Drunvalo Melchizedek  is the author of five books including “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II”, “Living in the Heart”, the bestselling “Serpent of Light”, and his latest release and the follow up to “Serpent of Light”: “The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come From Full Circle, The True Positive Mayan Prophecy is Revealed”.

When it comes to truly understanding the events surrounding December 21, 2012, it could definitely be stated that Drunvalo Melchizedek has put out an extensive amount of material to enlighten us on the subject. His latest book, “The Mayan Ouroboros“, talks about the history of the Earth grid, the Atlantean-Egyptian connection that brought it into being and the forces that preserved it down through the ages – just long enough to make it possible for us to move through the changes that we are experiencing now. We’ve heard all about the dark side of the Mayan Prophecy – now, as we approach the 2012 Winter Solstice, Drunvalo is here to tell us about its Light side, and to talk about the transformational energies that will usher humanity to a new level of consciousness.

Shift in Consciousness or End of the World?

We’re fast approaching December 21, 2012.  This date and time period has been called by many names: the end of the Mayan Calendar, The Shift, End of the World Prophecy, or simply “2012”.  There is a lot of uncertainty and some people are feeling a sense of dread that the end of time is near, or that there will be cataclysmic event that will change life as we know it. Some see the major natural disasters of the last couple of years as the beginning of a chain reaction of events that will lead to one major cataclysmic event happening on December 21st (Hollywood’s movie “2012” is a great example.) Add all the civil unrest that’s happening in the world and it has people wondering if we are on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe that’s scheduled for that date.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have people who see this time as a great shift that’s occurring in our consciousness. Some think this shift will happen at a particular moment and we will all awaken to a new reality. There are others that believe we have been already been going through a shift for years now, but as we grow into this long process we are starting to see the results: the world is becoming more black and white, with fear and anger creating a dark reality and love and compassion creating the white or “light” reality.

With the now infamous date almost directly upon us, it seemed only fitting to invite one of the Western World’s leading authorities on the Mayan Calendar to help dispel and clarify the prophesies and message of this time. Drunvalo Melchizedek has studied and participated in many sacred Mayan rituals and has been given permission from the Mayan Council of Elders to speak about the Mayan calendar and what this time period means.

The true positive Mayan Prophecy is revealed

As a special 2012 gift to OM Times Readers, we are given a sneak peek into some of the information that is shared in Drunvalo’s book “The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle”.

December 21, 2012

11:11PM (Chitzen Itza, Mexico)

At that moment,

The Earth, The Sun

and the Center of our Galaxy

are in a straight line, and it will not happen again

for 25,625 years. “THE MAYAN OUROBOROS – The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle” – by Drunvalo Melchizedek


There have been many interpretations and predictions about the year 2012 and about the events that surround the end of the Mayan Calendar. Otherwise known as the hottest topic on the planet, accounts of the ‘End Times’ have been expounded upon in everything from books to television commercials. But few of us know, or have bothered to ask: what do the Mayans themselves have to say about it?

Out of all the people who have attempted to shed light on the subject, Drunvalo has been able to connect directly with the Mayan, Arhuaco, Kogi, Hopi, Waitaha, Wiwa, Zulu, and Maori elders and priests whose oral traditions have preserved that  wisdom for close to 13,000 years. In ‘The Mayan Ouroboros’, the follow-up to his bestselling, ‘Serpent of Light’, Drunvalo shares the Mayan insight into the heart and its connection to our survival, and our ability to thrive during this transition into/beginning of, a new 13,000 year cycle

To give you an inside look at the changes that have come to lift us out of the darkness into the light, we decided to celebrate our 2012 Winter Solstice edition with an excerpt from this wonderful book, and let you read what Drunvalo has to say about “The Mayan Ouroboros” and our passage into the Age of Light.

Excerpts from the “Mayan Ouroboros” – Pages 97-99


“The story began in a land called Atlantis. Yes, I know that scientists are not certain that Atlantis ever existed, even though people in history, like Plato of Ancient Greece said that it did. There is no definitive evidence to prove that it actually sank beneath the ocean waves. But there are remnants of people who are still alive today who do remember.

The Hopi of Arizona, USA do remember, and they have told me personally that they used to live on Atlantis. The Kogi and the Arhuaco say the same thing. I even met a Mongolian shaman who said that his tribe remembers that they used to live on Atlantis. They even remember exactly how they travelled from Atlantis to Mongolia. The people who remember keep these memories hidden in the stories they tell their children, and in the hearts of their shamans.

