Neale Donald Walsch: Events and Experience Are Not The Same

HJ: If anything, the Ascension and subsequent events have only confirmed the need for a strong spiritual foundation, which after all, is the bedrock of existence.  What many fail to realize is that the Ascension experience is always accessible to those that have done the necessary work and reached the appropriate level of spiritual advancement.  I think part of the reason why many were disappointed on Dec. 21st, 2012, was that they had believed that they should have received a ‘free pass’, per se, of a true ‘Ascension experience’ despite the fact that they may not have reached the ‘normally’ necessary levels spiritually.  I believe this makes the point Neale Donald Walsch expresses below all the more poignant.

Here’s a suggestion:  instead of being disappointed or bemoaning the fact that an Ascension experience did not occur, why not work with all ones effort and conscious intention towards ascending as soon as possible, if that is truly what one desires?  This empowering viewpoint will propel one forward on the path of spiritual evolution, which will only be a positive experience of personal growth.  After all, the ability to Ascend and grow spiritually will now be even easier than it ever has been!

As anyone who reads the Healers Journal should know, I have always been a rabid supporter of personal growth, development, and most importantly empowerment, as they are the true keys to success, spiritual growth and the realization of our true nature, which are timeless.  By taking full responsibility for what you have created thus far, you will be able to create that which you truly desire going forward!

– Truth

By Neale Donald Walsch

My dear friends…

Last week in this space I mentioned that all of us are “choosing to have” all of the experiences that we are having, moment-to-moment. For some, this is hard to believe. Why in the world would we choose some of those worst events of our lives?

To begin to grasp the idea above, it is important for us to remember that an Experience and an Event are not the same thing. An “Event” is something that is occurring in your exterior environment. All Events are co-created by the lot of us. An “Experience” is something that is occurring in your interior environment. All Experiences, without exception, are created individually, each human being producing their own Reality.


The proof of this is that three different people can participate in, or witness, the same event and all three can have a different experience of it. This is what is meant by the New Age teaching: “You create your own reality,” which I will go into in even more useful detail in the next chapter.

You do create your own reality. You do this by how you interiorly hold the Exterior Events that are created co-jointly by every person who is touched by them.

What kind of reality you create around the Exterior Events of your life depends on whether you use, as your tools of creation, only the Mechanics of the Mind, solely, or the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul, together. When you combine with Wisdom of the Soul with the Data of the Mind, rather than relying on the Data of the Mind alone, you expand the data itself, giving you much more information to choose from as you “make up your mind” about what is going on, or has gone on, around you.

For instance, right now you get to “make up your mind” about the fact that the beginning of this article sounds suspiciously like the beginning of an article that you may remember having read in The Weekly Bulletin not long ago–and you get to create your own Reality around that. (Whether you actually remember it or not is not the point. Use this simply as an illustration.)

Is it intriguing that the two articles start out nearly the same way? Is it boring? Do you think that the author made a mistake? Do you assess that he did it on purpose? If so, why?

All of these thoughts will be your own. The Exterior Event has been created by the two of us. I wrote the beginning of both articles, and now you have read them. So that’s a co-creation. What you think about the two articles starting out the same way is up to you.

It is in this way you are indeed “choosing to have” all of the experiences that you are having, moment-to-moment. For a very rich understanding of this Process of Reality Creation, you may find it very helpful to read When Everything Changes, Change Everything, which explains the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul in exquisite–and quite usable–detail.

There is much more to living life on this planet as a Highly Evolved Being (what Conversations with God calls a “HEB”), but each of us can move to that place relatively easily if we have the willingness to do so.

I wish you well on your journey

Hugs and love,


Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. His With God series of books has been translated into 27 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

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  1. That was the most clear explanation of this concept I’ve ever read. Bravo HJ!

  2. Mr Truth. You are awesome. You have never sounded so clear and powerful.
    Your ascension becomes you, brother!
    This is my second porting to you directly this morning.
    I am loving you! And your message is a GODSEND to anyone doubting that the shift actually took place. So well said. I, for one, am feeling FANTASTIC!

  3. Michael,

    Much love brother and thank you for the kind words. It gives me great pleasure to know that my words and ideas have touched someone so directly and that they share a similar vision.

