HJ: Many can feel that something major shifted this past Decemeber and that indeed we now find ourselves in a new age.  However, many also lack clarity as to just exactly what that means.  In this channeling from Lee Carol, Kryon offers an expansive vision of potential for the years and centuries to come.  It is important to remember when reading this that this vision for the future is given in general terms and does not mean that it is an unshakable version that you are bound to experience.  You may be moving at a much faster or slower pace of advancement than he speaks of.  Remember always that we and no one else dictates the speed at which we progress spirituality.  We are free to create the realities of our choosing.

That being said, I still feel that this vision has value for it helps to construct a framework to explain the universal/cosmic energies available and working at this time and that most definitely are having real effects on the larger collective conscious.

– Truth

2013 – What Now?

Kryon via Lee Carol

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. So it is that this particular message would be the one that is published first in 2013. There would be those who would be listening now, who would say, “Well, now that the marker has been passed of 2012, what’s next?” This is the Human Being speaking who is always looking forward and never back, who doesn’t usually stop and look around, who always wants to measure energy by what’s coming instead of what was or what is. So we’re not going to go there just yet. Instead, we’re going to say to you, “I want you to stop and look at what you’ve done.” For in order to look forward, you must understand what’s behind you. What is behind you is the conquering of an old energy, above and beyond what any of the prophecies ever said you would be able to do.

Kryon Timing

For those who haven’t put it together yet, my arrival in 1989 was a precursor for the potentials that we saw were in place for this very day. Had you not changed the consciousness of the planet, had you not marked your territory by the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, I would not be channelling with my partner today. He would have a different life, for I would never have presented myself to him as I did. I told him early on that if he chose not to take the mantle that I offered, there were others who would. So the point is that you created an energy that allowed me to enter and begin the teaching to humanity through a Human Being.

I didn’t create anything by arriving here, dear ones. You’re the ones who decided to cook this meal. I’m simply one of the ingredients. I want you to look around figuratively at what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve gone through. You have been slogging through some of the oldest energy that existed on the planet. You have been taking light and throwing it against darker things that had no integrity, taking light and throwing it against judgment and drama, and you have been doing this for 18 years, by the way.

Oh, some of you say, “I’ve been doing it longer than that, Kryon!” Indeed, but the last 18 years were the ones foretold as part of the Galactic Alignment. This alignment is more than an alignment in the sky, dear ones. When your sun aligns fully with the earth and the center of the galaxy, you’re looking at creation. This alignment is a marker that is energetic, not just something that the astronomers knew as the precession of the equinoxes, or that the Mayans told you about through their calendars, or that fractal time computations gave you. This is a time known by the Universe and what you’ve done around it.


Now all begins to change, and the first thing that happens is what we’re going to call release. You have to understand that Spirit moves slowly, and especially within the time frame of how fast consciousness is able to change on the planet – that’s you. So there’s no clock or timeline that Spirit has given you, except a framework of the next 18 years while your planet continues to precede through what is called the Dark Rift, which is the Milky Way. Within those 18 years, there’s a profundity of potential that you will be able to “plant the seeds of new consciousness” that will indeed grow quickly in future times.

Release: If you’re a bodybuilder and you have held a weight in your hand for a long, long time, when you put it back in the holder, the muscles will need time to return to normal. There’s stress in holding up the weight, and there is a corporeal balance that is changed with the stress. Body chemistry within the muscles changes to allow the holding of the weight. So there’s a release process that takes place when the weight is put away.

Now, this release metaphor is saying, “Take a short vacation from battling the old energy. Because the old energy is also going to start to change since it is also part of the release.” The old energy also has been holding something; it has been holding back the light [you]. So both of you suddenly are inrelease mode. But the wise Human will always wait a moment while things recover and watch where things settle. The unwise Human will continue to push in the old fashion, no matter what. It’s important that you release for a moment and take a look at a changing paradigm.

Old energy is simply energy without light or wisdom, so it will continue pushing in the old way and may look the same to you. But the difference is that it will be without all the ammunition it used to have. This ammunition is the structure of the Crystalline Grid and the ability for the darkness to survive in the way it has done for a millennium.

The Darkness

Because you have changed the actual Gaia grid system and have given intent to move past this 2012 marker into 2013, the rules by which dark and light battle one another have changed. Now the light is going to have a bigger impact – a far more powerful one. The definition of dark is the absence of light. So the dark is the void that is not filled by light, but it still has energy, although it is weaker than ever before. So let’s define something else – the “Consciousness of Darkness.”

