Dr. Joshua David Stone: Spiritual Alchemy – How to Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Ones (Part 1 of 3)

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It is extremely important to understand that everything in life happens for a reason and there are no accidents! Everything in GOD’s infinite universe is governed by laws! If something happens in life, be it positive or negative as you interpret it, it has happened to teach a Spiritual lesson. In truth, everything that happens is good. To even look at something as negative or bad is an interpretation of the mind. Everything is good in the sense of everything being a Spiritual lesson and Spiritual test! It is certainly okay to have preferences for certain things to happen and this is as it should be, and you should go after your preferences with all your heart and soul and mind and might. However, the lesson is to be happy whether you get it or not! Happiness then becomes a state of mind, not anything outside of self!

Now, it is a fact that very often in life no matter how dedicated, good, pure, Spiritual or even Christed we are, things in life will not go according to our preferences. This can be caused by personal factors that we set in motion in this life or past lives! There are also many things that happen that do not meet our preferences that are caused by other people, for we are not alone in this world. There are 6 billion other souls in this Planetary Mystery School called Earth. Certain things happen because of personal karma and certain things happen because of group karma. There are other things that happen because of Planetary karma or Historical karma. Why something happens, in truth, does not matter, for if it happened, the fact is you needed that lesson! The cause of why it happened is unimportant. One cannot cry over spilled milk! It is spilled and nothing is going to change that! Many times things will not go according to our preferences because we have made mistakes. Sometimes we make very big mistakes and there is great karma to pay! This is not a judgement and is not bad, just a statement that certain mistakes have greater implications than others. Everything is, of course, forgiven and everything is a lesson, so in truth, forgiveness is the healing balm that heals all!

Now the question is, how does one turn something negative that has happened into a positive? Certainly the first way is gaining the “Golden Nugget of Wisdom” from what happened! Also, one can make a specific Spiritual vow to oneself and God to never let this happen again!

So let me review. The first thing that turns every situation of life that is not your preference into something positive is looking at it as a Spiritual lesson and Spiritual test. The second thing that causes this Spiritual alchemical process is forgiveness and unconditional love towards self and others. The third thing that turns any negative into a positive is the “Golden Nugget of Wisdom” learned from your mistake or the mistake of others and/or the Spiritual tests you get to practice! The forth thing that turns it into a positive is just recognizing that everything works for the good in GOD’s infinite universe and that GOD always makes good out of everything! We have all used the expression this was a “Blessing in Disguise”! Very often, if not most often, those things that we thought turned out to be the worst turned out to be the best!

A person gets cancer and they think this is the worst thing that could happen. The cancer turns out to be the Spiritual teacher that sets the person on a Spiritual journey they would have never gone on if it weren’t for the cancer!

When I write books, it is my life experience that I use very often for the chapters I write. It is the insights I have about myself and what I observe in my students, friends, and colleagues that serve to be the grist for the mill for ideas for my chapters. Whole books and book after book have been written in this manner. So what at first seems terrible turns out to be the idea for a chapter. This very chapter I now write is an example of this. Something occurred in my life that was not according to my preferences. However, I was very taken by how I turned this experience into a positive. That insight was the inspiration for writing this chapter! That which could have been interpreted as a negative has become an inspiration chapter to help others!

My Beloved Readers, what I am trying to show you is that everything works that way, if you will just see it as such! Job had everything taken away and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him! He got to take the supreme test of faith and righteousness in GOD, and passed.

A person may have a relationship end, which seems like the worst thing in the world. Twenty years later it is seen as the best thing that ever happened! A person may get a terrible health crisis, which seems like the worst thing in the world. They may not be able to work, change professions, take years off work, and GOD only knows what else. If the person has the “proper” attitude, which is the key to what I am talking about, they can look at it as a Spiritual test and focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t do. This situation may force them to become more Spiritual. It may force them to meditate more. It may force them to become more inner-directed. It may force them to develop in other areas that they never would have ever developed!

So Spiritual alchemy will take place in every aspect of your life if you have the philosophy that GOD would have you think with, which is how can I make good out of this! So it is this set of attitudes and this last one I just spoke about that is the key to turning any negative situation into a positive one! Whatever the catastrophe, maybe you are supposed to learn about that and be the crusader on Earth to prevent this from happening to others!

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