    Yes! The Ascension is here and happening for those who are ready.

    Be Well + Blessings


  4. The explanation regarding the difference between Event and Experience is truly excellent and greatly increases my understanding. Thank you!

  5. There have been a lot of promises. A lot of talking about what will happen in this world. Very few came true, there were a lot of delays and disappointments.

    I understand that we create our realities and that as a collective we are asleep, that’s why we haven’t been moving on for some time. The masses keep playing the game of the cabal. They are ignorant and separated in their minds about what they want for the future. They are content with having an iphone and partying to dumb music.

    What i don’t understand is why ALL the channeling material promised wondrous things that never materialized. Cosmic Awareness talked about events that will happen in October-November and will cause shock and awe. I don’t understand how and why this constant information that eventually disappoint us, comes out.

    They say positive things will happen, we hear them and in our attempt to help others awaken we make a fool of ourselves by saying things will happen and nothing ever happens.

    For my part, i was expecting a harvest. And those who were ready would move on with the 4th density earth and those who were not would repeat the 3rd density. It’s seems like the plan has changed or something. We will wait for others to awaken?

  6. Did Buddha or Jesus rely on others telling them what to do or what is going to happen in order for them to achieve ascension?
    No… They didn’t listen to anyone other than their finely tuned CORE.
    Too many people have spent time searching for the answers outward, but the answers are all within! The problem with trying to find that inner wealth is the inability to see that it exists due to the distractions and lack of sense awareness.
    Looking inward is the only really reliable form of information, and to access it the clearing has to be done. Many lifetimes of clearing cannot happen overnight.
    If you still feel or act upon hatred, jealousy, greed, or any negative emotion then you still have clearing to do.
    Seems this is part of everyone’s biggest learning ‘post ascension date’

  7. Children of Mother Earth the time for spiritual discernment is now. There cannot
    be anything higher or mightier than YOUR highest truth.Like everything else which you have pre-sent to yourself , spiritual discernment is a tool/skill , indeed a gift which needs to be developed, perhaps unwrapped as one would say, as a present , one which needs to be re-membered and anchored in this present 3D reality.In other words it is the compass to which we attune the self on this plane to our higher self and highest aspect/s of OUR self in higher dimensions.The time for seeking out teachers, gurus, indeed even second hand channelled information has had its day.
    Reclaim your sovereignty now! Do not disempower yourselves by accepting someone else’s truth and/or reality.Has it not been said of You time and time again how great and wonderful you really are! An individuation of the ( ALL That Is ) light housed in a human body. So you see we really are an individual lighthouse of All That Is Consciousness. A guiding light for the Self! It is through the Self that you shall get to know the plight of the Other. Children , the flower manifests from the inside out.
    So dear friends i ask you. Is the Reality/ Truth you accept given by said spiritual teachers , channellers … and so forth, more accurate than your own created Reality/ Truth ? No! I hear you say, yet is it not exactly what you do when you go to such places and visit such people ? Children it is time to be AWARE , awake to the powers of your own co creation with the All That Is . For this is Co-Operation with the All Is One. In other words this is LOVE !
    Children Of Mother Earth , spiritual discernment is about Trust. Trust in the Higher Self. Let Your Lighthouse be your beacon to Your Highest Truth for there cannot be nay exist a higher state of being. Centre your Self , still the mind , open your heart space, and FEEL, feel the connection and the flow of your Higher Self with the ego/mind and body. It is when you re awaken yourself to the paradigm of placing Ego below Higher Self. In other words , when you lead your life from your Highest Self aspect with the CO-OPERATION from the ego/mind and body that , as they say , the “stuff of gods” is created.
    Indeed to get to “know” your Highest Self is to “channel” your Highest self for that is how you go about it! You don’t know this because you have forgotten.That is why YOU have sent this information as a pre-sent to Yourself so that you can unwrap this gift in the Now that Is. Use it dear friends! , develop it and tend to it as it were a splendid garden. Nourish it with LOVE. Trust , trust in the Self.
    So Children learn to channel your Higher Self and the higher and highest aspects of that higher self which is the Monad.

    Love and Light

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