HJ: Peter covers quite a bit of territory in this incredibly profound message.  I would like to harp, however, on a point he makes further down in the article, and that is the coming expression of our ‘extra-sensory’ abilities.  I, personally, have been feeling my psychic intuition evolving rapidly as of late, to the point where the correct decision is always obvious.  I have a very noticeable intuitive urge as to what is right or wrong for me.  For those who are curious as to what the ‘feels’ like, I will explain.  When a choice or opportunity presents itself I will have one of the following two reactions when I began to ‘engage’ it any level:  If it is something I should be pursuing, it will fill me with excitement, joy and imagination at the possibilites this choice will create in my life when followed and expressed.  If it is something I should not be pursuing, the thought of doing so is draining physically/mentally/spiritually and if I try to pursue it anyways, it feels like I am constantly fighting a losing battle.  I just cannot get motivated to do it.

While this may seem very straightforward and simple (it is!), it is amazing how easily we can ignore and suppress these feelings with our conscious mind by overly analyzing situations and choices that present themselves.  Also, you need an energetically clear and healthy body and mind to be able to accurately receive these impulses.  If you are not finely in tune with your mind-body-spirit signals, then you will misinterpret them or doubt them.  This is not hard to do, but it requires living in alignment at all levels.  By learning many of the techniques and following the suggestions of articles published on the Healers Journal, you should be able to live in alignment quite easily with a little effort, discipline  and practice.  Believe me, whatever supposed ‘sacrifices’ you must make to do so (like giving up drinking or unhealthy eating habits) will be rewarded 100 times over with clarity and infusions of higher dimensional energies.

A little anecdote:  I have many friends who cannot believe I don’t drink alcohol or engage in any recreational drugs whatsoever (caffeine, weed, you name it…).  They think I live a life of chastity that is devoid of pleasure in many ways.  What they don’t know is that I always feel amazing and in balance and I am far happier than I ever was at any point while engaging in the aforementioned behaviors.  In fact, if I were to engage in any of those activities now, I would feel worse immediately.  I share this as a lesson that we are rewarded for developing spiritually and in the hopes that it may encourage others to do so.  The clarity and intuition we begin to develop when we are clear channels for higher awareness is incredible and life changing.

– Truth

By Peter Phalam | Readings By Peter

Orville Wright is perhaps best remembered for his work in aviation. What was not widely recognized was that he was an amazing philosopher. He passed into the ‘karmic illusion bardo’ after his death on the 30th January 1948. He soon ascended as a master with all his efforts in 77 years. His ascension was awarded from his philosophic ethics. A famous statement from Orville has carried into many decades: “If we are living under the assumption that what we believe is true and believes that is true, we have little hope of advancing.”

Nikola Tesla contributed more about electricity and as a physicist helped create atomic energy. He died penniless in January 1943 and passed through the ‘karmic illusion bardo’ quickly to be an ascended master. What placed him into ascension was his L Wave theory, having nothing to do with the weapons that were eventually developed. His theory was that all diseases had a conjugated configuration in miasms that exist in our lower etheric body and if we introduce the reverse conjugated configuration, the disease would be eliminated. Many starseeds have attempted this effort in many different styles but the only true ability is with energy healers from the 5th dimension of Archangels and Ascended Masters who allow the needed frequency to flow through their hands.

What we see from Orville and Nikola in the first stage of consciousness is humility and that is the main foundation of master consciousness. What we also observe is the duality of their efforts. There is a broad-based misunderstanding of ascension. So many lightworkers stage webinars on meditations and ascension. So many of these starseeds follow blogs and ideologies of leaders without ever placing themselves into the necessity of their duality focus here. The 4th Root Race, which covers 15% of Earth’s population, all have the ability to heal and channel. Many older souls work diligently in the 4th and 5th dimensions during their sleep states. Some soul groups have bright light bodies due to sophisticated diets and disciplined lifestyles. These groups gather around the vortex points of Earth grids in the upper harmonics of the astral plane. Younger souls feed off their energy and gain peace within their difficult lives. Other soul groups pulse the vortexes in the first three harmonics of the 5th dimension, feeding off of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Still other souls groups create holographic stages in the upper harmonics of the 5th dimension to work with both Indigo Tribes and Crystal Children as well as those starseeds who manage light body Merkabah integration and liberate beyond the astral plane.

There also exists the duty of raising sacred children and working a 3rd dimensional income. But once children move on and in my experience with older souls only about 30% even have children, there is the necessity of manifesting a 3rd dimensional spiritual talent. We all come into this life with previously established contracts in the 3rd bardo of death and reincarnation. Our higher selves contain many past lives, each having latent talents available to us. 2013 will mark the time when this new age has to have greater representation. So aside from humility, service remains the second tier of master consciousness. It may be as simple as working in a food bank or a homeless shelter. Many new searchers of spiritual changes are coming out and millions will be searching for teachers.

Soon all veils will be removed from the subconscious planes and clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities will be following. You will be able to see guides and angels, auras and nature spirits. The 4th dimension is slowly merging into the 3rd dimension so older souls have the ability to communicate with guides and help younger souls on their path. To improve this ability, your diet will go into a more alkaline basis and cleanse the acid waste in your body as the third tier of master consciousness. Water is essential as most filters are inadequate. Water ionizers create 9.5 to 10.0 PH very alkaline water which helps heal DNA corrupted from pesticides, preservatives and chemical additives in coloring and taste. Smoothies with fresh fruit and super green foods help also. To ascend we need to establish a twelve-helix DNA in our progressive vibration to maintain our light body fully integrated in our Merkabah. Acid foods and toxic environments will cause the light body to break down, blocking ascension.

[smartads]The final tier is a dramatic shift in our awareness. Judgment, fear and guilt must all change. Most important in all forms of healing efforts is intent. As long as we have an ego, it is designed to draw us into negativity but intent without expectation is the measure of success. In terms of guilt, if we realize that there exists over 100,000 soul groups, from all over the universe involved at different levels of evolution, then right and wrong are meaningless. Namaste Peter

–For more about Peter’s astrology and his readings, see  Readings by Peter

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  1. Living with a toxic free body certainly does clear the senses…I can certainly account for that.. We have been told that we need to rid ourselves of all the toxins both emotional and physical and they were very specific about this. Coffee, alcohol, halides like Bromide, Chlorine and Fluoride, sugar, synthetic drugs, meat, and dairy to name a few.

    Another biggie was making sure the thyroid is working properly and not malfunctioning. A raw food diet (plant based diet) does wonders to alleviate the many diseases we’ve brought upon ourselves. I could never go back to any of these deterrents as my body will no longer accept them. My understanding both mentally and psychically has sky rocketed since leaving these behind.

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