How to Use the Sun to Activate the Pineal Gland and Higher Intelligence

HJ: Speaking here from personal experience, I can say that daily sungazing has had a profoundly transformative effect on my health, mood, and consciousness.  It has literally reinvigorated me with a zest for life that is hard to describe.  Furthermore, as a result of my sungazing practice, my extra sensory perception has strengthened to a noticeable degree.  I am able to more clearly see auric fields and sense energy patterns in my self and the world around me.  My thought processes have become clearer and sharper and I find myself more calm and centered throughout the day.  At night, my dreams have increased in vividness and I find I am able to remember them much more clearly.  And lastly, as if this list was not long enough already, I am more highly optimistic and positive than ever before.

When I stare at the sun, I can literally feel it nourishing my soul.  It is truly a feeling one most experience to believe.  Make sure to follow the guidelines below if you choose to take up this miraculous practice.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Paul Shockley | Cosmic Awareness


We have a question from J .R. of Sonora, Arizona, who writes : “I have read that sunlight entering the eyes, activates the pineal gland and throat, and through certain techniques outstanding bodily health and higher spiritual awareness may be gained. Would Awareness please comment on this?


This Awareness indicates this as in the affirmative ; that there is some danger of glaucoma resulting, particularly wherein entities stare directly at the sun during the morning or early afternoons . This Awareness indicates that as the sun is setting, an infrared light is being emitted and ultra violet light is of a very small proportion of the sun’s emissions, the danger of looking directly at the sun is also diminished .

This Awareness suggests that entities wishing to receive the benefits of sunlight through the eyes may receive this by looking at the sun through a mirror, reflecting the sun into the eyes for a period of several minutes.

This Awareness suggests that those who do this may find that within approximately one or two hours, the skin. upon the face becomes more pliable and soft . This Awareness indicates this results from certain hormones being released from the pineal into the body.

This Awareness indicates also that it is beneficial for the entity to look not only directly at the reflection. of the sun in the mirror, but also around that reflection as though one were looking at different times of a clock. This Awareness suggests in doing this, the retina in the back of the eye become stimulated and when you close your eyes you will see spots in a circular pattern, according to the way in which you looked at the imaginary circle, or clock, around the suns reflection. This Awareness suggests that what this does to the retina of the eye is to stimulate the rods and cones in that area, and in this action this also affects certain energies of the eyes’ nervous system and allows more light to enter into the pineal .

This Awareness indicates essentially, if entities spend approximately five minute s daily looking at the sun through the reflection of a mirror, they will begin to notice a more youthful feeling and more youthful appearance within a few months.

This Awareness suggests that this also assists in raising the level of intelligence. This Awareness suggests that you look at this reflection, one eye at a time in the mirror, so that each eye receives an equal amount of sunlight .

This Awareness indicates there also can be systems using filters to filter out the harmful rays of the sun, but that this is somewhat dangerous without proper guidance or understanding ; for wherein entities have the wrong color of filter, this may allow those harmful rays to enter the eyes and damage them.

This Awareness suggests that entities may use the mirror with a red filter over this, or between themselves and the mirror, staring through a red filter at the mirror, and in this manner can receive more physical energy . This Awareness suggests, however, this stimulates the adrenalin gland and can cause one to become somewhat irritable because of the excessive energy .

This Awareness suggests that this be kept to two or three minutes until one determines how much of the red sunlight is suitable.

This Awareness suggests that those using a yellow filter to look at the reflection in the mirror, will find that this stimulates the mind or intellectual powers.

This Awareness suggests that a blue filter gives one a feeling of peace and relaxation.

This Awareness indicates the green filter assists one in feeling balanced and assists ones general health.

This Awareness suggests that the orange filter stabilizes the emotions. That the violet filter stimulates the spiritual aspects of ones consciousness, as well as certain sexual energies.

This Awareness indicates that these filters may be of a cellophane type, or plastic sheets — that the duration of staring at a mirror through these filters as according to the inclination of the entity . This Awareness indicates that no great harm can come about from this kind of activity other than what might occur from becoming overstimulated in any of the various moods of consciousness. This Awarenes s indicates, for example, too much blue may cause a person to become somewhat lethargic and relaxed, whereas too much red may energize an entity more than is desirable.

This Awareness suggests that entities make use of this in a manner that is suitable for their own particular needs. This Awareness suggests that C.A.C. and/or the Aquarian Church may assist in putting together this information with a packet to allow entities to have these filters made available for such activities if desired

Question: Entities wearing glasses that would like to do this exercise is it better they leave their glasses on, or remove them?

This Awareness suggests this as better with the glasses off .

HOW TO DISSOLVE A CLOUD: An Exercise of Mind Over Matter

This Awareness indicates also that entities may wish to consider another phenomena which is somewhat related . This being the action of dissolving clouds with the mind.

This Awareness suggests that the purpose of this is not to affect weather or to impress friends, but to demonstrate the power of consciousness over matter .

This Awareness suggests that in order to dissolve a cloud with your mind, that you pick a day wherein there are small clouds similar to sheep in the sky, wherein the cloud is well distinguished and it appears one which is not likely to blow away or fade away within the next five minutes . This Awareness suggests that you choose a day when the winds are not too strong in the clouded areas, and wherein a cloud is firm enough that you know it will last for some time, unless it is affected by your consciousness.

This Awareness suggests that you choose a cloud which is of a size that you can focus upon and cover easily with your focus. This Awareness suggests that the cloud itself, may be a mile across in reality were you within the cloud, but whereby you are far enough way that you can focus onto the cloud as though it were of approximately one or two or three inches in size .

This Awareness suggests that then you begin to stare at the centermost or thickest part of the cloud, the most solid part of the cloud. This Awareness suggests that you stare at this with all of your concentration until you are totally focused upon this cloud with all of your attention.

This Awareness indicates that when this occurs, there will become an action in the eyes that is similar to negating, whereby the cloud seems to disappear or turn transparent and whereby it reminds one of a negative rather than a positive in photography. This Awareness indicates that whatever length of time it took to stare at the cloud to reach that stage, you must continue to stare that much longer. This Awarenes s suggests that this may take two to three minutes before your eyes begin to play tricks on you and the cloud appears to flash out of your vision.

This Awareness indicates that, if at this point you were to unfocus, relax and blink your eyes, you would see that the cloud is still there, exactly as before . This Awareness suggests that rather than doing this, you continue holding that negative, that flash point, wherein you imagine the cloud to have disappeared, knowing that your eyes are deceiving you, but visualizing the cloud continuing to disappear. This Awareness indicates that when you hold this from that time on, the cloud shall begin to become smaller and smaller and smaller and fade away .

This Awareness indicates that it is also possible, through concentration and imagination, to begin to reassemble the molecules of the cloud and bring it back into its previous shape.

This Awareness indicates that it is also possible for entities to put legs and arms on clouds. This Awareness indicates these are somewhat more difficult than the dissolving action .

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