By  Meredith Murphy

You are well prepared, trust yourself.

All that has led up to these alignments — the 12:12:12 Stargate and the December Solstice — has prepared you well for the unprecedented Infusions of Cosmic Love that will flood Earth during these holy days. Since you began to awaken and remember, you have been experiencing endings and beginnings, in cycle upon cycle within your own hearts and lives, all of which is preparing you for this huge Cosmic Completion & Re-birth.

It is the time of times and you are divinely positioned and primed to fulfill your intentions for this lifetime and for participating in the collective upliftment of reality on Earth.

Trust yourself knowing you will know what to do and how to receive what is given. Allow your full presence to concentrate upon each moment and be at peace.

Indications that limits are being shattered.

There are many indicators of your own expansion into greater wholeness. One of the signs of evolution many are experiencing now is the return of innocent dreams and saved up wishes, and this remembering may be accompanied with incredible grief.  Many of you are feeling intense pressure, as though being squeezed, and exquisite agony as your awareness is expanded, and you see your prior limits and how you held yourself back from what would have given you joy.

Realize, dear ones, that as you’re met with love, everything your heart has longed for arises with confidence and without hesitation. Your heart simply opens to love–it’s natural.

You can only see your limits when you are beyond their influence.

These illusions are dissolving and as they are released we experience the grief from our un-realized joy and how we bought into the illusion. You can only see the limits you yourself have created when you are beyond their influence. What surfaces in this awareness is only releasing. These experiences are heart openings supported and created through the incredibly expanded presence of unconditional love in our experience. Our awareness, senses rightly, that the time is approaching resonance with our fuller expression.

Be gentle as you learn to claim your new freedom.

In readings lately and in my own life, Mother Mary has appeared in these times, encouraging us to be gentle and offering herself as an Ambassador of Freedom. She reminds us that we will want to acclimate to our new-found freedom gradually, realizing it is unfamiliar to us and our tendency might be to shut down and not let ourselves have it, for fear of it being crushed, destroyed, having what we love and finally receive taken away, or discovering that it is simply a mirage. All these fears and the skepticism created from our past experience will naturally dissolve in the company of this immense love. By knowing this, we can be gentle with ourselves and call upon our higher self and open our heart with the intention to learn to give ourselves permission to receive more.

Our heart knows we can trust life and that life on Earth has changed.

Our heart, in its infinite wisdom knows those fears are not true–thus its inherent willingness to open.  Life and we, are changing.

Mother Mary also urges us to have the courage to come into deep unity with ourselves, cherishing these wishes and cherishing and loving ourselves in the way we used to be–limits and fears and all. This is part of the process of resolving duality, of creating a clean, clear ending in your relationship to duality as you shift into a higher dimensional expression.

Loving all versions of yourself is an ongoing experience.

You exist in an eternal continuum of expression. Learning to love all versions of you is your pathway home to the ultimate reunion with Source. This journey will continue for us in the New Earth. Learning to love ourselves in all iterations of our being is an empowering pathway of continual expansion.

As you re-visit your dreams and wishes allow yourself to feel where there is still hope and energy, and enjoy the experience as you spin them into visions once more. Allow the clarity that everything is Spirit to give you permission to dream as you wish. Give yourself permission to create everything you desire without judgement. Trust the way source flows through you and the way you are receiving the collective’s intentions as inspiration. Rely upon the intelligent organizing powers of All-That-Is and be you! Embrace the new opportunities for joy that are showing themselves as your dreams re-surface. Celebrate that you have created this opportunity in collaboration with all your Earthly and heavenly family and that it is a gift for everyone.

What’s being created during these alignments will be experienced as it can be received.

Self-love, self-respect and self-confidence are what resolve the veil between the old paradigm and the 5th dimension. Each of us grow in this capacity to experience unconditional love at our own pace. What is being created and completed during these alignments will be experienced as it can be received.

The energetic transmissions and transformation within our human, Earthly and galactic templates created through the 12:12:12 Stargate and the December Solstice create an entirely new playing field for human life on Earth. These new potentials and capacities will be received as they are vibrationally compatible with each person’s energy structure. Each of us will move into Unity Consciousness when we have resolved our relationship with duality. It is important to allow ourselves to use the presence of increased light in our world and ourselves to assist us in surfacing what remains as attachment, as polarized perceptions and as illusion.

