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Today is the 8th of December, 2012. This is a Cosmic Awareness channeling for the readers and listeners of the website. Present tonight are Britte, Brett, Blu and Callista. Will Berlinghof is the Interpreter. And I welcome Cosmic Awareness for tonight’s reading.

This Awareness does have an important message, important information, to share with one and all tonight.

It is information that is crucial to the process now of spiritual evolution, spiritual ascension. It is information regarding that which is known as the Reptilian brain, and how it is connected and tied into the process of spiritual evolution or, perhaps more accurately, in how it can retard and hold back spiritual ascension.

That which is the Reptilian brain (is that which) was genetically engineered and fused to the cerebellum, to the cerebral cortex of the developed creature known as homo sapien which occurred many, many eons ago and was the result of the genetic engineering that the Anunnaki ordered to occur for the purpose of creating a slave being that could serve them, both in the performance of menial tasks, such as mining the gold that was being extracted and used by the Anunnaki, as well as more delicate tasks that did require comprehension and awareness.

Thus, the mammal of the time that was used was that which was Neanderthal man. But, there were additions and modifications made, such as the fusing of the Reptilian brain to the cerebral cortex and to the brain itself. This was to give those newly-created beings intelligence to a degree, awareness and understanding of their situations and their duties. But it was not the initial intent to create a being that would evolve with time and become capable of spiritual evolution and advancement.

The Reptilian/Orions who created this new being, this Adam Kadmon, this prototype, elected to use certain Sirian, genetic experts, genetic engineers, under the command of he who was known as Enki. This is information that is available through such books as Zechariah Sitchin’s “Twelfth Planet” and other sources. What was important is that Enki and those who worked with him, the Sirian bio-engineers, had an ulterior motive that was not in accordance or alignment to the plans of Enlil, and his father, Ea.

This was the creature that was being created would one day advance to a point where it was possible for them, the bio-engineered, evolutionary product known as man and mankind/womankind, that it would be possible for them one day to reach a point where Ascension could occur. As Enki was a time-traveler in the fourth dimension, it was determined that that time for this advanced, evolutionary process would indeed be at the time of the planetary ascension process and at the time when the wave of Divine consciousness would sweep through the planet, indeed, affecting all who reside on the planet.  That moment is now.

The coming together of the plans of Enki as well as the Sirian bio-genetic engineers, has come to a stage of accomplishment and achievement. It is that point that lies directly ahead now. Many are prepared and ready to respond to the Ascension process. Many who are here to do so are of the Galactic Federation, are star beings. That they, in agreement to the higher dictates and requests, have elected to be the advance guard on the planet itself and that they have put themselves into the human host bodies that were bio- and genetically engineered to be available at this time for this most miraculous and wondrous event.

But there is an important factor in this plan that is relevant to tonight’s discussion. It is that which this Awareness has labeled, the “Reptilian Brain”. That the original purpose for that which is the Reptilian Brain was to regulate the creature that was created so that it would not advance spiritually. It would not evolve to that point just discussed by this Awareness, that jumping-off point, that point of Ascension that is approaching.

That they, the Orions, did have their own bio-genetic engineers who were also involved in the project. It is was the consensus of the Anunnaki that the being that was to be created could not evolve spiritually, for it would be detrimental to the long-term plans the Anunnaki had for this new slave creature. It was not in their vested interests as they saw them, to have a creature that could develop higher awareness than they themselves had. That the grafting of the Reptilian brain to the Mammalian brain was seen as a retarder to this happening. It was also seen that as the Reptilian brain and the Reptilian consciousness had, indeed, its own programmed set of conceptions of reality, its own character, its own personality, if you will, the Reptilian character and personality, that was structured and ordered, that would obey commands and authority, that would be rigid and unable to work creatively. And yet, the dilemma was they did need a being, a creature, that also was a problem-solver, that could think for itself.

