High Council of Orion: The Transmutation Process Has Begun

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come now to converse and to guide and support as those energies that you call “real life” now begin to dissolve and break down across the planet. Many are now preparing to enter what we have termed the transmutation process; this is the process in which the different parts of SELF will now be integrated. Leaving the lower energies is a process that many proclaim to want and to experience yet many are now shunning.

We are here to guide you through the opening of the process for once the process begins it begins an upward spiral, once TRUTH is elevated to a position that is in the line of your vision then all will then become CRYSTAL clear to YOU. We guide in relation to that which is YOU and the human body, we guide in relation to the CRYSTALLINE BEing that YOU ARE in TRUTH. As the energies now begin to sing to a new note across the planet earth the retuning of the human race commences.

We guide for ALL to walk in FAITH and TRUST of SELF for it was SELF that led YOU to this incarnation in this timeline and dimension. Many of you now walking the path of TRUTH will begin to remember that which has been denied to you for aeons, the challenge dear ones is to let go of the lower vibrations that try to define your outer reality to embrace that which is TRUTH, that which is YOU.

Much will now change and shift and morph in the outer waking reality of the human race, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the coming days and weeks will show a TRUTH at a depth that has never before been experienced by the human race, we guide for you stand in balance with the planet for mother earth is aware of the needs of her children and will send signs, messages and symbols to those who can hear her. We ask for all to ground their energies and to sync with the host planet for this incarnation.

Many follow the teachings of STARSEEDS yet do not fully absorb the reason that they have incarnated in this timeline and dimension, the human race ARE STARSEEDS for the human race was created from the stars. That is TRUTH dear ones and we guide for all to absorb and anchor this through the heart. The heart is the rudder for this voyage to SELF for the heart is programmed with the codes and the symbols to unlock vast areas of SELF that have never before been explored whilst the SOUL is contained in a human vehicle, we guide this is the challenge for the human race for never before has this level of consciousness been accessible whilst still living in the human form.

We guide the coming days and weeks for many will be chaos, as the outer world begins to break down then the teachings of distortion will flood to the surface, we guide for you to SEE these teachings and dissolve them as they appear. To hold on is to once more play with the energies that have danced with the human race for aeons, it will lower vibration, the keys to the new world dear ones are frequency. The frequency that you emit is your key to ALL, does this resonate dear ones? Can you see how you sing as an elestial choir and that your note expands and grows as the frequencies that YOU ARE expand and grow?

The music of the spheres is the music of the universe and of the planets, mother earth prepares for her musical debut in a galaxy that prepares to hear her song. YOU as children of mother earth are now finding your voices and as you begin to claim back your voices you are now tuning to sing with mother earth, can you hear her call to you? We send the dolphins from Sirius to speed up the process for the singing is done from the heart. The symbol of the dolphin is the key to tune to dear ones for the BEings from Sirius are now tuning the keys ready to alert YOU to the next level of consciousness.

Each BEing that is alive in the galaxy now sends their love and blessings to YOU as a race, for the human race has now reached beyond where it has ever gone before. We send blessing to those in human form who now live a new way of life and show the “impossible” possible. More will be revealed to the human race in due course, as clarity of vision returns then more distortion will be revealed and dissolved.

We send our symbols to all who can hear and see us and we send out the golden spider once more. We ask that those who hear the call of the spider respond and listen for we are now in talks with many humans across planet earth. The reason for our talks will be revealed soon and we ask the children of Orion to hold fast and to support and guide one another. The children of Orion now stand as ONE and we send them much love and many blessings.

We ask the children of Sirius to stand as ONE and unite with their brothers and sisters from Orion for the work that is to be done is now in process. The healing of the human heart will begin with the water for the water is the emotion that many keep within their BEing. We now work with the dolphins to release that which has been stored for aeons. We ask all now to take to the water that is within and to swim, to explore the depths of the emotion that they contain so that they may realise how ALIVE they are. We ask for all to swim with the dolphins when they appear to them in their waking lives, know the dolphins now step forward to heal and to repair that which has been broken within the human race.

We work as a team with many realms for ALL ARE ONE, this is a concept that will be shown to the human race in glorious technicolour in due course. We ask for you to look to the heavens and realise that you may create heaven on earth, we ask for you to open your heart and allow the waters of the universe to flow freely around you, within you and through you. For the human race is made up of water, lives on a planet that is mostly water yet shuns the water. We ask you to bathe your SOUL in the waters of the universe, we ask for you to swim with the tides and to allow the LOVE that IS to flow around you and through you for it is YOU.

We are the High Council of Orion and we gift you the symbol of the golden ankh, we ask you to place this symbol within the heart and to allow that which is revealed to furnish you with the next part of your SOUL journey. For the ankh is hidden in plain view and many are now able to see this sacred symbol. We ask for all who wish to connect with us to hold the intention in their dreamtime and meditation and allow us to step forward. We are here to guide and never to lead for that is not our role. We will come to all who call on us for we are ALL ONE.

The human race now elevates in consciousness, those that were but distant stars now walk amongst you and soon ALL will be ONE. We guide the changes that are being put in place within your societies and within your systems will begin to reveal themselves soon. It is matter of perception and we guide that there are many humans who can now SEE. We guide for ALL to have LOVE and compassion for ALL as this is a process that is highly individual, be guided by the SOUL, by the DIVINE SELF at all times, for YOU incarnated here in this timeline and dimension for a reason, allow that reason to be revealed to you.

We walk with you as you now reach beyond the stars and bring heaven to earth, that which was promised will be delivered dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we are YOU.

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