We can celebrate this return to the Galactic Center on the December Solstice and the Re-Birth of Earth in the 5th dimensional template, knowing that we each discover the fullness of this new beginning as we are resonant with its gifts energetically. It is a promise made manifest for all. Wherever we are in our own unfolding we can allow ourselves to receive as fully as possible, the gifts of this newness in every moment, and be inspired by all the beauty being grounded and claimed within ourselves and others. Unfolding our divine nature in human form will continue, and the mysteries and glory of this is ours to discover.

Honor the diversity of experiences throughout this month.

It’s important in realizing all this to honor our unique experience of this time of times. Many of us will very much feel what is taking place on the powerful sacred days of alignment and notice how different our experience is because of these incredibly powerful transmissions of unconditional love. For those still learning to concentrate their presence in their own awareness, it may be harder to notice what is changing. Some may seem to not feel anything at all.

The energies will open us in ways we may not expect and this may feel intense and unfamiliar. In our wisdom we trust all of this and cultivate our own vibration. Peace of mind, heart-opened being in the now, and kindness to one another and to ourselves is a powerful choice of presence as we move through these high energy days of transformation and re-birth.

Our hearts open to love naturally.

We cannot help it and in fact, as many of us know, it takes energy to hold ourselves back. Our hearts open to love as a reflex. We are primed to open to love–it’s our nature. Increasing transparency to ourselves is a given and this can also be challenging. With knowing, gentle hearts, we can turn our growing mastery with unconditional love upon all that we are and all we have been, recognizing the endless stream of expression that is our very nature. We can support one another in our new clarity and choose to see and embrace every other aspect of the Divine expressed in infinite blessings throughout our world. This unconditional love is our True Identity, the infinite knowing. In self-unity we become a pure, clear, perfect reflection of the One I AM.

The 12:12:12 completion is mirrored throughout our reality.

The Truth of the 12:12:12 Stargate is that the completion of the Earth Grid, the sun disc’s final ignition, simultaneously takes place within us too–our own 12-strand DNA re-instating, our own 12-chakra system activating–and in the expanded specificity of our being.

We emerge into a freedom as potential in which we can move up and down within dimensions while on Earth–with vibrational resonance–and in the wholeness of this 12, we experience the 13th.

The 13th, the Unity of All, Cosmic Consciousness, the Christed Consciousness re-membered in humanity, the awareness of unconditional, divine love. This fully activated crystalline DNA allows us to access the living library of light which in and of itself, liberates access to our greater reality. This reality is created and as we are in resonance with it, we shift fully onto this time-line of light and love.


The 12-chakras are the literal Jacob’s Ladder, the way that we move within our own Lightbody into resonance with different dimensions and the wholeness of this, the 13th, is the Universal Order, the Zero Point, the time of all time, of dynamic wholeness accessed through the living fields of light.

So with these alignments this month we will have access to un-definable waves of light, each of us accessing, integrating, receiving as we are able. These alignments are living fields of light, perpetuating throughout time and influencing all of creation.

In this auspicious time, we are each treasures. Perfectly placed, chosen to participate in this here and now because of our life experience, our devotion, our love and our desire to be here. Each of us perfectly opening to receive, situated as we are to facilitate the grounding of these energies, and participating in our own lives, as they are elevated, refined, opening and expanding into greater expressions of wholeness.

We will need to learn to live in this freedom.

As we learn to give ourselves permission to choose, wish, create, experience, our freedom expands. Permission or standards for experience are created throughout our Lightbody–by the capacity of our mind, our emotions and our physicality as well as our wholeness as Spirit flowing into our human energy system, to welcome and receive.  We will need to learn to live in this freedom. By our intentions, our focus, the quality of love we exist as, we radiate standards for what we are available for and to receive.

Our integrated Lightbody will continue to evolve, for that is the nature of being. We emerge in newness and the game goes on!

We grow our capacity and our capacity grows. The alignments this month alter the resources we have access to and free us from the toxic influence of illusions and the lineage of de-activated capacity. The promise of wholeness will be made manifest.

Now the choice is fully ours. Moment to moment, we are met with the resources and frequency we choose and embody. The vibrational freedom of our world will be a manifest experience.

It is truly a new beginning, expansive in every way we allow it to be.

May we continue to embody our I AM Presence as we take command of our new human templates and together with our beautiful planet and All-That is, in joy, we commence the creation of a new way of being. One of peace. One made consciously of love.


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