Thus, it was felt that by including the Reptilian brain to the Mammalian brain that this factor of retarding the spiritual evolution would be accomplished and they would create the perfect slave being for their needs. Again, it was not anticipated that the Sirians, with Enki, would develop secretly that which was the Divine spark, that which was the capability of this newly-created being to evolve spiritually. Thus, a back door was created to the creature that was developed, the homo sapien being that became modern man and is now modern man.

Advancing on this matter, that to this day, all human beings are still born with the primitive and primeval brain that is the Reptilian brain, that which holds the Reptilian characteristics, the Reptilian construct of that which the Reptilians hold as vital and important. In other words, each and every human being is part Reptilian. This is that which most do not acknowledge or recognize, and there may even be many who would refuse to accept that they are part Reptilian.

But it is, indeed, fact. That now as all stand at the very threshold of Ascension, it is incredibly important to finally realize and recognize that there is an aspect of each and every human being that still very much responds to the genetic coding of the Reptilians. That the planet itself is heavily influenced by the Reptilian mentality. The ruling elites are of a Reptilian nature, the Powers That Be, Reptilian as well. The Orion connection is that which, in a way, fuses with this. But it was the Reptilian genetic material that was used and that governs now that which is the innate character of each human being.

This Reptilian brain is that which for most people governs their willingness, ability and capacity to exceed themselves or not. As that which was the retardant to spiritual evolution, many are still blocked from that experience at this time, which would see them ascend. Indeed, this Awareness has spoken many times, that only approximately 20% of the populace will achieve a high level, medium and low-grade Ascension to the fifth dimensional Planet A construct.

Others will, of course, survive and go on to populate the new planet A/B, the new balanced and harmonized planet, that will no longer be under the influence of the Reptilian brain or the Reptilian/Orion overlords. The Reptilian/Orions themselves and their minions, their servants, who have willingly served under them will go on to inhabit that which this Awareness has always called planet B, and for those who have completed their spiritual journey, whose purpose and point it was to have the journey to this point, they will simply return home, their spiritual home.

What is now important in context to this discussion, is to recognize that there is a connection between that which this Awareness is calling “the Reptilian brain” and its characteristics and personality that infuses each and every human being, and that which is called, “the ego”. That this Awareness has discussed the ego previously and has described it as part of the low self. This Awareness wishes at this time to be even more specific on this matter.

Each human being develops first as a human organism, a human body, that develops in the womb space. That which is the Reptilian brain is part of this developing biological unit. That when the low self consciousness, also an aspect of Divine Consciousness, enters, it is with the intent of being the interface of that human biological unit or body with that which is the construct of third dimensionality. It is assigned the task of being the controller of the body and its physical interface with third-dimensionality. But it also comes into a body that has the Reptilian character or that which is the Reptilian brain as part of that body and construct. The Reptilian brain holds that element of purpose of the original designers and developers that were the Anunnaki reptilians, of preventing that spiritual evolution.

The low self comes into alliance with this, that which is the Reptilian character and there is a working arrangement, if you will. For the majority of those spiritual aspects of the soul seeking a physical incarnation, this is understood and recognized and accepted as how it is, as the Spirit seeks to have this unique experience of physicality with this Reptilian aspect also involved. This agreement thus is supported by that which is the Divine.

But, as it is now time for the completion of this experiment in consciousness, and as it was seen and understood by Enki so very long ago, that it is time now to complete and alter that which was the purpose of the Reptilian brain to complete, so that the experiment can come to completion and to alter so that it can be transmuted.

Often, the ego/Reptilian brain are not here to advance human evolution, but rather, to maintain the status quo. Indeed, this Awareness this would say, always is this the purpose of the ego and the Reptilian energies it is representing, it is indeed the embodiment of. Thus it is that often when an individual seeks to move forward in his or her spiritual journey, the ego wells up, it provides all manner of objections and sabotage. That which is the rational mind, the logical character, the objector to change and growth is that which is the Reptilian mind, the ego. It is aware that with spiritual evolution, successful spiritual evolution of an individual, that its role will be terminated, annihilated, deleted. It does indeed have as its primary objective, survival. Therefore it is essential for that aspect that is the ego, that is in association with the low self, because of Divine Will, needs to fight, to resist, to combat an individual’s spiritual growth and development, as well as societal spiritual evolution. It is, after all, a very Reptilian-dominated planet at this time. There are many who enjoy this Reptilian-based culture and world.

