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An Opening From Within To Higher States of Consciousness

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QUESTIONER: Thank you. The first question is from RB. He writes concerning the inner portal. “Awareness has mentioned several times the inner portal. Can Awareness please tell us more about how this works and how to activate and use the inner portal? Is it possible to send the physical body into higher dimensions through this inner portal or what is its function exactly?” Your comments, please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The inner portal is not to be understood as a portal such as one might find in the external world. It is more an opening from within to higher states of consciousness through one’s efforts and one’s work, both in this lifetime and other lifetimes. It very much involves the work of cleaning up the Garden that this Awareness has spoken about previously, and dealing with the ego, which indeed keeps the consciousness trapped in physical material reality.
One needs to understand – the inner portal is that process of enlightenment through the journey of one’s life, through the attempts and intentions of focusing one’s mind, one’s feelings, and one’s
being to higher, stronger, relevant spiritual issues. Thus if one is preoccupied with physical matters such as acquiring food, paying for shelter, paying the bills, having money for one’s physical
activities and physical desires – one often does not begin the process of the inner work. One is so fixated on the provision of the material goods and requirements that one does not have time often
to go within for meditation, for contemplation, for inner work. It is often even considered as the most trivial of all things, least important, and least desired.
Thus many stay fixated on the outer reality, the physical form, and materialism. They are trapped in 3rd dimensionality and they stay asleep. This is the biggest obstacle to developing the inner portal, for those who are in physicality simply do not acknowledge the importance or significance of one’s inner reality. But for those who seek an Ascension of consciousness, who seek
to move forward in their enlightenment and awareness; they are the ones who are needing the most to do the inner work, to meditate, to contemplate, to open the mind and the heart to the higher possibilities.
Even if one has chosen to take this route, still the wall is met continuously as to what one can or cannot do. While one might believe in Ascension they may, for example, be stuck in a mental loop
of their own making, where they cannot let something go because they are so fixated, so obsessed by that which they deem as the most important thing of all, that may not be important at all but is
perceived as such by an individual or a group. Thus even though one may be a spiritual seeker one must always be willing to truly question those elements and aspects of mind, of belief, of thought
and opinion that one holds as all-encompassing and all-important.
For example, many feel that the purpose of Ascension is simply to escape the hardships of this physical reality. As spiritual individuals and spiritual seekers, they have worked hard to escape physicality and are no longer intrigued by it but repelled by it. The journey has been too long and too hard and they simply wish to leave now, to escape, to go through an external portal, and not to do the inner work, for this is too difficult and often even preached to certain ones as unnecessary. 13″Simply proclaim yourself to be one who will ascend, follow a group whose leader may claim that because you are in the group, you will ascend.”

Many People Like To Feel They Are the Chosen Ones!

Many are content to follow a religion or dogma or group where they feel that because of their numbers, because of their faith, because of their teachings they are the chosen ones. These ones, even if spiritually inclined, will find that the Ascension process is not simply about walking through an external portal that may or may not appear and escaping physicality once and for all.  They may indeed escape through the events that are unfolding, especially geophysical events of upheaval through that which is the death experience, but for many who think that the answer is to simply step through the portal – they may indeed be surprised for the portal that they wish to step through is of a vibrational nature and not all can pass through this filter that would allow them to move into higher consciousness.
The requirement is that one is of a certain vibration. This is not by way of punishment; it is simply that in the soul’s evolution it is necessary to proceed in the manner that is best suited for an individual’s growth and development. It would be like putting a child who is in kindergarten into an advanced algebra class in high school. There simply would be no capacity for the child to understand the algebra or the math involved.
There is a process of growth, evolution and development that is held rigidly in the spiritual evolutionary process. Thus if one sought to simply step through a portal to ascend to higher levels but they have done no work whatsoever in preparation, and have just decided that they are part of the chosen ones or a chosen group or a chosen individual, and they deserve it simply because they say they will ascend or are told they will ascend – then it is unlikely that they are truly ready for this process.
Inner Work Must Be Done Alone!

