Cosmic Awareness: You Are Still in the Midst of the Unfolding Ascension Process

HJ: As I, and I am sure many of you, have intuited, we are still very much in the middle of the Ascension process.  It is still unfolding, morphing, resonating, responding and advancing as we speak.  We are collectively and individually creating and simultaneously participating in it.  It is a grand dance of epic proportions signifying the first giant step into the truly new, multidimensional consciousness field we will now collectively be operating in.  It is a time to lay the framework for our new experience of reality.

The energies are rising and rising fast.  Each moment brings new realizations and the memories of realizations past.  It is breathing new life into our personal visions and helping those of who need it to remember what they are.  Perhaps for the first time in this life, perhaps not.  Either way we are being given the opportunity to begin anew.

This is a wonderful, confirmative message from Awareness and is completely in line with what I and many of you have surely been feeling and experiencing.  Blessings during this amazing time!

– Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awareness

This is 22 December 2012, and this is a Cosmic Awareness message,  with Will Berlinghof as Interpreter, and Christina, Blu and Calista as Energisers. We welcome you Cosmic Awareness and ask you for any message you may have for us tonight.

That this Awareness tonight greets those who are in the interim, in that place between worlds, that place between time, that place between the spaces of consciousness, the spaces of realities. For it is so that the Ascension has begun, that the 21st did mark the day that the crest of the wave went through the planet, over the planet, around the planet, and that while this was not always for everyone an experience of departure, an experience of vanishing, that many did feel the energies shift and change, and that there are many who have had Ascension experiences, but there are also many who have not, at least so this seems to them in their three-dimensional realities, where they find that they are still there, as if nothing happened.

That this Awareness must say that much has happened, and much is happening for this is still an interim point, a point between, and that the crest of the wave did occur and did happen, but that as it has taken many years, months, weeks and days to finally reach that climax point, that maximum event, that it will now take time for the energies of that moment to recede, in particular the three days that you are in at this time, this being the middle point, does still mark that which is the wave at its higher point before it starts to fall and descend down the other side of the slope.

That many are angry that nothing has happened at this time, and that this Awareness says to those who are angry in this way, that you do indeed need to look at your anger, you do need to look at your disappointment, you must ask yourself, “Why was I seeking this Ascension experience, was I seeking it so that I could be part of that which is service to all, service to the planet, service to humanity, or was I seeking this because I was seeking to escape?”  That this is often the reason why many were seeking Ascension, to escape their lives, for they had determined their lives were no longer lives worth living, and that they were in misery, in discomfort, dis-ease, and that the Ascension offered them a way to escape. That for those who have not looked deeply into themselves, who have not done the work, that this Awareness has said continuously must be done, will find that they have not had that deep and profound experience that they thought they would have, that they expected they would have. That this Awareness says to you, you are still in the experience, it is not done and it is not complete. Use this time of disappointment, of anger, of frustration to ask yourself, why did I wish to ascend? whom was I seeking to serve? what was I wishing to achieve? That this is still that period of time that this Awareness says is the review period. Do not lose this opportunity to review your being and your reasons for being, your reasons for wishing to leave this planet, to leave the reality that was your life. Use this time for introspection, contemplation, surrender. Use this time wisely, for it is a very heightened period of time, and it can still bring much in the way of self-awareness and enlightenment.

For those who have felt the shift and are feeling the shift, for those who know something has happened and yet they still see themselves, feel themselves in a third dimensional form, know that you too are in transit, and that you are picking up very strongly now the shifting consciousness that you were flowing through. That you have indeed entered 5th Dimensional consciousness, and it is a separating now, as mother Earth has begun her separation, has begun to leave the shell that was her body, moving forward now, moving towards that which is her 5th Dimensional light body template, moving in consciousness as you all are.