Darkness and light are measures, not entities. They represent the way Humans think and the waves of consciousness that influence others and create paradigms on earth. So when we say, “the darkness wants this or that,” we are describing groups of Humans who have no light. This is the opposite of Lightworkers, who are groups of Humans who have awakened to a realization that God is inside. This realization, by the way, is available for all humanity, since God is inside of every soul on the planet. But for a very long time, there simply has been no Human understanding that there is an actual personal choice of being anything but what they are told they are.

So the battle has always been between consciousness and how much light could be given to those who might see it or wish to see it. But as you know, most of humanity has wallowed in a very dim light that hasn’t changed much for centuries – until now. This is not about goodness or evil. This is about a confluence or natural consensus of how Humans think about themselves and what is appropriate behavior for humanity. Some may even call it Human nature.

Well, this old energy thinking wants to remain and remain. It won’t believe there has been a change, but it will flail in unbalance for a little while, as it starts to realize it isn’t as powerful anymore. This is going to be uncomfortable for you.

Some of you are saying, “Well, 2013 ought to bring a release, a breath of fresh air. Ah, we made it! We did it!” Well, I’ll tell you, like a child that didn’t get its way, the old ways of the dark will invade every cranny of life it can. It will battle for its life and its survival, and it will feel the fact that things are not the same. So in this release period, I want you to take a step back. When you see these things rear their ugly heads, don’t make a decision that 2013 is not what you thought. When you see more unbalance on the planet, even some things that you didn’t expect – and indeed, they will be there – don’t throw up your hands and say, “Here it is again. We didn’t make a difference.” Because you did. These kinds of things work slowly.

The Beginning of Modern History

Energy is shifting and we have given you this information before. The very balance of the protocol of the battle is realigning itself. That’s what this time is about. If you ask those in other solar systems who have gone through this before, it was the beginning, literally, of their written history. They don’t even look at anything before it. Everything begins now. So as we’ve said before, if you look in the future of humanity, they will point to this day and mark it as the beginning of modern Human history. They will look at everything before it and say, “Those were the days of barbarianism. Those were the days of modern mythology. Those were the days we didn’t know better, and now we see the face of God in ourselves.” That is what you’re stepping into. But it’s tough, and it’s slow.

The Planting of the Seeds

I have used the metaphor of planting seeds many times, so we will examine that just a little more and give you some more information. The metaphor, of course, is the farmer, and we use it so that you will see all of the attributes that the farmer looks at, which are common to you all.

While you were battling the old energy, you weren’t plowing the fields getting ready for the seeds. Instead, you were surviving. Now it is time to prepare the fields for planting, and in the process of release, you turn inward. Preparing the fields is a metaphor for discovering the Higher-Self, the quantumness in you, and moving to a place, personally, where things start to make more sense in your everyday life.

There are those in this room and reading right now who I’m hearing from: “Help me, help me.” You don’t think I know who’s here? So I’m going to say to you: You know who you are, dear ones, and I want you to relax for a moment. You are loved beyond what you think you’re loved. You are known by God beyond what you think you’re known by God, and this you are feeling now is temporary. Ok? This is temporary. If you’re pleading for help, you’re in unbalance. It’s time to relax in God and know you’re loved. There is time. You will survive. You’re going to make it.

There is wisdom in the plan of the seeding metaphor. First, you plow the fields; then you add the fertilizer and nutrients. Finally, you get ready for the seed planting. The fields aren’t ready now, so you must pause and get them ready. So all this talk is a farming metaphor. This may not all make sense to you, but what it says is that the demarcation point from old to new is now, and only now may you begin what you came for. You have not planted the seeds yet. The fields must be prepared. In the process of this preparation, you will find that the dark energy is easier to battle, allowing you to do the planting.

New scenarios will pop up to show you that this is true. You won’t believe that you got through some of the challenges so easily. Because now the energy supports you and it didn’t a year ago. The year 2013 really is a demarcation of intent and affects manifestation. You start to prepare the fields for new energy and begin to plant the seeds using that which the old soul has: the wisdom of the past. These seeds of wisdom are planted into the economy, into the government, into the household and families. These are seeds of integrity and will speak of the wisdom of coming together instead of tearing apart.

