Aisha North: The Sun is Fueling the Energetic Changes Occurring

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (part 214)

The sun is shining down upon you again, and her benevolent rays carry so much more than mere light and warmth. She is the dispenser of wisdom and knowledge in so many ways, and from the earliest of times, mankind has been aware of this. But now, her generosity has increased to such a degree, she will be responsible for the turning around of mankind. Let us explain.

The sun is for many considered holy, and it has been thus for eons, as you have rightly surmised that without her flaming appearance in the sky, your world would be a cold and dark and dead place indeed. But now, the rays that bathe you each and every day bring with them so much more than mere warmth and light, as they also carry with them enormous amounts of information. This information is vital indeed, as this is the information that is directly responsible for the changes that are taking place on your planet even as we speak. For your scientists, these influxes of matter have been invisible, but they are starting to make themselves known even to the crude forms of instrumentation that you have so far been capable of putting together. Make no mistake, you are in some ways advanced, but in this matter, you are lagging far, far behind the rest of Creation. But as we have already touched upon, you will be brought up to par in this aspect too, and you will be done so at the earliest opportunity. But again, we will refrain from giving any exact details as to the timing of these advancements, as that will not be divulged at this stage. That will only serve to confuse, even if we are well aware that the absence of any direct and concrete information on the subject of timing is a source of much irritation and impatience to many. Be that as it may, let us just say that this whole process has been carefully planned, and when the timing is right, so much will be put into action that your questions as to how and when will all be more than satisfactory answered.

That is all on this subject for now, but let us just add some facts about what you have just been through. As we said, your sun has been more than generous these last few days, and even if this does not in fact register on much of the apparatus your scientists use to gauge the effects of the incoming rays from your sun, your body will be willing to tell a whole different story. For your body has been more than willing to let these beneficial rays be admitted into your system, and through them you have all taken a very important step closer to completion. Much has been caused to be initiated from this last implant, and much will be set into action by it that is not yet possible to detect. But soon you will, and you will feel the effects of this bathing in light for the rest of your sojourn here. We know we speak in convoluted terms as usual, but let us just say that this last batch of information capsules that the sun so obligingly sent in your direction acts as triggers on so many systems that are imbedded not only in your physical body, but also in your mental bodies, and as such, a whole score of programs have just been set into motion that will have lasting and beneficial effects not only on you, but on your whole planet. So rest assured that even if for some of you this process was more than a little uncomfortable, it was more than a little bit effective, so we think you will find that it was certainly worth it in the end. So rejoice dear ones, and congratulate yourselves for another successful mission completed, and know that this was a very important and most efficient one as well.

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