Jeshua ben Joseph: The Clock is Counting Down to Ascension…

This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down. . .

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman | John Smallman

The last stage in your journey of awakening is beginning as you move down the final stretch on your path home.  It has so far been a very grueling experience, but that is all about to change as you sweep downhill towards the finish. Enormous amounts of spiritual energy have been released into your energy fields to assist you, as the numbers of you meditating and praying with the intent for humanity to awaken continue to increase.  This should help you strengthen your inner confidence in God’s plan for humanity, while providing you with a sense of peace and serenity as you look forward with keen anticipation to your moment of awakening.

It is going to happen, so let go of your doubts, or ask your guides and angels to strengthen your faith, and they will.  This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down through the remaining period, leading to the start of the new age.

Humanity’s long sojourn in unreality is almost over.  There have been a few good moments, but on the whole it has been a painful and depressing experience.  The longer it lasted the more ingrained became your heartless and unfeeling belief in the need to sacrifice some for the “good” of others.  And of course the “good” were those on your side, and those sacrificed were often “unavoidable collateral damage” who unfortunately happened to be in the way!  The senselessness of those attitudes has finally penetrated the minds and hearts of sufficient numbers of you to enable you to stand back a little from beliefs that had become almost completely carved in stone, and to allow yourselves to look at issues collectively through new eyes.

New eyes give a new perspective, and that new perspective has shown that without trust and respect for one another, lasting solutions to issues that divide you can never be found.  Many are now working to revise the practices with which you engage each other (individually, or nation to nation) in discussion and negotiation, so that new and enlightened patterns or models can be formulated that will honor all involved.  These practices will then become normal and standard forms of behavior as you move into the new era that you are collectively building, where those old and outworn attitudes and beliefs have no place.

At present, those showing the way, carrying the Light, or generally working lovingly in the caring professions are sending enormous waves of compassion and acceptance flowing throughout the world, bringing respite to those who are suffering, as a sense of hope for, and anticipation of, the new age begins to permeate their consciousness.  This sense of hope is strong, emphatic, and irresistible, because it carries with it the intention to awaken into a far, far better world where poverty, destitution, suppression, and coercion no longer exist. Many of those experiencing these feelings have never before felt so hopeful or so optimistic, and it is uplifting but puzzling for them.

As the dawning of the new age gets ever closer, the numbers of impoverished or destitute ones that this energy field of warmth and compassion envelops will grow steadily larger until it encompasses even the least spiritually aware, who feel utterly lost and abandoned as they struggle for survival deep within the illusion, assisting them towards awakening, unless they choose otherwise.  There are still a few, even in abject poverty, who are not yet willing to choose awakening, but they will be neither forgotten nor discounted, and when they are ready the path to awakening will be there to lead them home.


Reality is unlimited, undiscriminating, and totally accepting of all whom God has created, because all who have been created were created in Love, which is the eternal state to which all will return.  If any of you have worries or concerns about loved ones whom you think are unaware of the essential spirituality of their nature, or who appear unwilling to give it credence, or whom you imagine for any reason at all will not awaken, release those worries because they are totally unfounded as God always takes care of His own, and all forms of consciousness and sentience are His own.  Those worries just keep you attached or clinging to the illusion when you should be focusing on releasing all those limiting and distracting ties.

God’s Will for you all is that you awaken — and so it is inevitable that you will. Because however you may feel at present, in the grander scheme of things your will is completely aligned with His.  All are free to continue playing games in the illusion, but eventually all will grow tired of them, and, like the prodigal son, all will return Home to a magnificent celebratory welcome.  Everyone is gloriously welcomed on returning Home; there are absolutely no exceptions because all are infinitely loved and honored for who they truly are.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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  1. Don’t think this is Jesus being channeled. Discusses all bad aspects. He would also praise the help and love many have learned to share over time. There is much beauty in this world. I love it and praise God for it. I am thankful. I believe in Jesus but not this one. Read it.

  2. Hello ! I come to you {greet you} with unconditional love and gratitude. I would like to ask a prayer to the archangels, and chanellers on healer’s journal – – ask of you for a prayer that my partner {Rob} and I will win publishers clearing house tomorrow. Were tremendously good people, and will be endlessly greatful and infinitely charitable if this takes place. And if not, that is fine too. I love you guys so much, you’re incredible, and I would trade all of the winning lottery tickets in the world to have you guys always here to guide me through my day 🙂 love and gratitude to the moon and back,

    Rob and Raymond McAlister <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Good news indeed, thank you for this kind, loving message of hope.

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