Asking Yourself How Many Have I Served and How Well?

HJ: This is a highly thought provoking message from Cosmic Awareness (lets be honest — when aren’t they?).  I think many will be able to take some wisdom that will be of great benefit in their lives from this message.  Many wonder what happens when we undergo physical death and Awareness sheds much light and guidance on this experience.  We are offered a ‘10,000 ft. view’ of the process of life review and why it is important for us at a soul level.

We are constantly told by the great spiritual masters that being of service is one of the highest paths we can take in this lifetime.  When we offer our time, energy and wisdom in the service of others, we experience immense spiritual growth while simultaneously helping others to grow, heal and learn.  It is a true win-win situation in every sense of the word.  In fact, it is the single most important factor in the ongoing advancement and growth of humanity.

Let me clarify here though.  This is not to say all service must be given freely.  Although this is a noble path, it is not necessary or even any more righteous than someone who asks for a fair energetic exchange for their time and energy.  Just because one receives compensation for their efforts (whatever form that may take…) does not make it any less spiritual.  We must all earn a living and to do so is indeed in alignment.  If one does not support oneself directly through fair compensation then they must be supported by someone else and this is still a form of energetic exchange and compensation, although indirect.

This is a point many lightworkers and spiritually aware individuals get caught up on and it holds them back in many ways.  The most important thing here is living in alignment and being of service.  Do not sweat the small stuff.  Do not create blockages and frustrations around compensation because these will affect the quality of your work.  Accept the abundance the universe presents to you and know that all is exactly as it should be.

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: That was truly excellent and will give people a lot to mull over. Thank you. We’re carrying on. There is a question I’ve never seen here before, that I didn’t even think about. It is from FS. He writes, “When I pass over and an entity asks me how many I have served, why doesn’t it ask me how many have I abused, tortured, or murdered, since, according to Awareness, good and evil are both attributes and should be rewarded?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness says that upon the time of death and the review of one’s life, one reviews all of one’s life. The question, “How many have I served?” is one that reflects what the purpose was for a soul who had chosen to come into humanity, into physicality, in order to have a physical experience. The ultimate goal is to be of service, not only to humanity in a greater context, but to others in one’s life, and thus the question “How many have I served?” has relevance, for the soul wishes to expand and grow and be of service and be the expression of the Divine light and of Divine love.

At the same time, a review is made and that which is the aspect of the soul returning back into spirit sees all of his or her actions, sees all of the abuse, all of the torture, all of the negative actions that one might have taken. If one was abusive and destructive to others, the soul realizes this and knows this was not the purpose and not the goal, which was to go into the physical to have the experience for its growth and development and to serve the highest purpose of the Divine. It realizes upon the review that it may have failed. It may have gotten sidetracked. It may have not achieved what it had intended.

Even those who do not enter into physicality with the purpose of service or spiritual advancement, still review their lifetimes and still understand that they could have lived better lifetimes. There is a reason why freedom of choice is a two-edged sword. It can be used to make the highest, informed choices that will serve the soul in its journey through the physical state of experience, but it can also lead to wrong choices, a deviation from one’s true pathway and a detouring from the truest goals that the soul has when it enters into physicality.
When the soul aspect, having had the experience, returns back into the spiritual state, it can see where it succeeded and where it failed– where it served the many and where it served none but its own self-interest based on its physical needs and assumptions. The soul understands this and the soul wishes to have another chance to go back into physicality to get it right, to be of service, and to achieve the higher spiritual goals it may have wished to do the first time around. This is part of what is known as karma, and the soul, in choosing to engage in karma, in choosing to return into physicality, does so with the intent of getting it right. Unfortunately yet again, freedom  of choice is in operation. The veil of forgetfulness confuses one. They forget their spiritual nature.  One might think this is absurd and a crazy way of doing things, but if one understands the soul is eternal, God is eternal, and these experiences are simply dream states the soul is having, after which they return back into the soul fiber, then there is no reason why not to do it this way.

The Soul Eventually Gets It Right!

Ultimately, the soul does get it right and the aspect that presents itself into physicality does do that which is the path of service, the path of enlightenment, reaching a level of consciousness that will allow it to ascend. This is exactly what is occurring upon this plane of existence at this time. Many souls who have done it over and over, have finally reached, in a collective manner, a point of understanding, a point of achieving that realization that they are here to serve at this most auspicious time. They are here to achieve spiritual enlightenment and advancement and they are here to be of service.

This Awareness wishes to add, they are here to be of service to themselves, to their soul, and to the Divine, of course, but in being of service to one’s self, of putting one’s self in the center of one’s own circle, one begins to understand that as one grows and expands, as the knowledge and wisdom and spiritual understanding expands in one’s conscious being, then one will understand why being of service is of such importance.

When one is of service to one’s self first and fore-most, one prepares oneself for their greater act of service. This is not selfishness. This is self-awareness, as one sees oneself to be part of a greater construct, a greater truth. As one helps oneself, one helps others as well, both immediately within their vicinity and outside of their circle of responsibility, for this circle expands and the responsibility for others is also that which expands.

But one starts on one’s self, one acts locally first, brings the understanding into their own lives, and helps others in their lives: beloved ones, sisters, brothers, parents, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This then expands into friends and associates. This expands outwards to a greater amount if one has the capacity to be of service in this way. It is not that every soul who chooses to be in physicality must be of public service out in the public eye, but even by understanding that one can project their energies of understanding, light and love into the mass consciousness and engages in meditation of this nature, one is serving the greater whole.

Bringing Light & Love Even to those in the Darkness

It is not service simply based on actions in a public arena, but also the actions of one’s sending forth their energies and supporting the Divine Plan, bringing Light and Love even to those in the darkness, for they too are part of God’s plan, part of creation, and this too is of service. This is also what is referred to in the question, “How many have you served?” It is not simply that one needed to be a public figure out there being seen serving, but rather, one can be of service through their intentions and through their actions on such levels.

Finally, this Awareness ends by saying in these times in particular; there is a need for such service. Many who will be lost in the fear and panic will only look at themselves and their immediate loved ones as those who must be served and protected.


You Don’t Need a Weapon to Be of Service!

But this is not service in the way this Awareness was speaking about a moment ago. They will see rather that they need to defend themselves. They will buy weapons, they will horde their food, they will not share, and they will kill those who would come to them asking for food. This is not service in the Light. This is more of the myopia of those who will not see the greater picture.  This is also part of the plan of those in power, to encapsulate individuals in such a limited understanding and vision that they think they must have arms to protect themselves, and that they must go to war to defeat others who would take away from them what they are told is important. All of this is part of the dark plan of preventing many to see the greater truth and to be of greater service.

This is one of the prime reasons why this Awareness has said many times over: Do not simply go into fear and panic and self-interest. For this is not the way forward into spiritual consciousness and spiritual awareness. It is the way to trap one’s self and to perpetuate the karmic cycles over and over, for the lesson, as this Awareness said, is to understand how to be of service to one’s spiritual growth and development, to one’s soul group and to the Divine.

This Awareness is complete.

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  1. Classic ACIM/J: these experiences are simply dream states the soul is having, after which they return back into the soul fiber, then there is no reason why not to do it this way.
    So we are all in a dream in a “soul state?”
    Nonetheless in this dream we should try to leave out fear, panic, and self interest but often a recurring thing with me. However being aware of it and doing service (I do hospice) works. Nice discourse. So much better than around Nibiru stuff.
    Is CA supposed to be God?

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