Benjamin Fulford: The New World Order Has Been Defeated

HJ: Many have said Benjamin Fulford has no place on this site.  While I agree that his perspective is not the most ‘enlightened’, he nonetheless has unique, relevant information to offer in regards to the ongoing dismantling of the cabal, and for this reason, I think his information is worthwhile enough to post, as I, for one, find this subject to be quite interesting.  Use discernment, as always.

Furthermore, as sentient adults, you can decide for yourselves whether you would like to read this content or not, believe it or not.  It is up to you and to have any kind of reaction to the material other than passing/fleeting interest shows there is definitely some triggers that you may want to consider examining.  If you don’t like it simply leave it and move on, releasing all energetic attachments.  As can clearly be seen on the About page, the Healers Journal is documenting the fall/collapse of the cabal in addition to providing a resource for facilitating the rising of humanity’s consciousness.  As such, Ben’s material fits the bill.  Ben still is, by far, the most consistently reliable source of insider information on the net.  His work may not be the height of humanity’s achievement, but its the best we have at the moment and for that reason, I continue to post it for those who are interested.

– Truth

By Benjamin Fulford | Benjamin Fulford

There are growing signs that the Bush/Nazi New World Order Nazi faction has been defeated but that the Rockefellers and their allies in the Old World Order faction are still fighting to preserve their power. It has also now been confirmed that the new Japanese government headed by Shinzo Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party was put in place via a disguised military coup d’etat, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. This implies the Rockefellers and their minions are being forced out of Japan, a CIA source added. This means 66 years of hostile foreign occupation of Japan may be about to end. There is still secret fighting going on though.

The gnostic illuminati faction in the West, for its part, is claiming victory and saying that “President Obama will leave the White House hanging by his neck from a helicopter.”

Of course the jury is still out on all this and only actual events and not talk, will determine if what the various sources are saying is true. However, it looks like it will be a Merry Solar New Year (even the pope now admits Christmas was not Christ’s birthday), and the power of love and friendship is winning over the forces of fear and hate.

There is also strong evidence emerging that the new Japanese government is planning to end the cabal’s monopoly on the creation of money by government money or Japanese greenbacks. Doing this would allow the Japanese government to write off its entire debt with the stroke of a keyboard. This plan is no longer something mulled on internet “conspiracy” sites but is actually the subject of discussion at major government sponsored conferences.

The IMF, for example, issued a report in August calling for government currency creation.

That report stimulated a recent conference of top policy makers in Japan who proposed their own version of this plan. The notes of this conference (in Japanese) can be seen at this link:

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