The Amateur Farmer

Human attributes then start to change, and especially Human nature, but it’s slow. Imagine an amateur farmer. He has no idea what he is doing, but he has a pack of seeds. So he reads the instructions, gets the fields ready, and shoves those seeds in the ground. He is so excited! He then runs home, but he can hardly sleep. The night goes by, the sun comes out, and he runs out into the fields at dawn to see what’s happening. And – there is nothing there! What did he do wrong? There is no crop!

Nothing is happening,” the farmer says. Did he actually plant anything? It’s laughable, of course, because every farmer knows that crops grow slowly. In fact, they grow so slowly, you can’t see them growing! You stoop down, looking at the plant, and you can even yell at it, “Grow!”, yet nothing happens. Then a week later, you realize the plant is actually bigger; a week more and it’s bigger still. Within a certain amount of time, it ripens and creates the crop that you planted.

So this is what we’re telling you: The growing of the seeds of consciousness is going to be a slow process. It will take 18 years to just plant them! So, how long do you think before you get the flower?“Oh no!” some of you are saying. The first reaction of the old soul to this news is, “This is not what I wanted to hear.” Perhaps you would then say, “Then why am I here? I’m tired. Why don’t I just go home now? Kryon, I’ve decided, I’m going to retire right now from my working. I’ve done my job. You passed the marker. Why should I care at this point in time? We’ll leave it to the younger generation.”

So now I will tell you, Lightworker, that the only way the crops will grow is from using the light you came here with. That’s it. You’re the ones who have to take up the gauntlet, put on the mantle of the responsibility you came in for, and move forward to make certain the crops grow. I just want to tell you that what you’ve been through so far is the hardest part. What you’re about to go through will be easier as time goes on. But it’s still going to take a longer time than you like. So what you’re going to see, very slowly, is the emergence of a new Human energy. It will take many forms, but you’re going to see new things. Let’s just examine one.

New Ideas – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

In recent past channels, we told you some of the new inventions to look forward to in this new era. But now we speak of new ideas and new paradigms of thinking. After these things happen, and when you look at them in retrospect, you’re going to say, “Why didn’t we think of that before?” The reason is because you weren’t ready for it. So that brings up a process that is difficult for us to explain to you, because Humans do not want to hear this.

Human Beings believe that their brains are capable of any thought that is thinkable in the Universe and that the sky is the limit. They believe that at any given time, any intellectual can come up with whatever is needed, which is the next step in evolved thinking. Yet history doesn’t show that, does it? In the past messages we pointed this out, and we gave you something to think about. We brought up the fact that it should have been obvious to you how to fly and, of course, now it is. As we speak, thousands of Human Beings are in the air, flying from one place to another with principles that the birds showed you thousands of years ago. Yet it’s new to humanity, having only been developed recently. Now, how long have you been looking at birds and longed to fly? How long have certain cultures been flying kites? Yet you never figured it out! How’s that for being a Human Being with unlimited thought? You never figured it out!

Finally, about 100 years ago, two bicycle makers finally did it. I ask you, does it look like something happened here that is just a little out of the ordinary? Did you know (and I’ll say it again) that those bicycle makers only beat the record of first Human flight by a week or so? Others on the earth were also working on it simultaneously. Did you know that? Here’s why – because Spirit implants ideas and inventions when you’re ready, and not before. These seemingly obvious ideas are invisible and blind and unattainable to the Human Being because they can’t think of it. You’re seeing this attribute everywhere with humanity, whether you know it or not.

How many years did you feel you had to build a fortress around your city-states and block out other Human Beings in other cities? Humans built walls and had regular battles so that the other guy wouldn’t get your possessions. So how long did it take you to figure out that maybe you could share your resources, or perhaps even trade with the other one so that you’d both have each other’s resources, and everybody wins in the process? What a concept! Well, really, you only just did it. Putting things together instead of tearing them apart has only occurred to you in the last 75 years. Why didn’t that occur to you 1,000 years ago? Instead, you continued to sequester your borders and build armies to keep you safe. Now, suddenly there is the idea of “country groups” that share common resources, trade without tariffs, and have a common defense in consciousness. Have you noticed this? Well, get ready for more, since there will be entire continents who will do this in the future. But why did it take so long?

Until very, very recently, you were conquerors. That’s all you did, since that’s all that occurred to you. Armies wiped out other Human Beings so that where they stood, they now owned the land and the resources. That was the thinking of the day. Now you say, “Well, we’re beyond that.” Not much. Not really, but you will be.

