Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 157

By Aisha North

Aisha North

You have been taken on a quite a ride these last few days dear ones, and you have ended up in a place far removed from Kansas, to use a line you might all be familiar with.

Let us explain. As the days goes by, more and more of your internal programming is rapidly being shiftet, from the old and degenerative one to the new and life-sustaining one that will help you to transcend the lifespan of a so-called ”normal human being”. As we have touched upon so many times earlier, this deprogramming and reprogramming process is a thorough one indeed, and it needs to be done in increments, as there is only so much a frail human body can take in one sitting. Or rather, there used to be only so much it could take, but the level of hardiness in you all has risen to such heights, you are now at the receiving end of so much intense energy, it would literally render you helpless if it had been administered earlier on in the process.

Still, it will affect you in so many ways, as we always tailor the doses close to the absolute max you can withstand, therefore you will have some ”side effects” every time you are uploaded with new codes. So to this time, and that is not strange, as this last round was of such an intensity it had many of you literally out cold for a few hours. This will always feel dramatic and mayhaps disquieting to some, but as always we reassure you that even if you feel very out of sorts because of this, it will do you no harm. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as these incoming energies literally blast away the last remnants of stagnant energies that may still be lurking somewhere deep inside of you. In addition, they all carry important information that will be very valuable to you in these upcoming days, and even if this information might not be easy to perceive in your daily life as it were, it will in so many ways seep through and permeate your whole life.

So, to sum it all up: remember to take all of these super intense periods of hard core energy with a smile, as they are actually propelling you one big step upwards the ladder towards attaining your true glory, and even if they leave you moaning and groaning a bit from the residual fallout, it is only a sign of progress.

Again, we will also remind you that as each and every one of you is individually treated, none of you will experience exactly the same symptoms throughout all of this. Therefore, do not berate yourselves if you did not ”feel” anything at all. It does not mean that anything is amiss, or that you have been left out. It only means that your process is evolving at its own pace, so rest assured that you will all be brought closer to that same final goal, even if the road taking you there might differ from your neighbours’.

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