Can A New Alphabet Profoundly Alter Your Consciousness?

HJ: One of the most powerful steps in the process of manifestation is the transformation of a thought into a physical reality.  There are a number of ways to do this, but the most powerful are speaking (or using sound) and writing.  In fact, ancient languages like Sanskrit were incredibly complex and partially based on this concept.  The syllable sounds used in Sanskrit are designed to activate specific meridian points on the roof of the mouth with the tongue in order to activate higher consciousness through the everyday use of words and phrases.  Incredible, isn’t it?

Vimala Rodgers has created a modern day version of this concept using a specially created alphabet that helps one to not only improve their self esteem, but to activate their higher nature and life purpose.  One of the salient points in all manifestation guides is the transcription of those things you wish to see manifest in your life onto paper.  This transforms the thought/dream/desire into physical reality, which is a powerful and necessary step in the process.  I would imagine that doing this with the Vimala Letters would be far more powerful.

This is such an amazing concept and I am excited to present it to you all for further investigation and perhaps integration into your lives.  If anyone has experience with this concept, please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

– Truth

It’s All in the Pen

New alphabet helps builds character.

by Vimala Rodgers | Heal Your Life

Change your handwriting, change your life.


WHEN PEOPLE ASK WHAT my profession is and I reply “I’m a handwriting expert” – immediately their attitude becomes standoffish. If they have a note in hand that they’ve scribbled, they thrust it either behind their back or into a pocket – and I laugh:

“No!” I reply. “I don’t teach penmanship nor do I analyze handwriting. I guide people in adopting handwriting patterns that bring out the best in themselves, and give them the ability to live a life they love. No judgments involved!”

The most common response is this: “But you haven’t seen MY handwriting; it’s absolutely atrocious!” Atrocious is the adjective I hear most often; illegible is the second most popular. My reply is standard and completely sincere:

“There is no such thing as good or bad handwriting; rephrase your description and call your handwriting casual.  People laugh, shoulders relax, and when I ask to see what they’ve written, although they may hesitate at first, they hand me the piece of paper that’s filled with their casual script.

I don’t mention the attitudes I see reflected in their script; they already know what they are. Instead, I point out a few letter formations that they might consider writing differently. I explain a little about the letter and why they might want to modify it – then I end with the comment I use to begin each professional presentation:

Don’t believe anything I tell you about the letters; belief can change in a thought. To discover the transformational power of these letters, pick up your pen and begin to inscribe them.  Once you’ve done this consistently, you will know… for truth lives inexperience. It’s very exciting!

Questions similar to this often follow:

“What will happen if I do as you say, and begin to cross all my t’s on top – or stop putting inner loops in circle letters? What difference will it make if I stop writing in all printed capital letters?”  Or,  or,  or, or?

My reply to any question like this, again, is direct:

“I don’t know what will happen, because I don’t live in your brain…but I DO know it will be positive and put a smile on your face!”

If the writer is curious enough and wants to know more, I go on to describe how the subconscious mind works. Since you, dear reader, may be curious as well. Let me explain. God makes things so simple…

Look around. It’s not what HAPPENS to us that shapes our self image; it’s how we INTERPRET what happens to us. Each of the Vimala Letters is designed to access soul-based energy. In other words, when you write them, you are releasing self-limiting thought habits, and  you begin to interpret life from a non-judging, Spirit-based attitude, and shape your self-image from that revitalizing place.  In scientific language, what happens on the physical level is called cortical remapping orneuroplasticity. In plain English, as you change the way you write, you are telling your mind how to think, the subconscious obeys, and the neurological patterns in the brain realign themselves.

Ponder this if you will: Everyone who has ever been born, entered this earth plane with a specific  interest of some kind – and that means you – whether it be mountain climbing, artistry of some sort, creative writing, designing statuary, astrophysics, landscape gardening, linguistics, inventing devices for general use…and on and on. Me? I was born with an utter fascination with the letters of the alphabet.

Through the years, what held me back from openly expressing my love of the Alphabet was ridicule. “How do you know?” “It isn’t in any book.”  “I’ve never heard of such a thing.”  “Boy, that’s really dumb.” “You always think you know more than anybody else”  – were statements that kept me silent. Yet in my heart of hearts I knew that the way we shape the letters is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. If something has been holding you back from fully alive expressing YOUR fascination, there’s never been a time like now. Read on…

It took me many years to share my inner knowing openly about the alphabet. The first time I dared was in my Freshman Logic class in college, when we were studying Aristotle’s syllogisms. Fascinated with their clarity, I memorized many of them. Our professor, Sister Rose Emanuella, gave us a homework assignment of writing our own syllogism, modeled after the ones we had studied. That evening as I sat at my desk, my mind resisted echoing Darapti, Felapton, and friends, and it pushed my pen across the page creating a syllogism-of-sorts modeled after sequential logic, not the customary syllogisms we had studied. I doubted that Sister would question my modified syllogism because she was known to be open to the unusual, greatly admired those she called original thinkers, and loved to challenge them with: “Show me your proof.”  So I plunged ahead. This is what my pen wrote:


Since each stroke of the pen reaffirms a thinking habit,

and each thinking habit shapes our self-image,

and self-image is the lens through which we see life,

and how we see life determines our behavior,

if an alphabet were designed

that exhibited only the noblest human qualities,

world peace might be possibility.

After Sister returned my (ungraded) paper she called me into her office. Rather than chastising me for not following directions, she asked a few pertinent questions then said, “Well, dear. What you have written, although it certainly is not what I was looking for, is perfectly logical and follows the Aristotelian way of thinking. I’m giving you an “A.” Now I ask of you: What are you going to do to implement such a writing system?”

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