New ideas are things you never thought of. These ideas will be given to you so you will have answers to the most profound questions that your societies have had since you were born. Inventions will bring clean water to every Human on the planet, cheaply and everywhere. Inventions will give you power, cheaply and everywhere. These ideas will wipe out all of the reasons you now have for pollution, and when you look back on it, you’ll go, “This solution was always there. Why didn’t we think of that? Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Because it wasn’t time and you were not ready. You hadn’t planted the seeds and you were still battling the old energy, deciding whether you were going to terminate yourselves before 2012. Now you didn’t…. and now you didn’t.

It’s funny, what you ponder about, and what your sociologists consider the “great current problems of mankind”, for your new ideas will simply eliminate the very concepts of the questions just as they did in the past. Do you remember? Two hundred years ago, the predictions of sociologists said that you would run out of food, since there wasn’t enough land to sustain a greater population. Then you discovered crop rotation and fertilizer. Suddenly, each plot of land could produce many times what it could before. Do you remember the predictions that you would run out of wood to heat your homes? Probably not. That was before electricity. It goes on and on.

So today’s puzzles are just as quaint, as you will see. (1)How do you strengthen the power grids of your great nations so that they are not vulnerable to failure or don’t require massive infrastructure improvement expenditures? Because cold is coming, and you are going to need more power. (2) What can you do about pollution? (3) What about world overpopulation? Some experts will tell you that a pandemic will be the answer; nature [Gaia] will kill off about one-third of the earth’s population. The best minds of the century ponder these puzzles and tell you that you are headed for real problems. You have heard these things all your life.

Let me ask you this. (1) What if you could eliminate the power grid altogether? You can and will. (2) What if pollution-creating sources simply go away, due to new ideas and invention, and the environment starts to self-correct? (3) Overpopulation? You assume that humanity will continue to have children at an exponential rate since they are stupid and can’t help themselves. This, dear ones, is a consciousness and education issue, and that is going to change. Imagine a zero growth attribute of many countries – something that will be common. Did you notice that some of your children today are actually starting to ponder if they should have any children at all? What a concept!

Prepare for Separation of Old and New

There is a new dawn, but that’s all it is. The sun sneaks over the horizon as if to say, “We’re back.”But you’re not going to get a clear sky for a little while, Lightworker, because in the release process you’re going to have to deal with the separations that will occur. These will be the objections to the ones who don’t want to go into the light and who want to keep what they have because it works for them. They feel it’s the right way, because it has worked for them in the past and because it is their living [survival]. They will not understand that things are changing dramatically.

In what you call the New Age community, all of the processes from the one you see here [channelling] to the ones that the healer uses are all recalibrating. Some of the axioms you learned on “how to do things correctly” won’t work anymore. There’s going to be a more centralized focus into the one-soul authority. That is to say, there will be less focus on groups and more on individual discernment. Call it a dissemination or dissolution of organization-based wisdom and an emphasis on individual-based wisdom.

“Wait a minute, Kryon, that doesn’t make sense. Everybody knows that if you involve more people together, you will get better results since the wisdom base is bigger.” Really? Stand by for an entirely different concept, dear ones. How many lifetimes has your soul lived? Think of that as your own wisdom committee and pull on this, and only this, for answers to everything. “That’s crazy, Kryon! What about rules, structure, common goals, and group efforts that help build ideas and energy? Are we going to throw out basic common agreement? These principles are simply common sense.”

Dear one, how do I give you concepts that you don’t know about yet? Today’s common sense is tomorrow’s foolishness if new information is available that antiquates them. Do you understand? What if, just what if, the individual’s wisdom factor, based on all of his own past lives, created a set of parameters within him that were common to all? What if, just what if, there is a sacred pattern available that is common but only accessible individually? Then the individual discovers the sacred answers from the other side of the veil instead of a committee of Humans in a meeting. Ponder these things before you say that what you have as “common sense” is actually something that is forever.

All of these kinds of things will be new, and it’s going to be like sticking a finger in the eye of many who have spent a lifetime thinking that they knew it all, only to find there are those who are moving beyond them, doing things they never thought were possible. So, expect a split of those who just will not come along with these new things, and many of them will be old souls.