At that this time in particular it is essential to finally recognize and understand that with that which is the Reptilian brain involved, the ego, as its expression, that there is always that likelihood that when one is moving towards ascension, towards spiritual advancement, there will be objections, there will be doubts, there will be uncertainty. The ego will fight hard to prevent this from occurring, for it does not seek annihilation; it seeks continuance, it seeks to keep things as they are, that the human being remains enslaved to the Reptilian masters that still have control: the Orion/Reptilian faction.

At this time, what is crucial is not to fight the Reptilian brain or the ego, but rather to embrace it, for that too is part of the overall Divine plan. That which is the Reptilian being and the Reptilian culture has indeed to evolve as well, but it is not their purpose or intent. Thus, the Divine concept, the Divine Plan was to bring to the Reptilians, not because they sought it, but because they created a situation where they would be participant in an Ascension process through the construct of the Reptilian brain.

That as the star beings inhabited the bodies of human form with their deeper awareness and understanding of the Divine, of Ascension, that they were given the opportunity also to awaken the Reptilian mind, the Reptilian brain. That to avoid this is to avoid total and complete ascension. It is essential now at this Light point to come to a realization that by embracing this that is the Reptilian character expressed by the ego, is to indeed embrace totally and fully one’s total and full character.

It is that which could be seen as the dark side of each and every human being. Full ascension is not accomplished simply by staying in one’s Light Being or in the conceptualization that only Light will advance. It is fully realized and achieved when one embraces the dark side of one’s being, the ego, the Reptilian nature, and goes forward into full Ascension.Thus this Awareness says that at this time, it is imperative to send Light and love to one’s ego, and it is imperative to send Light and love to that part of the human brain that is the Reptilian mind or brain.

That doing so will indeed expose that which is the hidden enemy, for the ego, the Reptilian character that resides within each and every human being, is indeed the hidden enemy within and it is now time to expose this hidden foe. To acknowledge it is part of each and every individual and indeed is part of that which is the planetary consciousness of humanity, that which is directed in that Reptilian/Orion way.

It is important, for as this wave of Divine consciousness passes over the planet, those who are in resistant, those who will not acknowledge the totality of their being, good and bad, Light and dark, Reptilian and Divine, will find that their evolutionary process may not be quite as advanced as they had hoped, if they at all even remember. For the part of the process of evolution that will affect many is that they will simply forget and that the energies of the Reptilians will be removed and they will start again on the new journey of planet A/B, minus that which is the retarding agent of consciousness that was created bio-genetically by those so long ago, to prevent evolutionary process, spiritual advancement. The new reality of that which is planet A and planet A/B will not be affected any longer by that Reptilian brain that has been built into the system so long.

Indeed, it is for this reason that the next stage of spiritual growth and  consciousness will be unimpeded by those who have so long controlled and dominated, but this is an extension of the matter. This Awareness returns to the primary issue here. That at this time it is necessary for all to come to terms with that which is their dark side, that which is the ego, that which is the Reptilian brain. It is time to energize it with Divine Light and love, but personal Light and love, as well.

Thus, this Awareness, at this time, presents a meditation for this purpose. It again involves the chamber of God in the center of the heart. That this Awareness asks each and every one who is so inclined to again visit the chamber of the heart, entering into it, assuming the throne at the center of the chamber.

On this occasion, as the chamber fills with Divine Light and Divine Presence, that you breathe this in, collecting this force in the solar plexus region. This is the seat of the low self, that which is a Divine aspect of consciousness that is part of the triunal make-up of each and every human being. That which is the low self is energized and command given as the three breaths bring this manna, this energy, into full bloom. That this energy be sent to the Reptilian brain itself, and that the Reptilian brain receives this energy of Light and love, both personal and Divine, and that that which is the character of the Reptilian, the ego, be welcomed into the Ascension process, welcomed into the Light and the love of God and each and every individual who participates in this meditation.

