The Importance of Knowing Your Metabolic Type for Optimal Health

Metabolic Typing is For Optimal Health

By Raluca Schachter–

Let’s shed some light first upon the basic paradigms that seem to dominate today’s healthcare system and beliefs. The conventional, western model of medicine is a symptom and disease oriented approach. There is no real prevention here. Action is taken when symptoms appear and that action is mostly based on prescribing drugs for a lifetime.  Deep, underlying factors that determined the disease in the first place are not considered. 

Even alternative medicine is mostly disease based, where symptoms are suppressed by natural remedies; sure, it’s not that toxic as taking drugs but it’s not the solution for long term health either.

The third model is one that aims to go much deeper than symptoms and treating diseases on the surface level. This patient-oriented paradigm is a totally different approach altogether, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met. We are talking about METABOLIC INDIVIDUALITY, about how and why “one man’s food is another one’s poison” and how and why “one diet/herb doesn’t fit all”.

What Is The Healthexcel System Of Metabolic Typing ?

Metabolic Typing is NOT just another “diet”. It is a complex protocol for HEALTH, stemming from ancient traditional medicine like the Chinese and Ayurveda, combined with the latest technology and nutritional science we have today. It determines the right diet for YOU and your metabolism; which can emphasize either more protein, fats or carbs. It is not meant to torture you through a diet that deprives you from the very nutrients you actually need to thrive! It IS providing you those nutrients.

Metabolic Typing also TEACHES you valuable knowledge about how your body really works, how to interpret the signals it sends you daily, how to adjust food ratios to feel at your best and how to choose the cleanest, purest, healthiest food available. It teaches you how to reconnect with Nature and find the true ways of being healthy on a physical and mental level.

It BALANCES your biochemistry while balancing YOU as an individual. It is an individual oriented approach that builds health, no matter what your health disorders are. And it’s also a valuable “know-how” that you can learn for yourself and transmit to the future generations.

To fully grasp this concept, watch this fun and educational video below:


Why Do We Need Metabolic Typing Today?

Back in time, people didn’t move geographically the way they do today. They weren’t racially mixed as much either. They relied on local, unprocessed  whole foods. The very ones that their ancestors have been consuming for centuries. Their instinct functioned perfectly and they relied on ancestral wisdom passed down from generation to generation to stay safe and healthy. They had vast knowledge of plants, animals and Nature and lived in harmony with all of these. Our ancestors didn’t experience any of the modern diseases people experience today.

So back then Metabolic Typing wasn’t really necessary. Today we live a complicated modern life, loaded with processed, lab-made toxic foods, huge amounts of external stressors and pollutants and are plagued with many hidden biochemical imbalances that are not easy to identify or address with healthy food alone. On top of that, we literary live in a “genetic melting pot”, move constantly to different countries and continents and that is disconnecting us even more from our genetic roots. The genetic material we pass down to our children is also very poor compared to past generations.

Today we DO need Metabolic Typing. We do need a complex, systematic, proven, clinical methodology to help us get back to our roots and figure out: what does our body really need to feel GREAT? And what are the hidden causes (blocking factors) that generate our health disorders? How can we address these?

I wish I could tell people they just need to start eating organic and breathe fresh air. But unfortunately it is not enough anymore. Most of us do need testing and guidance for long term, optimal health. No organic food can solve it all, really.

How To Get Tested For Your Metabolic Type?

Although  the Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing®  is a very complex methodology for those that study it, (like the Metabolic Typing Advisors and the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisors), it’s also extremely logical and the information provided to the client it’s done in a very systematic, organized manner, that’s easy to follow. You will receive complete documentation that will include your customized diet plan, food resources, food preparation guidelines, health information, as well as specific interpretation of your negative health symptoms and steps to follow to address these.

In its complete form, this system analyzes 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC) that regulate all metabolic functions in our body, to determine and define one’s Metabolic Type. These FHCs are:

Autonomic Nervous System (NeuroEndocrine – /Sympathetic /Balanced /Parasympathetic), CarboOxidative (/Fast /Slow /Mixed Oxidation), Steroidal Hormone Balance (/Pregnenolone /DHEA /Androgens /Estrogens /Progesterone /Cortisol), Neurotransmitter Balance (/Excitatory /Inhibitory), LipoOxidative (/Anabolic /Catabolic), Electrolyte (/Stress /Insufficiency), Acid/Alkaline (6 different  kinds of imbalances), Endocrine Type, Blood Type, Constitutional Type, Prostaglandin Balance.

The first step of the health protocol is assesing one’s Metabolic Type and that is done by filling out an online questionnaire of 150 questions. This questionnaire is the most accurate method of determining Metabolic Types® available in the world today. It is the result of an evolutionary process spanning nearly 30 years and is based on the input of thousands of practitioners around the world and hundreds of thousands of users.

It is required to work with a Metabolic Typing Advisor in order to get a full and complete interpretation and guidance throughout the process. Most of these adviors can consult with clients from any part of the world. Prices might vary from country to country and advisor to advisor. If you are interested to start working with me for this program you can find out more information here.

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