HJ: I awoke this morning to find this most insightful, thoughtful, succinct and profound comment on the most recent Cosmic Awareness Post (which can be read HERE).  Alas, this individual was able to express many of the thoughts I have been trying to relate to the frustrated readers of this site who are currently suffering from disappointment and various levels of cynicism over recent events.  It is not my intention to try and change your mind.  In fact, this is the last thing I wish to do.  It is up to you as to whether you decide to change your mindset or remain stuck in the mire of the the frustrations which you are at this time experiencing.  I merely present my view (and in this case, a readers view) of an alternative reality that is much more nourishing, uplifting, positive and in my experience, most certainly true.  It is a stark illustration of the variation of reality’s that currently exist and share space at this time.

Anyways, this commentary, which is essentially anonymous, does a fine, gentle job of addressing the events of the Ascension (which is still currently unfolding) and various reactions to it.  It is an empowering message of kindness that can gently lead one out of the mire if they are indeed ready to leave it.  This individual offers guidance in a much more gentle way than is my personal nature. I have a tendency to be very direct and sometimes quite blunt, which I know can rub many the wrong way and come off as confrontational, although that is never the intention.

This comment has been edited for grammar, spelling and readability, though none of the original ideas have been altered in any way.  To all who feel lost at this time, I truly hope this message gives you great clarity.

– Truth

This post from Awareness [HJ Note: Cosmic Awareness]  is a relevant and much needed message for those out there who feel lost, confused or frustrated with their ascension results.

Some individuals are presently experiencing a deep inner frustration that they have not advanced to a place that they had hoped to move into, however, it is still a strong probability for any and all to move into those levels of higher light, higher love, higher expansiveness and awareness of self [if they so choose].

For those who feel they have been cheated or deceived about the Ascension event, it is important to remember that although the ascension DID happen, it is not an ‘absolute’ event, meaning that each and every individual will experience it in their own way, at their own level of evolvement.

And so, for those out there who are frustrated, confused or feeling (almost) deceived or betrayed by what Awareness has given, remember that you are not a ‘victim’ and that “YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY”.

This is being created in the NOW.

Accepting ‘what is’, and moving onto new perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and actions that support and benefit not just the individual, but ALL involved in this world, in this reality that we have now ascended into, which is a reality of ‘imagination’ and greater awareness of unity.

This will become more and more evident as the days and weeks pass. One will begin to notice (as many already are) that what they were recently focusing on, has now become a tangible form (for them) of reality.

An important factor at this time is one’s focus, or rather, the ‘direction’ of one’s focus…

Understanding that one’s ‘focus’ is the key to manifesting — whatever  one energizes and wherever one places one’s focus or concentration with a clear MENTAL IMAGE and committed INTENT and full ACCEPTANCE of the goal or wish, that this is a most effective way towards creating the reality one seeks.

Do not let your frustration bring you down into those lower levels of consciousness. Remember that you chose this — that you chose to be here at this profound and transformational time and that there has been no mistake, no accident or wrong turn that you have made.

If you are at this present level of experience then you chose it.

Some had hoped for a more evolved Ascension experience and are quite confused or let down, feeling that they did not truly desire the current experience.  But you must understand, that what one wishes for and what one has ‘evolved’ too, may be at two very different energy levels.

This does not mean that one cannot make the needed movement into those higher levels, in fact, this IS the purpose of all beings — to continuously seek, learn and evolve on an endless journey of self awareness.

For those out there who are feeling lost or confused, the suggestion is to question ones self, and ask:”Why did I not ascend to the level I felt I was ready for?” or, “What is hindering me from moving into those higher levels of consciousness?”


And if there is still confusion or things do not add up in one’s mind or though process, then it might be what the gracious ADMIN [HJ Note: They are referring to me, who goes by the name of ‘Truth’ on this site] had stated earlier wherein it was suggested that if one does not experience certain levels of sensitivity or awareness, that it is possible one has not evolved to that level yet [HJ Note: There is no shame in this!  There is no judgement in this!  Everyone is at a different level and it is beautiful!  The potential always exists for one to advance whenever one so desires] .

We are moving into a reality of greater UNITY.

For those who are feeling lost or confused as they move into these new levels of imagination, there will be those who can offer support or insight and those who feel they are finding that inner balance, empowerment and clear awareness of what is happening.  These individuals will be able to offer that support– the support of the collective, of the ONE.

One of the main reasons, or rather purpose, of humanity (more specifically, Lightworkers) being on this planet at this time is to NOURISH DIVINE SPIRIT / CREATOR / COSMIC AWARENESS / ALL THAT IS.

That nourishment comes from each and every individual making the needed efforts to resolve their personal issues and create that greater clarity, greater awareness, greater Light development in themselves, which in turn, ADDS to the Light of Creator, nourishing It.

We are all here to learn, to expand our knowing of self, our awareness and to re-connect to the Infinite & Unified Consciousness of Cosmic Awareness.

You are where you CHOOSE to be, so if that place or pathway you are presently on does not meet to your satisfaction, then all you have to do is change your perception and focus.  Mentally visualize and accept a new and more comfortable or beneficial pathway (reality).  This is your ‘birthright’ as a co-creator.

Accept your power, accept yourself and remember that what one focuses on then becomes their reality.

Peace and Love to everyone.

With respect…