Feel this energy of Light Consciousness and love consciousness in viewing that which is the Reptilian brain, changing it, transforming it, transmuting it. That which is the Reptilian personality that is known as the ego is invited to ascend with the individual who is doing the meditation, invited to join this cooperative effort, and even is visualized as being indeed of Light and love.

That the danger that was always perceived by the original Reptilian overlords, was that on ultimately one day, that this individual aspect of their control over humanity would be exposed. It is the primary reason why humanity has been kept asleep for so long. It was always known that if God’s Light and love, the Godhead, the Divine essence, was focused upon the Reptilian brain, then the individual who did so would break free of the control that was bio-engineered, bio-genetically engineered, into each human body, and that individual would transform and transmute into a higher spiritual being, thus accomplishing the plans of Enki and the Sirian genetic engineers so very long ago.

As one visualizes this in the meditation, feel the transformation from within, feel that which has always been the objector lose its power and its capacity to control, to deviate, to sabotage your intent and your purpose. It is not in battling the Reptilian aspect of one’s being that success will be achieved, but in embracing it, in bringing the Light to it, and indeed, making it truly part of yourself and part of the Ascension process. When this is accomplished, even at a minor level, it becomes easier to ascend to the highest levels that are possible, to truly awaken to one’s fifth dimensional spiritual nature.

At this time, even though the time is short to the event of the 21st of December, the day when the wave of Divine Light and consciousness sweeps over the planet, there is still enough time to work this, to meditate on this, to embrace the ego, the Reptilian brain, and to move forward in this evolutionary Ascension Process.

This Awareness welcomes questions at this time in regard(s) to this process.

Thank you, Awareness. I would just like you to clarify the effect of the Reptilian brain on the human behavior.

It has largely kept human behavior at levels that are Reptilian in nature. Thus it is, as the Reptilian character is one that glorifies in formality, in rigidity, in obedience, that acknowledges hierarchical structure with a line of command to those who are in control; that ritual and pomp and circumstance are part of that which is the Reptilian. That a militaristic inclination is favored, with the understanding that there must be order, politics, religions, education, medical and many other layers and levels of society and civilization are the reflections of a Reptilian mind, the Reptilian brain.

This being so, most human beings simply accept that it is this way, it is part of being a human. But this Awareness says that it is part of being Reptilian. Recognizing that this part, although it constitutes human-ness, because it has been so for so long, was not always so and that there were other Ages where humans developed without such Reptilian structure and order, and there will soon again be a new planet that does not have the Reptilian structure or control.

Indeed, that which is the comfort zone most people hold to is Reptilian also in nature, for they have been bred, humanity has been bred, not to question and understand the deeper Truths, but to simply seek comfort and ease, this keeps one asleep. This is in accordance to the Reptilian plan, the long-standing, manipulated and controlled plan that has been in effect for thousands and thousands of years.

There are many elements that support this. Religion was developed in accordance to the Reptilian plan, also to keep the masses asleep. That politics, especially as it is practiced in Western democratic nations, with a leader and a hierarchical structure, is pure Reptilian, with the purpose of those leaders working for their Orion/Reptilian masters behind the back, if you will, of a sleeping civilization, of humanity that is asleep and dumbed-down. All of this is contingent on each and every individual’s Reptilian brain functioning to continue the retardation, the holding back of the human consciousness.

But, it has come now, finally, to a tipping point. This because the star beings who have volunteered themselves into this planetary Logos, into humanity, to be born again and again in human bodies throughout the ages, have helped direct this process away from pure and total control, to a state where consciousness can finally shift. The experiment has come to an end and the new reality of God, the planet A/B, harmonized and in balance, will finally emerge.

Does this answer your question?


Yes. Thank you, Awareness, but I was wondering if you could help give us more clarification about how the Reptilian brain affects our own personal, human behavior.

