Cosmic Awareness: The Founder of Biodynamic Farming was a Crystalline Being


QUESTIONER: Yes it is and I thank you very much, thank you. The last question comes from JC. He writes, “There was a spiritual teacher in Germany during the first quarter of the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner, (1861 to 1925) who was very active publishing 50 books and giving 6000 lectures in German, all of which were transcribed, printed and preserved by the Anthroposophical Society which he founded. Most of them have been translated into English and are available to this day from Amazon. He also founded the Waldorf School Movement and Biodynamic Farming. All of them have become world-wide but none of them have become mainstream.

There is currently a devout follower of his, Judith Von Halle, a living stigmatic, lecturing and publishing in Germany. Unfortunately all the channeled material that has come out since the
Harmonic Convergence in 1987 completely ignores all of this material and indeed directly contradicts it regarding the evolution of the universe, earth, and man in the past, present, and future,
and the sources of evil in the World. I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on this contradiction. Any comments you would care to make regarding Rudolf Steiner and Judith Von Halle would also be appreciated. Thank you. Your comments please?
COSMIC AWARENESS: The first comment that this Awareness would make is Rudolf Steiner was German Swiss and not German. He was an enlightened being of the 9th dimension that had come with deliberate focus to bring onto the world plane the information and knowledge that the 9th dimensional collective wished to impart and introduce at that time. His was a very practical earth based way but very spiritually inclined, be it his teachings on education or on agriculture or simply the workings of a harmonic society. He was an enlightened being from the beginning, one who would be understood now to be a crystalline being who had come to bring these new thoughts and to plant these thoughts as seeds.
These seeds have certainly taken hold and Steiner philosophies, schools and such are around the world at this time. Even in the outback regions of Australia Steiner schools are present; they are present in Africa, India, Russia, indeed even North America. The point of this matter is that his thinking, his thoughts, and his philosophies have indeed become somewhat part of the mainstream even if at a very small level or to a small degree. What the individual is referring to is simply other understandings, thoughts, and diversions that have been added to the mix. It is not seen by this Awareness that it has defused the Steiner material or blocked it or destroyed it. It has simply been another series of misguided pathways that the Powers That Be have introduced to those spiritual seekers to misdirect them, to lead them astray.
Ultimately the spiritual seeker must always question the path they are on. Recently it came to the attention of the Interpreter and his wife that an event was being promoted that was said to have recently occurred, an event of First Contact, and in this event it was claimed that an individual had had First Contact. This individual is the individual known as David Wilcock who related his experience of First Contact, how he had been himself first contacted by the government and been invited to this event. He joined a very select group in a secret location hosted by government types and surrounded by government agents who sealed off the area. Then a UFO approached, it landed, and alien beings-blonde-haired and blue-eyed-came out and mingled with the collective audience.  They were all emotionally impressed and were beside themselves over this event. After a period of time these aliens left, and the event was finished. The individual who shared this with the Interpreter was most excited by this event and yet the Interpreter saw several flaws. The fact that there were government officials was a clear indication this was a controlled event. The Ashtar Command is said to have been those of the aliens that landed as well, and finally it was all top-secret, heavily controlled and the aliens who came were those who could be understood to be hybrids.

The purpose of this story at this time, an event that only recently happened, was to help people understand again the seriousness, in this time especially, of questioning all and everything. It did turn out that this event was a hoax or so it has been claimed, but the point is that if one foregoes all reasonable review of this matter, of asking questions, of being responsible, one can easily be misled and misguided, especially in these times when there will be many false prophets, false events, false experiences. When one has such, one must still ask the questions: What is this about? Who is behind it? What is to be gained here?

In light of the question versus Steiner and those who have come forward to mislead, one needs still to ask questions. Rudolf Steiner is proven to have been a man of great spiritual nature and his work has been available for a score of years and has been put into effect. The others that have recently come forward, many of them have tapped in to the desire of those who are spiritual seekers, those who are Light Workers, to experience a shift in consciousness, but they are not being diligent, they are not asking questions. Therefore, if they are misled, as those who have been through this aforementioned First Contact event, they will go down a side passage.

It is absolutely crucial at this time to be even more diligent than ever before and not to simply throw up one’s arms and bow in salutation to these alien visitors, but to stand upright and ask them who they are and what they want. This is the same following any group, any cult, or any organization that professes to have the only truth, to be the way and the only way or to present materials in such a manner that it indeed ridicules and abuses others who do not hold the same beliefs. This is an extreme time of caution, of finding the truth and staying in one’s integrity.

When one gives one’s own powers away to a group, an individual, or an event, then one can easily be misled and at this time this would be indeed crucial. One needs to be even more vigilant, more responsible, and more mature in their seeking of the truth than ever before, for such are the times now that the events are leading in many directions but also they are leading to the great epochal change that is coming and one needs to be aligned in the manner of the direction that will take one through these events and not be sidetracked by them. Is this clear?
QUESTIONER: Yes it is and very helpful, thank you for that information. Is there additional to it or
did you wish to do a closing message now?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would say that the last answer is a closing message for today.

QUESTIONER: Very good. Thank you. It was an excellent session!

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