And then there were the Maya, who also tell me they used to live in Atlantis. To back them up, there is documentation from the discovery of several Mayan stones found in one temple in the Yucatan, that the Maya used to live in Atlantis thousands of years ago…..

These stones show an ancient city in Atlantis, and how, on a single day, the Earth began to move and volcanoes started exploding. The Maya got into boats and rowed from where they were in Atlantis to the present-day Yucatan  in Mexico…

The time of Atlantis was a point in history when humans had developed consciously to a very high level – a level of consciousness beyond anything that we assume is even possible for humankind. But we were there….

However, only fewer than a thousand people had actually reached that stage of evolution. Most of the ordinary people of Atlantis were in a level of consciousness similar to what we are in now…And in between those people and these very high-level beings, were the Maya.

The Maya were the translators between the people with this very high level of consciousness, who were called the Nakkals, and the ordinary people of Atlantis. The Nakkals lived in totally dark pyramids, floated a few inches off the ground, and glowed in the dark, lighting up the pyramids. They were the living dreamers who created the outer reality from dreams from their hearts. The Maya were the priesthood, the ones who translated through ceremony what was being told to them by this inner group of very high beings, to the ordinary people of Atlantis.

Everything was going fine for thousands of years, until about 4,000 years before the sinking of Atlantis. A meteorite came out of the night sky and struck the Earth, just missing the western shores of Atlantis, which would now be very close to the eastern shores of the United States. Before it hit the ocean, it broke into three pieces.

The three pieces went into the ocean and made three huge, deep holes near the edge of Atlantis..

One of the three pieces of the meteorite struck very close to Atlantis and destabilized their continent. It left them on the edge of a huge abyss. And so 4,000 years later, or a little less than 13,000 years ago from now, the Earth experienced a pole shift. The continent of Atlantis couldn’t withstand the extreme movement, and being so close to this enormous hole in the Earth, it sank beneath the ocean.

The high-level Nakkals knew their continent was going to go underwater – they knew at least 200 years before the event – and thus they were prepared for the catastrophe.”

The rest of the story is amazing! We know you will love this book!

OM Times Magazine caught up with Drunvalo and asked him to share his knowledge with our readers.

OM Times: Drunvalo, give us a little history behind the importance of December 21st and the current time period we live in.

Many people are talking about the cosmic alignment between the Earth, the Sun and the center of our Galaxy on December 21st, about physical and potentially dramatic changes on Earth, and about the shift of consciousness that is related to these events.

According to the Mayan elders, there is a window of opportunity for a global shift in consciousness until January 2016 and every day during this period of time is equally prone to this possibility. Regarding the physical changes on Earth, I’ve mentioned several times that it is up to Mother Earth and Father Sun to decide on when and how this will occur and that this information has not yet been released to humanity.


OM Times: Do you think that this time period will bring about a unified Earth?

Many of us on the spiritual path of remembering and self-discovery have participated together in workshops, gatherings, ceremonies and trips. In reality, regardless of how or if we have met in the physical, we all know each other in Spirit and that connection is becoming more and more obvious. No matter where we are in the world, we ARE in spiritual union. Through this connection and the information flowing between us we are all beginning to see more and more clearly how our thoughts, feelings and actions powerfully affect the consciousness of the entire planet – especially those actions that come from love. As we gather together at the end of the old cycle and the beginning of the new, we can know that we are creating an amazing opportunity of connection and dreaming the new world for all of humanity. Each one of us has already gone through very profound changes and as those continue we can choose how we move forward; in fear or in Love.

OM Times: How did you start on this amazing spiritual journey?

In about 1972 I was meditation with my wife when two spheres of light about 18 inches in diameter entered into our room and floated up to us.  One was a bright-green color and the other ultra-violet.  They said, “We are not separate from you, we are you on another level of existence.”  It was the beginning of a rapid change in my life that has continued until this day.

Slowly over about fourteen years they led me to over seventy spiritual teachers around the world coming from almost all of the world’s religious traditions.  The spheres would give me the name, address and phone number of a teacher, whom I had never met or, in most cases, I had never heard of.  It’s such a strange feeling to call someone on the phone when their info was giving to you from a glowing ball of light, and that person actually answers the phone.  It was an amazing education.

Read the rest of the article here: OM Times

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