HJ: While many of the ideas presented below may seem like ‘small steps’, combining just a few of them will make a large difference in your life.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill, momentum and mass are gained with each successive spin.  Taking one step leads to another and so on until massive change has been realized.  One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.  This is a powerful method for personal transformation.  Building a little each day upon the foundation until great heights have been achieved.

As your vibration rises, the feeling becomes addictive.  You begin to wonder how you could have ever lived without this level of perception.  At this point, your efforts to raise your vibration take on their own momentum and things become effortless.  You are well on the spiritual path now and there is no going back.  Your destiny awaits you.  This can all begin with simple steps like the ones outlined below.

A little tip:  Those looking for faster progress are suggested to skip to the bottom of the list.  Start meditating and fasting if you want to see major changes in your life immediately.  Learn more about fasting here.

– Truth

By Chris Bourne | Openhand Foundation

Raising our vibration is fundamental to the Journey of Spiritual Ascension. Here is some excellent advice – an excerpt from the “Five Gateways” book:

Raise energetic vibration: cleanse and detoxify mind, body and living environment. Harmonise with Mother Earth…
The Transfiguration is an internal shift of perception from identification with the denseness and general tightness of the bodymind (experienced as a subtle inner efforting), to the non-identified, crystal clear clarity of the Seer, flowing as the lightness, expansiveness and timelessness of the soul. It is as if we are the conductor of an orchestra, in which our attention has for too long been focussed on the brass section and base drum because they were making the most noise. To hear the finer, quieter instruments, we must first turn down the noise of the louder ones.

So the key is to quieten down internal activity. This can be achieved by regulating the denseness of vibrations we bring into the body, thereby limiting the stimuli that raise our internal metabolic rate. So for example, if we eat dense, processed foods polluted with toxins, then the body has to work harder to process them and the extra effort swallows up consciousness. In other words, we get lost in the dense vibrations. Or if we pollute our minds with negativity, such as that caused by the judgmentalism frequently expressed on the TV, in newspapers and through other media, then we tend to tighten inside. Internal tightness is also heightened by too much computer time, over use of electrical gadgets and chemical toxins used in household cleaning materials. The key is to change our immediate living environment to raise our energetic vibration – to attune to the finer instruments in the orchestra. Here is a brief summary of the changes we can undertake to raise our vibration…

– declutter our living environment;
– reduce the number of electrical gadgets used;
– get rid of the TV or be more selective about its use;
– avoid judgmental press and media;
– reduce usage of mobile phones and wireless internet;
– use natural cleaning products for the body and environment;
– wear natural clothing such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk and wool;
– eat less processed foods and switch to vegetarian or vegan diet;
– fast regularly to speed detoxification;
– meditate regularly to calm mind and emotions.

We are also likely to find that it becomes increasingly difficult to use certain language with negative connotations. Words become of great significance as we realise their energetic power. There may be particular word associations with our old behaviours that we may wish to avoid using, or swear words that conjure emotions of our previous consciousness. The use of sexual swear words can be particularly self defeating, dragging us back into the realm of judgmentalism, manipulation, lack of respect and projectionism.


Other words also generate internal tightness thereby swallowing our consciousness and once more constricting our experience of our newly expanding reality. For example, I have found the word “hate” to be particularly negative. So the key is to notice the effect of the words we use and decide which we should discard from our daily vocabulary.

We will inevitably discover that this purification activity brings us into greater harmony with Mother Earth and her natural ecosystems. We find that it becomes increasingly difficult to damage, pollute or act carelessly with regard to the environment. As we become more compassionate in our approach, we are naturally attuning to the Soul of the Earth, bringing with it great joy and rejuvenation. It is as if the animals are talking to us, birds singing for us and the wind uplifting us. The more respectful and in touch we become, the more our psychic and intuitive capacity expands with synchronicity speaking to us through the weave of events.

Taken from the Five Gateways Book by Chris Bourne


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