HJ:  The development of ones intuition is a critical step on the path to higher conscious awareness.  We all contain this powerful ‘internal compass’ that will never lead us astray, however, we must first begin to quiet the mind and tune into to its as of yet ‘still small voice’.  This is most easily accomplished through a consistent meditation practice, although this is not the only way.

Our intuition is our higher self speaking through us, guiding us towards our destiny if we should choose to listen.  Having recently become highly in tune with my intuition, my spiritual progress and ability to manifest those experiences I truly desire and need for growth has increased ten fold.  The uncertainty and doubt that has existed since my teens has essentially left my body and been replaced with conviction, empowerment and a pervasive ‘knowing’ that has not yet let me astray.

We are taught in Western society to question everything not proven by science and dictated by the appropriate authorities.  Our powerful spiritual intuition is eventually quelled by the logical mind, which is highly manipulated and has lost touch with our true nature.  This can be rectified, but it requires a shift from mind-centered logical thinking, to heart-centered intuitive wisdom.  With practice and meditation, this can happen quite quickly.  

– Truth

Empowerment Begins Inside Your Body

By Selacia | Selacia.com


How many times have you had a hunch about something, then discounted it and continued on with your choice? Everyone has done this, of course, mainly because conventional norms do not place intuition in its proper place of high regard.

Long ago, though, the ancient peoples valued hunches and other intuitive wisdom. It was a normal part of life to listen to one’s body and to pay attention to subtle messages coming from outside the body, too. Wisdom keepers of diverse traditions tell us of a time when people valued all life, understanding that every living thing could be a vast resource of knowledge.

The ancient ones knew that all of life was connected and that they could tune into this connection. It was common to talk to the trees and the water. The people learned to actively watch and listen to nature. They saw themselves as part of sacred nature, too, so knew to see their own bodies as sacred as well.

To be sure, your body has a wealth of wisdom, available to tap and use in everyday life. The more skilled you become in listening to your body’s messages, and acting appropriately on them, the more joyful your path can become.

Most likely, you have long valued your intuition and the subtle messages you receive from your body. It really does pay off to listen to these things, especially today with all of the confusing media messages about what’s good for you and the plethora of products available.

Not everything seeming to be natural, for example, may be good for your body. Some substances may even reduce your frequency and your ability to connect with your right intuitive brain.   

The Power of Presentiment

Here’s some of the latest research about the power of presentiment, validating why and how body intuition works – HERE.    Imagine a world in which people in all corners of the planet became present and aware of their body’s subtle messages! In that reality, coming sooner than you may think, people have awakened to a larger awareness of who they really are and they have learned to function in a multisensory and multidimensional way.

Your Body Knows: 5 Things You Can Do Now 

Here are five things you can do now to open up your senses and tune into the subtle messages of your own body – benefiting from this wisdom more of the time.

    • Take time out morning and evening to still your mind, inviting intuitive knowing.
    • When you are in a grocery store deciding what to purchase, get into the habit of asking your body if what you are about to buy is beneficial for your well-being. Your body knows!
    • If you are at a gathering with others or out in public alone, tune into your body for clues about how you are responding energetically.Sometimes you may get a feeling to go home earlier than planned, or to stay longer.
    • When you meet a new person, notice how your body responds. If your stomach tightens when he or she walks into the room, inquire within about why.
    • If you are in a situation involving a boss or other authority figure, watch for hunches you receive – perhaps showing you a job may be ending or that some preparation needs to be made.

You now live in a unique time period. One thing that makes now different is that you are waking up to your divine changemaker role, remembering your larger purpose and your divine nature.


To thrive and live in joy during these times, it is vital to master new approaches to what you experience in the conventional world. The approaches that will serve you in the highest way are those fueled by spirit. Intuitive body sense is one of these – providing you with remedies that are multidimensional and vast.

Would you truly want anything less than this?

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