Thus inner work must be done. This is the inner portal that this Awareness is referring to in the sense that as one does the inner work, as one looks at themselves, finds those dark areas, those issues, those aspects of their own being that are not in the Light, where the ego has control and is creating difficulties and problems, for example, they will find also that if they were to be shown a
portal they would not necessarily be able to pass through it. However as this is a filtration system, if you will, they may find that as they work within themselves they are able to raise their vibrations, and they will be able to walk through any portals that are visible to them with the work done and complete.
The irony here is that when one reaches that inner understanding and awareness level that would actually qualify them to go through a portal, often their conscious level of awareness is
great enough that in a sense they have already ascended through the journey of their own lives and willingness to deal with issues and circumstances from within. This is again the inner portal.
It is a metaphor for the process of engaging one’s issues, one’s restrictions, one’s obstacles and one’s beliefs that would prevent one from stepping through a true portal that will be available during these Ascension times.
This Awareness challenges one and all to simply try to walk through a portal. Even if they could see it, even if it appears in front of them, if they have not prepared themselves, what they might find is they enter a portal and not wind up exactly where they thought they would wind up, for they will simply be recycled back to layers and levels where they need to still do the work. Thus if one, for example, without doing the inner work, were to step through a portal – even if it would accept them they might find they come back into their own lives and not appear in the 5th dimension free and easy, because Spirit does know whether the work has been done or not. Why it Is Important to do the Inner Work
This Awareness would say many no doubt are asking, “Why is it important to do the inner work?” “Why is it important to work with the ego or the negative beliefs and thoughts that one might have?” “Why is it important to work thus on the inner portal or opening so that one can expand?” It is important for it is the only way that one can release and let go of the negative chains and ties one has to the 3rd dimensional experience. The illusion of 3rd dimensionality is what prevents the individual from moving into the higher multidimensional states of consciousness, and prevents the individual from developing their 5th dimensional Light Body, their spiritual Light Body.
Thus one will always stay stuck in the trap of physicality until one begins to understand that they are spirit beings having a physical experience, and that they are more than the physical experience. They need to raise the bar, raise the standards for themselves to exceed the norms of physicality, the mental-emotional-physical norms. As long as one thinks they have acquired a high level of conscious awareness and yet are still petty and trivial in their lives, and still criticize and insult and judge others, and still go on and on about matters that have no true significance; they are ones who are still in need of inner work, who are still trapped, and who will not ascend to the high grandiose levels that they think they will and believe they will. This belief is based on erroneous assumptions.
Thus it is part of the spiritual evolution process to reach high levels of balance, of harmony, of wisdom and enlightenment in the actual physical body while still part of third dimensional reality.
It is by this process that one first and foremost begins to escape the 3rd dimensional energies that are present when one chooses to have a 3rd dimensional experience. Then when one has achieved
this they will be able to open the portals at will, stepping from one level to another in the blink of an eye. But if this was available to just anyone then many who are not truly ready, who have not
done the work, would simply jump from a place that is undesirable, with their faults and failings, with their negativities and low energies, and jump into those higher energies where this would be
unsustainable and disruptive.
But it is not so, for the workings that are in place, the greatest working, is a streaming effect, a filtering effect that allows movement when one has reached a certain level of awareness and consciousness where the inner portals of understanding open up and prepare one for that Ascension process that this Awareness has so often talked about.
Indeed this Awareness would say it is the Ascension process: the working within, the working through the issues that are negative and binding, that keep one stuck and imprisoned in 3rd dimensionality. This is also indeed very much part of the Ascension process. This completes the answer. This Awareness asks if the energizer has any further questions.
QUESTIONER: Not at this time. I’d like to absorb what you have just said, as it was excellent. I need to bring it into myself but I do appreciate it and I’m sure the members will as well, thank you.
COSMIC AWARENESS: One thing this Awareness would reemphasize is the inner portal is not as an outer portal will be. It is not seen as a gateway that one opens inside but it is rather a metaphor for the process of expanding one’s consciousness, of healing one’s soul and dealing with those inner negative issues and beliefs that need to be dealt with, need to be overcome, need to be understood before one’s vibrations rise to a level where the outer or external portals can be used successfully.
If one does not work on the inner portals of awareness and understanding, comprehension and enlightenment, then one will never have the energies needed to step through the high level vortexes and portals that will be corridors to the higher dimensional states of consciousness. Thus one would be trapped still in the lower dimensional consciousness, the 3rd and even 4th dimensional. Does this explain the matter more concisely?

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