This is again an interim point, and while many expected an instantaneous dissolution of the old, its disappearance, its vanishing, that you are finding now that it is happening, but much more gradually than expected. But your expectations are quite different from those who have been frustrated and disappointed. It is more that all of course, have some type of expectation, and you are releasing this as you understand and feel the shift within yourself. Some are feeling very surreal to this time, as if they are not really fully present. Some are feeling above their bodies, feeling incredible tiredness, a need to sleep, a need to be quiet.

There are many ways of having this experience, and this Awareness simply says to you all, relax and release, for the process is still underway. Mother Earth is transiting, Mother Earth is ascending, and you are ascending with her. That many have already ascended, even if they are still feeling themselves in the third dimensional reality. Look to your dreams, look to the quiet moments, the quiet times now, see how deep and profound they are. That for those who are completely ascended, this Awareness greets you and says to you all, welcome back. For you have returned back to that which is the source from which you originated, and that you play now in 5th Dimensional reality, awakening to this truth, awakening to this reality, and that as you fully awaken, as everything locks into place a new order, you will realise how you truly are the creator beings you have always been, and you will engage your creativity more and more and more, as it becomes easier all the time for you to simply imagine your life and see it like a road unfolding in front of you, and as you travel on the road you imagine what lies right around the bend, and you go around the bend and there is what you imagined, and it becomes a wonderful, amazing journey, as you surprise yourself continuously, as you gather with others who were walking on the road with you, awakening to their creative powers, their creative force, their creative being, and there is joy and happiness and rejoicing, to truly recognise that you have made it, you are there. And this Awakening is that which is happening at this time, and you are in transit, you are in term, in intermediate to this point of arrival, and you are there and you have accomplished this, for you are multidimensional beings who are awakening to this reality, and some have arrived there quickly and some more slowly, and some despite their expectations, not at all. But all have been through the wave front of the God consciousness and are in that consciousness even now, and all are still riding in the wave as it moves forward and begins its decline, and its lockdown.

That this awareness has previously spoken of the three days of darkness, and this is indeed that period of time, but there is no darkness, nothing has blinked out, nothing has vanished and you are simply underway, not quite there, but already arrived. Stay the distance, stay the course, for it is still the wondrous journey of the soul finding itself, realising itself, knowing itself, rejoicing itself.

That this message is indeed that which is a message of hope, not only for those who feel they have not achieved their Ascension, who are angry at those who have spoken to them about that which they would see and feel and know and experience. Step outside of the anger, step into the love, step into the heart, know that the soul is underway, you are underway, and that it is a time for myths to die, endings to happen, the endings of expectations, the endings of beliefs, the endings of all that has defined your reality, past and present and future, for it is a bright future, a new future, unexpected, undreamt, that now is unfolding, that now has the energy of motion, the energy of e-motion,  energy in motion, and you are that energy, you are that way, you are that path, and that the path is that which leads home, and you are on your way home, one and all.

Stay the distance, stay the course, know that you are already in altered reality, know that you are in transit and that you are who you are, where you are, in this moment.

That this Awareness continues to send its energies to one and all, to assist them in this journey of Ascension that is unfolding. This Awareness believes in you and the process you are all in. That it asks you to believe equally, to go through the crisis and test of faith that many are going through, to realise that you are at the very edge, and many have already jumped, have taken their leap of faith and others have not but are still there. Take heart, have courage, take this leap of faith, for it is your time and your time is now.

It is the now, it is the now, you are now.

Thank you very much for that message  Cosmic Awareness. And the four of us here tonight also send our love and support to those who are still going through this journey, that they also may have the confidence and trust to see themselves through to the place where they want to be.

That this Awareness is in full agreement to this, that this Awareness does see that this is a pivotal point, and that which is the review of the soul begins with each and every one looking at themselves and seeing themselves for who they are in this moment, in this now, and that it will progress, and it will deepen.

