Neale Donald Walsch: You Are Co-Creating Life’s Events

HJ: Once again, Neale brings us timeless words of wisdom and insight into the nature of reality.  The concepts he touches on and expresses so eloquently are fundamental laws of the universe that have been taught since the dawn of time.  They are key ingredients on the path of spiritual advancement and must be understood and practiced by all who wish to experience higher levels of awareness.

The concept of co-creatorship is totally liberating when embraced and truly experienced.  It is one of the core shifts one must make on the endless path of spiritual advancement.  It is one of the main lessons to be learned on Earth in this lifetime.  I cannot overstate the importance of taking responsibility for your life and everything in it.  I am laughing to myself as I write this, because you are literally being spoonfed the necessary information to truly create anything and everything you could ever want for yourself.  What a truly priceless gift!  The universe is that abundant and that good.  You can truly have whatever you want.  It is not some pie in the sky concept… however, it takes great discipline, self mastery and alignment to reach these heights.  The good news is that its possible to do so in this lifetime, all you need to do is commit.

– Truth

By Neale Donald Walsch

Here in the Bulletin we have been exploring the nature of the events of life that appear in our reality every day. It is sometimes assumed that you have no control over exterior conditions, circumstances, or events–and I know that it can very often feel that way–but, in truth, you are co-creating them with others in your life–remembering, of course, as I have mentioned in previous weeks, how we are using the word “create” as a synonym for remember.

(To recap: When you “create” things you are actually remembering, or becoming aware of once again, what always was, is now, and always will be. Your awareness expands to the boundary-less place beyond Time and Space, into the spaciousness of all the When/Wheres of Existence.)

You have co-created the outward circumstance called repetition in order to create the inner experience called understanding. It is for this purpose that you are co-creating, one by one, all the conditions, circumstances, and events of your life.

This is a very difficult thing for many people to believe. It is a challenging concept to embrace, and a transformational understanding to accept. When you accept this understanding, you accept Who You Really Are. And that IS the Holy Experience.

There is no other.

When you fail to accept this understanding, you fail to accept the Truth about your Self, and then you live the lie about you. Your whole life becomes a lie, as one falsehood feeds and perpetuates another.

The initial step to Mastery is the acceptance of this Divine Truth at the first level. If you cannot accept that you are co-creating all of the conditions, circumstances, and events of your life, at least accept that you are creating your experience of them. You, and you alone, are deciding how you feel about them. No one else can tell you how to feel about anything. Surely that is undeniable.

Any delivery person can leave a package at your door. They cannot require you to take it into your house. You do not have to do so if you do not wish to. You can leave it on the front stoop.

So when a person brings a package of Anger to your door, leave it on the front stoop. Do not take it in. When a person brings a box of Rudeness to your door, leave it on the front stoop. Do not take it in. When a person brings a container of Unkindness to your door, leave it on the front stoop. Do not take it in.

Deciding how you wish to feel about whatever is happening around you, and then causing yourself to feel that way, is the first step to Mastery.

(“I wish I wouldn’t become so upset every time she’s late getting ready for us to go somewhere. I wish I could remain calm and loving and accept this part of her…”–“I wish I could learn to deal with disappointment better. I wish I could just be philosophical about it…”–“I wish I could stop being so hurt when someone else has been sarcastic with me…”)

These are all common self-wishes. You can make such wishes come true. Always, always, always remember: Your “experience” of something is how you feel about it. And how you feel about anything is something that you can (and do, whether you know it or not) control.

In the world of Duality Thinking (which is the world in which most of us live), you could imagine that somebody else is “doing something” to you, or that some seemingly uncontrollable outward condition has been encountered by you, without you having had anything to do with it.


Such a thing is impossible, given that Duality is not the Reality, yet in the world of our illusion such impossibilities can seem very real.

We will explore more about the world of Duality Thinking, and so-called “victim consciousness,” next week.

Until then, I wish you well on your journey.

Hugs and love,

Neale – Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

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