ones arsenal of self-healing techniques.

– Truth

What’s In Your Way? Uncover your hidden obstacles

By Nick Ortner | Heal Your Life

What’s in your way?

Do you ever find yourself asking, What’s wrong with me?

You might think it’s your weight, your finances, a relationship or even a physical injury or illness – any kind of personal issue. The thing is, you might have been actively working on improving any of these situations for some time and are still finding yourself stuck.

On the other hand, you might not be faced with any of these challenges at all, but you still sense something is in your way, a hurdle you just can’t get over.

What is that feeling? It’s always there, but you literally can’t put a finger on it.

If you could only figure “it” out, so many of your problems would be solved. You’d go from asking. What’s wrong with me to Why did I let that hold me back for so long?

What could it be? And how can you get rid of it for good?

Tapping Into the Invisible Culprit That’s In Your Way

EFT tapping can help you find the answer you’re looking for.

What I love about tapping is how simple and versatile it is. It doesn’t cost anything, and you can do it yourself. Because of this, I believe it’s the best way to find the answer to that dreaded question you’ve been punishing yourself with: What’s wrong with me?

In many cases, whatever personal issue you’re struggling with isn’t the problem, but rather a symptom of something deeper. Maybe it’s some form of emotional trauma in your past, or a limiting belief that’s always tripping you up.

EFT works with the body’s energy meridians, the same channels of energy that acupuncturists have worked with for centuries. By combining these principles with modern psychology, tapping allows you to excavate energy obstacles and emotional blocks that sometimes take years to discover in traditional psychotherapy.

For this reason, it’s an exceptional tool for unearthing problems that we can’t quite pin down. Once you know how to tap (you can learn in minutes by watching this quick video) the only thing you need to start is one question, and it’s not: What’s wrong with me.

It’s How do I feel?

Getting to the Root of the Problem

If you’re puzzled about what’s really getting in your way and just plain fed up, embrace that feeling and fully immerse yourself in the frustration and confusion. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, then, start by tapping on your karate chop point, saying:

•    Even though I have no idea what’s wrong with me, I deeply and completely love myself

•    Even though I’m so frustrated and tired trying to figure it out, I deeply and completely love myself

•    Even though I’ve tried everything, and still haven’t fixed this, I deeply and completely love myself

Next, perform this tapping cycle two or three times, mentioning any thoughts or feelings that come up along the way:

Eyebrow: I’m so frustrated.

Side of Eye: I can’t get over this hump.

Under the Eye: I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.

Under the Nose: What’s wrong with me?

Chin Point: What is it that’s getting in my way?

Under the Arm: The answer seems so hard to find!

Top of the Head: I just want a solution.


Eyebrow: All this frustration.

Side of Eye: I just want to know now.

Under the Eye: What’s wrong with me?

Under the Nose: I’ve never figured it out before.

Chin Point: So how will I figure it out now?

Under the Arm: All this doubt.

Top of the Head: All this confusion.

How do you feel? Had the feeling lessened any? If not, do another round or two of the tapping script above. If it has lessened, start tapping again at the eyebrow with the script below:

Eyebrow: I’m so confounded.

Side of Eye: But I know I can find the answer.

Under the Eye: I don’t know… it’s pointless.

Under the Nose: No it’s not; I give myself permission to discover the answer to my problems.

Chin Point: I trust that my higher self can help me figure this out.

Under the Arm: It’s frustrating.

Top of the Head: But I’m so close to figuring it out.

Eyebrow: I have the answer I’m looking for.

Side of Eye: The answer is inside of me.

Under the Eye: I can figure this out.

Under the Nose: I choose to be happy and healthy.

Chin point: I’m choosing to understand myself better.

Under the arm: I’m not going to allow this to hold me back anymore.

Top of the Head: I have the answers inside of me.

As you dissolve your embedded emotions, you’ll gradually become familiar with a state of calm that will produce the insight and wisdom you need to figure out the best way to move beyond where you are now.

With time, you’ll be able to recognize and remove the hidden obstacle in your path, and in that space you’ll have a profound realization: there’s really nothing wrong with you at all.

Nick Ortner is the producer of the documentary film, “The Tapping Solution.” Nick is a “searcher,”constantly reading, exploring and experimenting with the incredible information all around that can change lives.

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