That this is nothing less than the ending of one age of humanity, and the beginning of a new age. It is truly a monumental event, beyond any expectation or imagining, and yet God has imagined it, and as aspects of the Divine you have imagined it, and you hold this imagining within yourself at this very time, and many are starting to remember this imagining of this time, and are happy and content to know that they are in the very threshold of this eruption of the new consciousness, this explosion into the new reality, and yet it is as if it is in slow motion. It is that which is, it has happened, and it is happening. The paradox is there, and that it is essential to simply be in your own space, to allow the energies that are circulating, some so strongly that they are causing entities and individuals to spin in the energies, and some so subtly that it is almost as if nothing is happening. Everything is happening and nothing is happening: paradox. And yet it is the paradox that will shake apart the old reality of rigidity and dualism, that polarised way of thinking where things must be one way or another, Ascension must be one way or another. Even the myth of Ascension is coming to end now, and that this myth that has so governed the expectations of so many needed to end as well, so that which could unfold would unfold and is unfolding. Let go of all myths, let go of all expectations and beliefs, let go of Ascension, for you are already Ascended, and it is more the awakening to this truth now that will be the final piece for so many who are seeking Ascension. Many have ascended, many know this to be their truth, many are in the midst of Ascending and feel this to be their truth, and many who have expected to Ascend are still contained in the old myths, the old beliefs, the old expectations, are finding this a most difficult place of all, and their old beliefs are holding them back, but even they are moving, for all are moving, the planet is Ascending as well, and when the energies finally start to drop, the energies of Ascension, and when all is done, each will be in their own place, the new space that is the new consciousness.

That each will again interpret it individually, each will again be in their individual timeline. That this Awareness has spoken of the nexus, the coming together of all timelines. That this is done, it is what occurred on the 21st, and now each and every being is moving back into a more differentiated timeline, individualised, separate, but this is still that point of nexus, this time of the three days of darkness. That while the crest has been reached, the partings begun, it is still an important point when many of the timelines still touch and comingle. Know that you are seeing and knowing the truth within yourself, if you so choose it. Know that you are seeing and knowing the reality within yourself if you so choose it. Know that you are seeking the life, the light, and the love of your own soul as it returns back into that which is the higher conscious state, that which is not dualistic in nature but unity consciousness, that which is wholeness and completion, and that as the myths die, there is a disintegration of what once was known and held to be true, so that the new can occur and the new can happen.


That this awareness announces that there was the birth of the new Mother Earth, Gaia, yesterday, and she is continuing this birth as she moves towards her new body, her new consciousness, her new being. Know that the crest of the wave has passed, and that you are in that wave now, you are in transit, you are in interim. You are on your path, you are still in motion, and that this Awareness says to one and all, hold, believe, trust, know. Guide those who are having difficulty, support those who are having difficulty, love those who are having difficulty, but release those who are having difficulty if they start to drag you down. For it is your journey, that this Awareness spoke on the 20th that all will be in their individual journeys, and this is so, but one can still support others, but if those who are in negativity are too strong, too destructive in the negativity, then one must look to their own journey and trust that which they are experiencing, rather than having another’s energy which is negative and damaging destroy their own journey.

It is the personal responsibility of each and every being to take this journey, it cannot be avoided, it is happening, and as each and every one looks to their own being, their own experience, and realises that they are having this experience and it is different and there is a difference, this will propel one and all even further forward. That this journey is not done, indeed the journey has just begun.

This completes this interim message at this time. That this Awareness continues to send its energies, its light, its love, and its blessings to all who are on the journey of a lifetime.

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  1. Well, I wasn’t thinking selfishly. I want to experience the ascension so that Humanity can have another try at a higher perception of life, instead of the dead ends we are at now.

    I am pretty disappointed that no upheavals, no uprising….. no change whatsoever in the current Americanized global system that we live by.

    No “Powers to be” were tried for treason…….. Nobody was librerated….Nothing.

  2. There was no 3 days of darkness, I was so fortunate to have 3 days of bliss. And today I’ve found my relationships with everything I had relationships before have either shifted to a form that empowers me, or shown signs that they are either ending or preparing to end.

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