That which is known as the ego is the extension of the Reptilian brain. It works in tandem, if you will, with the low self, for the low self was instructed to work with it in human life. Thus, for most humans, that which is the ego is the controller of personality. When one starts to exceed that which was the intent and design of the controllers, that the ego often acts and re-acts in ways that create havoc and turmoil, that will sabotage attempts towards autonomy and self-awareness; that it keeps the human being often in deviance and discord and humanity itself is often more animalistic in its behaviors than civilized. Civilized is that concept that means for most that humans are not animals. Yet to view their behavior, even their leadership and their activities, that it is quite clear to those who observe humanity how the Reptilian character, the animalistic, soul-less part of that which is the human character, is very much in evidence.

Thus as one moves towards spiritual evolution, the resistance becomes stronger and stronger, both in the individual, as well as at societal planetary levels. It is for this reason that the Powers That Be, who are Reptilian-based, are keeping mankind unbalanced, are hitting mankind with many problems. They are taking tighter and tighter control, for they see that it is possible for it all to slip away. It is imperative that they keep mankind unbalanced at this time so that they cannot find their center, so they cannot examine their nature, so that they cannot ascend. This supports and is supported by the Reptilian brain, as on an individual level it seeks to keep each and every human asleep, unbalanced, uncertain, in discord to their inner being; not believing, not understanding, not even looking to see their higher nature.

But as it has been said, there is a Divine Plan as well. This Divine Plan has been supported by those of the Galactic Federation for thousands of years. Many have volunteered, many have walked in the form of humans, thus having the right to evolve human consciousness, which has been done over the hundreds of thousands of years since this experiment was first introduced. And now the individual stands at a point of self-realization, self-awareness; for the ego is finally being acknowledged as a negative master and that the Reptilian brain is its base from which  its consciousness stems.

It is for this reason, the reason of recognizing and understanding the Reptilian brain and the ego, that this Awareness has spoken tonight. It is a vital piece in the ascension process for each individual who is considering and focusing on their Ascension. Many will achieve this simply by staying focused in God’s Light and God’s love, being that Light and love. This too will focus energy on that which is the Reptilian brain, that which is the ego. But by having this precept and concept clear in one’s mind, with focus and with intent, one can be even more effective at dislodging this energetic, this consciousness, and in transmuting and transforming it.

Is this clear?

Yes. Thank you, Awareness. You said you were going to give us a meditation that would enable us to be able to…

This meditation was given. It is the meditation where this Awareness directed one to go into the chamber of the heart, to energize the manna in the solar plexus in accordance with the low self. To direct this manna through the low self, to the Reptilian brain, enlightening it, infusing it with the love and light of one’s being and Divine Being, and commanding that the ego let go and be released, that it transmutes into the Light or indeed, vanishes. That when this is completed that one can come back into the heart and simply be open further to the experience of the Light chamber, heart chamber meditation.

Thank you very much, Awareness. That is very clear.

That at this point, that this Awareness is complete with tonight’s discussion and presentation. It fully expects many questions to be sent to the interpreter and to the energizer/wife of the interpreter. But this Awareness does ask that many realize that this is an important concept at an important time, and to work with that concept to the best of their ability. The simple recognition that this aspect of the human condition, the human mind/brain, is there will help many to come to deep and powerful realizations which will bring them freedom at this most crucial and critical time. This Awareness invites all to go deep within and to look for themselves at that which is their ego and to determine for themselves whether the words of this Awareness have any worth or value in their attempts to clear themselves and prepare themselves for Ascension. Each has a choice to make. This is part of the choice for overall ascension, but it is not necessarily that which all will respond to.

This Awareness recognizes that and the right for each and every individual to accept or reject that which has been presented tonight. It simply asks for open and sincere consideration of this information.

On behalf of everyone, we thank you, Awareness, for the time that you spent with us tonight.

That it is done in beauty, and in beauty it is now done.

That this Awareness sends Its blessings, Its light and Its love to one and all, especially to those many who will seek now to see clearly that which is their inner darkness, that which is their inner light.

It is complete.

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