Palmistry: Psychic Signs in the Hand

By Terry Stokes | Bellesprit

Minor chakras exist in the hand centres, and the auric colours are at their most vivid around the fingers. The hollow of the palm is said to hold this energy, and it is the power for spiritual healing.

The biblical passage, length of days is in her right hand, and in her left are riches and honours, proverbs 3; 16, is a truth indeed.

Carl Jung the great psychologist often referred to palmistry as he evolved his theories of introversion /extroversion, [the majority of introverts being left handed.] and his theories in character differentiation was as a result of his studies into astrology and palmistry.

As the left brain side crosses over to govern the body’s right side and of course the right brain side, the body’s left side, and this is the key for advice on health, karma career romance etc.

There are standard signs of spiritual awareness and elevation in the palm and fingers, although these are rarely seen in church dignitaries.

A first finger that is slightly longer than the third, and a little pointed, (1) is often taken to be a sign of an inner knowing or gnosis, but there is a difference between religious feelings and those which are spiritual, religion coming from outside, and spirituality coming from within.

When the lines in the central hollow of the palm covering the section known as “the plain of Mars” form a small cross this is often called “the psychic cross,” a known sign of seer ship. (2)

The girdle of Jupiter,” a line crossing under the index finger is understood to refer to Metaphysical interests or abilities, certainly it is the sign of the spiritual student. (3)

The mark of the spirit medium is a line from under the mercury or little finger, curving to the mount of Luna, or heel of the hand. (4)

Spiritual people are known for their care of others, and Isaiah 49-16 says; “for behold, I have engraven thee on the palms of my hands, thy walls are continually before me” a biblical endorsement of palmistry.

A many lined hand is called a “full hand” and shows sensitivity. These people are aware of subtle vibrations of colour, places and people and is a common sign with psychics and seers, but not healers.

If you examine your own life line which encompasses the part of the hand known to medicine as “the thenar eminence,” or mount of Venus to palmists, this line of life on its journey round the thumb must be viewed as a river, cutting its way through the terrain of hills and valleys, plains and mountains, telling its unique story of our journey through life, and of our successes and failures. (5)

The ideal lifeline should sweep wide into the hand, be unbroken with no dots, digs, bars, or islands, a warm pink in colour and surround a raised even mound, and this tells of the kind of energy available to the subject, and where it will be spent.

Good healers will have a strong, deep and sweeping life-line symbolising the strong energies needed in healing, the chakric type can be ascertained with practise from palmer signs to tell the kind of healing which is natural to the subject.

Often a line of Mars or inner life line is seen (6) and this bolsters the person at the time shown, it can also refer to a guardian or parent or an “angel line.”

It is advisable to compare all lines but particularly the bracelet lines which cross the wrist at the palmer base, traditionally these carry the simplistic terms of health, wealth, and happiness, but they are a good guide to where the life energies will be. (7)

The life-line is divided into 4 sections, corresponding to; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, which relate to; Childhood, Adolescence, Maturity, and old age, or Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The psychologist Carl Jung further divided the grouping into; Sensation, Feeling, Intuition and Thinking.

Some schools further divide into North, South, East, and West to determine life paths, and directions.

Certainly a compass placed within the life line will give pointers, to countries of influence, but a healthy body has enough iron to make a six inch nail, and may affect a future location reading.

The hand is divided down the middle, with the thumb side representing the conscious or outward direction of chi energies, the other hand side speaks of the inward direction or subconscious factors. (8)

A line drawn at right angles to this beginning from the start of the head line, forms a cross, and this as the “Palmer Celtic Cross” and this can be used with the tarot for further information.

Emanuel Kant the great philosopher, [1724-1804] attempted to reconcile the two groups of thought that ruled both philosophy and palmistry during his lifetime, the idealists with their lofty ideas of spirit, and the materialists or realists with their down to earth pragmatism were opposing groups. Just as today we have the scientific palmists who say a line here unalterably means this, and the intuitive palmists who work by inspiration or psychometry. Holistic palmists embrace both schools of thought, and with its emphasis on therapy and unity, can offer a far reaching touch into the soul which can help heal wounds of long go. Remember the occult saying; ”old sins cast long shadows,” a healer looking inside us can often give us a focus on misdeeds from a lifelong pas, that still chain us down with guilt or sadness and from which we need release.


So our current spiritual landscape is conditioned inexorably by our doings of yesteryear. Recognition and acceptance of this is known to bring “catharsis” or relief for did not Jesus say, “Seek the truth, for the truth will set you free,“ and truth always shows in the palmistic chart or palmerscope, for the hand can never lie. So in essence the most prominent line in the hand, the lifeline may tell us when the sunshine will come and the showers too, compare every line in a reading to this one. Shakespeare said “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which if taken at the flood, lead on to good fortune,” a good reader will tell us when to follow the flood, and when to wait, and all is shown in the life line. The life can offer us a rich abundant harvest, if we know when to plant the crop.

Bear in mind the tree trunk by its annular rings will tell us a story, each ring representing a year, so also, each year on the life line being slightly less than the width of a match stick, will show important events.

The 7 major planets of astrological theory, the 7 bodies of Theosophy, the 7 chakras directly relate to the 7 shapes of the palm, all depict a different karmic emphasis, although most modern palmists use 4 major divisions.

The different palmer types will give the message on our most active chakras and soul patterning, and most importantly our present karmic tasks, answering the age old questions, who am I, Why am I here, and where do I go.?

So the ultimate penetration of the kaleidoscope of destinies that await us as we journey through life, may be seen in the life map that is our hand.

“Happy Palmistry”
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  1. You peaked my curiosity when you said that the signs of spiritual awareness are rarely seen in church dignitaries so I dug up some pictures of a few popes and cardinals.

    Seem that it’s true.

    I’m wondering if the signs really are and indication of spiritual awareness, after all I would think these people are all very spiritual.

  2. but these people are religious and not spiritual, there is a very big difference.
    I have studied this stuff and the author is the best there is

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