Jeshua ben Joseph: The Divine Energies are Supporting Your Journey

Jeshua ben Joseph via John Smallman

September 19, 2012

John Smallman

Note from John Smallman:
Dear Friends,

I want to thank you all for your regular visits to the Jesus Blog. I believe Jesus’ messages are very apt and uplifting as we head towards awakening, and that by reading them we open ourselves, even if only for a moment, to allow God’s Love to fill our hearts, helping us to be Light bearers and way-showers to those who have yet to awaken.

I particularly want to thank those of you who expend the time and the energy to translate Jesus’ messages into other languages, and to all who re-blog them. They deserve to be shared widely because they are so inspiring and uplifting, and are in sharp contrast to what we generally read in the mainstream media.

So, thank you all very much and may you be always divinely blessed.

Love and hugs, John

Jeshua ben Joseph: There is an Invigorating, Sparkling Crackle in the Air

Humanity’s awakening is moving ahead very auspiciously as the divine energies you are availing of to help you on your way continue to strengthen and intensify with each passing day. If you could really comprehend what you are achieving as you focus on being loving at all times, and by sharing your love indiscriminately with all with whom you interact, you would be absolutely flabbergasted.

You are on Earth at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution for precisely this purpose, and despite the difficulties with which such a life has presented you, you are maintaining your purpose and delivering what you promised – an almost constant demonstration of loving wisdom in action – and, as a direct result, inspiring all those with whom you interact to do likewise. You deserve and will receive the highest accolades and commendations for the devotion and determination you are bringing to this essential task, thus ensuring that it will be brought to an utterly successful conclusion.

It does seem at present that your world is in a state of chaos as you hear of wars, threats of war, riots, starvation, earthquakes, floods, droughts, forest fires etc., but in fact what is happening is a massive clearing-out of old and stagnant energies that have set you against each other for eons. Your politics, economics, international relations, social services, educational systems, and general behaviors, attitudes, and expectations have become bogged down and basically unworkable, and a new model is required.

Before you can remodel or redecorate your home, you have first to remove the age-old accumulations of stuff that no longer serve you, and then clean all the surfaces in preparation for the renewal that is to take place. Initially it looks like an awful mess, but you know that it has to be done if you are to do a good job – and that is basically what is happening on Earth at present. Once the preparations have been completed the job proceeds quickly and smoothly and the improvements that rapidly follow show you that it was well worth the effort as you observe that the sparkling cleanliness resulting from your industry has brightened up the whole environment.

A clean environment encourages and uplifts those who work in it, and productivity improves. As the renovations proceed enthusiasm grows, and it becomes readily apparent that the task you have undertaken will be completed in a workmanlike fashion precisely as planned. All begin to perceive an inspiring vision of the possibilities that lie ahead, and they recognize within themselves the competence and skills necessary to redevelop the environment in new and creative ways for the ultimate benefit of all involved. And all are involved, and are delighting in the communal efforts that are achieving such marvelous results.

There is an invigorating, sparkling crackle in the air as the new energies that will define and establish the New Age flow in to absorb and dissolve the old ones that had become fragmented and unequal to the task. Amazing things are happening all across the world as these energies grow and flow with enormous power — the power of divine Love that maintains and embraces all of creation. They had been all but excluded from working with you and for you until very recently because of your collective choice to make yourselves separate and individual by hiding away in the illusion.

The flame of God’s Love has always burned within you, but since your choice to separate from Him it has been burning very gently and discreetly — nevertheless always present because it is your eternal life force and your existence depends on it — waiting for you to make the decision to open your hearts to It once more. And now you have, and It is showing you the path to peace, acceptance, and abundance which you had temporarily lost sight of.

All that had hidden it from view is dissolving and the way is clearly marked and inviting you enthusiastically to follow it to the divine destination for which you have longed for so many eons. And there, a most wondrous welcome awaits you all, as you, the lost adventurers now found, eagerly race Home.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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