Everything we are discussing in this message falls right into the arena of interest of the old soul who is reading this. There are old souls by the thousands who are reading this in the future. I will tell you right now that I know you are. You’re not just the new hope of the planet, you always have been the hope of the planet. There’s nothing new except that, finally, it’s going to get easier. But for a while, you must understand the process of the shift and that change is not always seen as a good thing. So tiptoe lightly into this new energy instead of blasting forth with new truth. You’re moving into the light in more ways than you ever have before and even your “truth” may change.

The New-Old Soul

Let me summarize. We need you. You’re not done, and nobody’s leaving. There’s going to be more channels, there’s going to be more helpful entities coming in. Powerful information will be coming from sources you didn’t think even had it. You’ll be able to discern whether it’s real or not, and that will be easy. You can tell by the energy of the delivery and by what is stated. All you’ll have to hear is a little bit of information and you’ll know whether the channel is pretending. That means that that part of you that is called sacred discernment is going to increase.

You’ll have better intuitive powers, because they’re not throwing themselves against darkness any more. All this is going to happen slowly. But know this: We need you, and we need you to get excited about what’s ahead. You’ve just come out of a dark era of more than 30,000 years. I’m telling you yet again, dear one, that there’ll come a day, perhaps as soon as the next precession, when Human history won’t even count the years before 2012 as viable social study. That is what you’re looking at right now – the beginning of a new era.

The New Children

I think the irony of this message is this: The Human Being who sits in front of me says they’re tired. They’ve been battling a long time, and they will continue to as we recalibrate. When they will pass over the veil, as they always do, they will come back as children (of course), but their DNA will be different than any time before. As old souls, they’re never going to have to go through what they went through before, because the old energy won’t be the same. They will awaken with full knowledge of who they are [new Akashic inheritance attributes].

As children, they will know and see the colors [interdimensional sight]. As children, they will have an identity of being an old soul [know they have lived before]. They’ll know what they’re here for by the time they’re 13 [have a good concept of life lessons]. But, that’s you! I’ve just described you – all of you! Old soul, this is one of the biggest shifts you’re ever going to see and it may take a generation, but it’s going to happen. And those who hear these words then and read these words then will know I’m right, and they will reawaken on Earth with an entirely new paradigm of consciousness reality.

Educators all over the world will recalibrate their teachings because the kids are different. Yet again, these things are not what you think. It’s not just a new time, but rather it’s a new Human. The only thing we can say is we told you it would happen. I came in all those years ago [1989] and I said you’re not going to terminate yourselves as your prophecy had told you; it’s simply not going to happen. I told you there were far better potentials. I told you to watch it happen. Watch it!

But there were those who were old souls who said, “No.” They said that Kryon was the evil of the century because I brought you information that flew in the face of everything they expected. Here you sit in 2013 and could shout that, “I was right.” But instead I’m going to shout, “You were right.” For you created this shift. You brought me here. You took us through the shift, dear one!

God bless the Human Being and all they represent in the Universe.

And so it is.


The information is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits its sale in any form except by the publisher.

Lee Carroll

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  1. This message, this message is truth. I couldn’t quite get into it earlier. But when I settled down to listen to some spiritual songs it crossed my mind. It fits right into the time if now (I heard there was a farmer commercial during the super bowl, and that people couldn’t figure the point. Also so other happening during the game). It fits. The seed planting(that thought came to me on a bus last week. I was staring at the clouds change colors and I felt so happy inside. I laughed at the thought of calling mySelf a farmer!) BUT it fits! :0)) The Individual coding fits, I can attest to that. It’s one of the best messages I’ve received outside of mySelf. God bless Kryon and Lee and you and me and all the lightworkers. Peace

  2. Thank you Hurit, your impressions and thoughts are much appreciated. Glad you found value in this message.

    – Truth

  3. Oh I just loved this message. It helped renew my interest in continuing forth and experiencing/creating new ways of doing thjngs. I sooooo needed the great belly laugh (at myself) during the farmer metaphor when Kryon said, “…you can even yell at it, GROW!” That describes exactly what I have been doing and why I have been so frustrated. I often have to remind myself that there is so much joy in the journey, not just the destination.

    I think also there is a bit of me that fears I will not be around to enjoy the fruit of my labors. When there are general time frames put on things -like here- my initial human reaction is, “18 years??!!” I won’t even be here. But then there is the most intriguing idea of returning as a new human in the manner described, and I realize that the adventure can continue!

    Thanks always, HJ, for this post. And to Kryon/Lee. It was packed with information and inspiration, and was so uplifting! Love and Light to all…

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